Friday, February 8, 2019

Fast Friday

Happy weekend! I took a little time off from the blog and from social media for a couple of days this week. V has been extra hard this week and I haven't had time to get much done on here, but I also felt like a little break would be good for me. Social media is amazing and there are so many great friendships there, but it's good and healthy to take a break every now and then. Now I'm here and will catch you up on some of the things we've done this week.

Last weekend it was cloudy but it was warmer than it has been so I took advantage of it and went on a run outside.

When I got home Trevon had rearranged the living room (something we've been working on for a while)! We live in a small townhome as a family of 5, so anyway we can make it seem bigger or less messy we try to take advantage of. This set up is working out so much better, and it only took us 6 years to figure it out.

Tuesday was a strength training day and I did a full body workout from Aaptiv that left me sore for a couple days.

Then we went to dinner with Trevon's family. I channeled my inner Hungry Runner Girl to make this massive salad, and it was delicious.

Trevon's younger cousin is left for her mission the next day.  We will miss her but we are excited for her!

V and I went to Costco this week while the girls were at school.  We found cookies for samples and I was so impressed because after I ate them, I saw that they were gluten free and they didn't taste gluten-free, they tasted like a cookie. I don't eat gluten free because I don't have to and I like my gluten. But if you need to eat gluten-free and you want a cookie, I highly suggest Mrs. Hewitts.

We had a crazy Wednesday with this little guy! He decided to strip down to his diaper and run around like that all day protesting any clothes. But not just that. While I was helping the older kids with something he quietly snuck into the downstairs bathroom and filled the toilet with toilet paper before flushing a couple of times and flooding it. That was a mess, but there's more. While I was cleaning up that mess, with 4 older kids trying to help, he snuck up to the upstairs bathroom and did it up there too! Luckily I got up to that one before he flushed it enough to flood it. I didn't think much about taking a picture to document until he was on the run again and this is what I got. It does document how much energy he had, though.

My workouts this week were a little different than normal.

Saturday: 2 miles outside.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Rest/foam roll

Tuesday: full body strength

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: upper body strength. I decided to give my knee an extra day off, though it's not bothering me much, and work on my upper body strength. It was a good change. And when I got done I felt like I had nice strong arms. The picture shows them normal though hahaha. 

Friday: Rest/Foam roll

I hope you all enjoy a nice weekend! We are supposed to be getting more snow, though I would highly prefer it to start warming up! 

What was your favorite day of this week?

What are 3 things you're doing this weekend?

Who has a toddler right now?


  1. It is fun to re arrange furniture in your house! You just reminded me that I need to go foam roll today

  2. Too funny about your kid in his diaper. He was definitely filled with mischief! This week I had some great sessions at Crossfit which I loved!

  3. I've been doing a lot of stair climbing this week...currently, I'm over 200 flights! It's for a challenge at work, and I'm hoping to surpass 1,000 by March 2nd. SO, I will be doing more climbing this weekend as well. I'm also hoping to get outside for a 5-7-mile run.

  4. I love to change the furniture around to make the best of the space! I have redone my office 5 times in the 2.5 years we have been in our house :)

    Glad you were able to get in some workouts even though you have some other things going on!
    Social media has its perks, but I am with you on needing a break at times.

    I am excited for a date with my husband as well as spending some time with some of my favorite kids and teaching my class!

    1. Changing furniture around really does make the same space seem new again.

      I’m so glad you get a date night! I hope you have the best time.

  5. This was a bit of a hard week. Maybe Monday was my favorite, because it all went downhill after that.

    I love changing furniture, and I'll take it one step further and just randomly paint. I sometimes really need change.

    This weekend, I helped chair the Pinewood Derby, took care of my little guy (who tested positive for the flu) and ran a 5K. I don't have a toddler - my guy is 10 - but I remember those days very well.