Friday, June 14, 2019

Fast Frida

Hello to the weekend! This has been a long and crazy week. V got sick over the weekend and spent a lot of time hanging out inside. We also had swim lessons, errands to run, Fathers day to get ready for and lots more stuff going on.

Saturday morning we got out of the house and got the last of our garden shopping done. I got everything planted finally!

Then I went out for a run while the kids played with friends. You can read about that one HERE.

On Sunday I stayed home with V from church because he had a fever.  We ended up going to the doctors because his ears started to hurt.

Poor kid couldn't get comfortable.

He was so tired and just feeling crumby.

Turns out he had a double ear infection :(.

We laid low all day on Monday and then on Tuesday we had things to do.

I got up and worked out first thing. I did a mile warm up and then a strength training workout that I forgot to take pictures of to share.

J went to a birthday party while M had swim lessons and has loved swimming all week long and V hung out with me on the couch.

Thank heaven for easy dinners, we were all happy about grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

J got to go on to a day camp and do lots of activities with a few of her friends in our neighborhood.

We sold our outdoor table and chairs and now I need to know what I should put here...any fun, cozy, budget-friendly suggestions?

Thursday morning I did my last speed workout before my race next week! I did a sprint ladder. 5 minutes fast, 5 minutes recovery, 4 minutes a little faster, 4 minutes recovery, 3 minutes top tempo, 3 minutes recovery, 2minutes sprint, 2 minutes recovery, 1-minute sprint, 1-minute recovery. I'm at the point in this training cycle where I'm questioning all of my training and if I did enough to be ready for race day. I have to remind myself that I followed my training and nows the time to see how it will pay off. You really have to trust your training.  This far into the training the most important thing to do is to stay loose, hydrated, eat well and make sure you're well rested. 

We are all ready for a fun weekend here!

Any back yard suggestions?

What are you doing this weekend?

How do you stay sane during crazy weeks?

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