Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Most Popular Posts in 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday.  Since it's the beginning of the new year, I wanted to look back at 2018 and share my top happenings and most looked at posts with you again.

Last year started out with injury. (I learned my lesson and took this winter off of regularly running.) And right as I was starting to get better from that first injury, I decided to run a half marathon with my cousin! And I'm so thankful that I did. I loved everything about that process and I'm planning on doing it again hopefully sometime soon. I want a PR!

I switched back to Mizuno from Brooks and I shared my review of Brooks Launch vs Mizuno Wave Riders. My two favorite running shoes. Then I ended up buying one of each to switch off and on. I love things about both of them.

Fixer upper ended but I caught up on watching it and before it finished a while back, I made a Fixer Upper workout so I wouldn't have an excuse, not to workout and watch that instead. 

I think last year I gained two new foam rollers and decided that I have a favorite. I shared my Comparison and review of them because it's what I do. Heres the Body Wrench vs Foam Roller vs Tiger Tail comparison. They all definitely have a purpose and I do use all of them for certain things.

I started using Aaptiv late in 2017 and kept using it in 2018 and have loved it! And I recommend Aaptiv to just about anyone who is looking to get in shape or stay in shape or workout at all!  I shared about how Aaptiv has helped me become a better runner.  Please do yourself a favor and give Aaptiv a try for your workout goals this year! 

A big part of 2018 was camping for our family, so I shared 3 of our favorite camping treats for you to try! My kids loved trying all of these treats and when we shared them with our neighbors they loved them too. I can't wait to get back out there once it warms up again.

Along with the camping stuff, in 2017 we remodeled this camper and I started blogging again when I shared it! This has been one of my favorite ever projects! We loved using our camper and spending family weekends with it. 

We had a few downs for our family this year. We were hugely blessed that our cabin made it safely out of this fire. No structures were damaged but it was a very close call. We are so thankful that we still have this beautiful place! 

Trevon and I taught our kids some things about making and saving money.  Then I shared those things with you.  

Because Trevon has been working at Blender Bottle for the last couple of years, I've been super lucky to try several of them and shared a few of my favorites on THIS POST.  I have tried, and loved, some other ones since then too that I'll have to share with you later.

Being a mom changed my body just like it changes every other woman's body.  But that's not a bad thing. I talked about what it means to truly love your body after having a baby and the importance of taking care of it. 

Last year was great, I made a lot of goals, met a lot of those goals, and I have high hopes that this year will be even better. I hope you all have a great 2019! 

What are some of the things you're excited about this year?

What were some of your highlights of last year?

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