Friday, April 19, 2019

10K Training Week 1 and Fast Friday

The first week of 10k training is done! I have run hundreds of races, mostly 5ks and one half marathon. But I've never raced a 10k before.  Whenever I start training to race a new distance I try to come up with some kind of goal time. That can be a little scary for me because while it's an automatic PR, I want to go into the race with the goal and feel really good about it. So my goal for this 10k is to run it in 45 minutes or faster. That feels a little scary to me, but hopefully, it's not too ambitious.

For my training, I'm using the Aaptiv app. If you're looking for an awesome way to train for a race, or to workout in general, I highly suggest this app. It's by far my favorite workout app. It's like having a personal trainer anytime, anywhere.

Before I start my training cycles, especially after I've taken a long break, I give myself a little time trial to see where I'm at physically.  So I do this 20-minute workout or something pretty similar to it and gage it from there. So I did that last Thursday.

Saturday's run called for 5x2 minute sprints with 2-minute breaks in between.  It wasn't an easy one for me and I'm hoping it's not a sign that this whole training cycle will be that hard. The good news is that I did 2.6 miles of intervals and didn't have any injury pain.

Sunday and Monday were both rest days. Monday wasn't really supposed to be but we've been car shopping (our transmission decided to go out) and we found one on Monday so instead of running I was buying a car :)

Tuesday was a strength training day. I did a full body workout with Aaptiv. It left me sore for a few days but it was such a great workout! Deadlift, bent over rows, supermans, squats, lunges, broad jump, chest press, skull crushers, and mountain climbers 3x1 minute each with medium-heavy weight.

Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening I took the girls on a run. J is getting ready to do her schools fun run fundraiser.

Right now my main focus in training is to bring my mileage up again after taking time off for injury.  So, Thursday morning was a hard run for me mentally but I did 3 treadmill miles. My mind was fighting so hard because the treadmill is just getting boring after running on it all winter. Time to start moving my morning runs outside!

In other news, the past few weeks have felt pretty crazy around here.  I have been a little quiet on the blog, mostly due to lack of time. But I'm hoping that will change so that I can be a little more present here. 

Our transmission on our car decided to start going out right before we left for California. So when we got home we did a lot of car shopping, in the middle of which Trevon got a knee procedure done for patella Tendonosis (a hole in his tendon).  So it made car shopping really interesting. Luckily, we found what we were hoping for in our price range!

The girls got to have a sleepover at my mom's house with their cousins. I grew up close to my cousins so having the kids grow up with theirs makes me so happy.

It's been rainy here, but it doesn't stop these kids from playing outside. They rode their bikes up and down the sidewalk pretending they were on Splash Mountain. 

I found these little waffle things at Costco that are exactly like Honey Stinger Waffles but they were way less money. I'll keep you updated with how they taste.

While V was riding his bike the other day he fell and hit his lip. No stitches required, but he has had a fat lip for a couple of days.

That's about it for the week.  I want to know, do you guys want the Fast Friday like this post, combined with the weekly training update, or if you want the training week updates separately?

What is a goal you're working on now?

What was your favorite workout this week?

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  1. Every single post you share wish us shows us how devoted you are to physical exercises and sports overall.