Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Early Results From Working Out Consistently and Why I Love It.

I get asked ALL THE TIME why I love working out. People who workout would understand all of my reasons pretty easily, and would probably agree, that the best thing about working out is that when I workout, I get results. I don't ever track my weight or how much body fat I have or anything like that, but my results come from the progress I make in my running and the way I feel when I workout.  Some people get discouraged because they can't see results (they are focusing only on the main goal) and they decide it's not worth the work. But what they don't see is that their body actually is changing, from day one, when they workout.

After a workout, your body sends out hormones and chemicals. These give you more energy, better attention and focus, and a happier outlook or feeling. That last one is one of my favorite things about working out and one of the biggest reasons I (and a lot of others) do it.

Working out helps me stay healthy and strong and, to me, the work is definitely worth that. I have a history of muscular dystrophy in my family and while I don't know if I carry that gene (I hope and pray I don't) but if I do, keeping my body strong by working out is one of the best ways to make sure that I stay as healthy and strong as possible. After just a week of working out, your body starts to adapt.  Your cells that create energy (remember the Mighty Mitochondria) work with your blood cells to help move oxygen to your muscles. That helps you feel like the weight you're lifting or the number of reps you've been doing not feel as hard as it was when you started. Every movement becomes more efficient. You will probably also have a decrease in resting heart rate which means your heart is getting stronger too.

Another reason I love working out is that it boosts my energy (I've talked about this before). When you workout, you sleep better which will give you more energy for the next day. You will also find that you feel way more productive after a good workout and you'll start getting excited about your next workout.

Along with an energy boost, it also boosts your mood (I've also talked about this a lot).   Those endorphins that we talked about earlier are more noticeable the more you workout. Not only am I happier and more playful with my kids when I workout, but I'm also calmer in stressful situations. And I can tell you that my whole family is thankful for a momma who's been on a run.

If you're someone who wonders why people workout because every time you start a new program you don't ever see results, don't feel discouraged.  Look at the other results that you've seen and not just the physical ones. It's much more likely for you to keep at it when you see those other results first anyway.  Finding something that you like about working out is the key to keep at it long enough to see the physical changes that you're hoping for.

What are the first effects you feel from a new workout program?

What do you love most about working out?


  1. I agree with all of this! I would add that I like myself better when I am working out regularly. I am a better person in every aspect of my life.

    1. Oh for sure me too! Happier, more productive, all the good things. I'm much better when I workout.