Friday, April 26, 2019

10k Training week 2 + Fast Friday

It's Friday again so here is my weekly training update and the Fast Friday post!

This week my focus was to up my mileage a little bit.  My Saturday run happened in the evening when the temperature was pretty perfect, minus the headwind.  J wanted to run too so I told Trevon to take the kids to a track near our house and I'd meet them there.  J did her mile, I did 4. It felt so good to get out in a different area than I normally go.  And I felt really strong the whole run.

Sunday was a rest day, as always, for me. I love having at least one designated rest day in my training. It helps my body recover and helps me make sure that I truly do get to rest for the day.

I went out on Monday for an evening run.  I usually try to get most of my runs done in the morning but I honestly really like an evening run. I feel like they give me a lot of stress relief and a lot of time to think through the day's happenings.

Also, I get to see amazing sunsets like this one.

Tuesday was a strength training day. I love using Aaptiv for all of my strength training because it makes my workouts so easy. I don't have to put really any thought into them because they are all planned out for me.

Wednesday morning I took J out for a quick mile run. She's getting ready for her school's fun run today!

Thursday morning I went out for a 4-mile run. I struggled the whole run but I got it done. It was so peaceful and calm since no one was out and about yet. It was a bit chilly though. Sometimes hard runs, even when they shouldn't feel hard, happen.  If we let those hard runs discourage us, we will never improve.  Hard runs make us stronger mentally and help us know that when hard races or runs happen, we can push through them because we have done it before.

Now onto the other things we did this week.

The weather has been amazing. We've gone to the park (where I did some stretching while the kids played)

And the kids even got to run through the sprinklers for a little while!

Easter was a lot of fun. We went to my uncle's annual Easter Egg Hunt and we always have so much fun there!

After the hunt, we have fun playing in the field, roasting hot dogs and visiting with family.

Easter Sunday was a great reminder of the love that Christ has for all of us. Yes, I'm aware that rescues is spelled wrong in this picture, I had written "rescued" and J changed it because the song this quote came from says "rescues".

We spent more time with family, eating food and having more easter egg hunts and fun.

And we built a chocolate bunny house.

The rest of the week was business as usual. We are now ready for the weekend again!

How was your Easter?

What was the best workout for you this week?

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