Thursday, January 17, 2019

Fast Friday

Hallelujah, it's Friday! This was a busy week but a good one. Here are a few of the random happenings from our week.

On Saturday I went for a run OUTSIDE! It's been a really long time since that's happened but I'm really glad it did. My chin was the only thing that was frozen when I got back.

We got to go on a date night while our neighbors watched the kids.

We had a relaxing Sunday with church and lots of relaxing and getting ready for the week.

Trevon usually makes Sunday dinner and this time V helped out.

On Monday we started week 2 of the better me 360 challenge! We've been focusing on nutrition this week and it was a bit of a challenge for me. But we made it through and next week we focus on mental health!

One of the hardest days for me was making sure I got 2 servings of fruits and veggies. I started out with an omelet that had veggies, but it turned into scrambled eggs because instead. But it tasted good.

On Wednesday we watched the neighbor kids and during lunch M and V were playing charades and trying to get the neighbor boy to guess what they were being.

Trevon signed up for a Movnat training in April, so he's been working on some of the moves lately to get some practice in. The kids have been enjoying it and they kids called this one "baby sloth" because that's what it looked like when they were hanging on him.

On Thursday I made lots of homemade bread and my house smelled delicious and warm all day. Then I took a few loaves to some neighbors.

Then we played at my sister's house for a little while after school.

This weeks workouts looked something like this:

Saturday- 4.5 miles outside

Sunday- rest day

Monday- foam rolling and stretching. I was so tight from running outside for the first time in a while...does this happen to anyone else?

Tuesday- full body strength training with Aaptiv

Wednesday- stretching/foam rolling/rest

Thursday- nice easy run because my body was still not super pleased about the outside run.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

How was your week?

What are you most looking forward to for next week?


  1. I'm so happy that it's Friday too!

    I can totally relate to the struggle to get in the proper serving of veggies. What I started doing was adding veggies to my eggs (just like you did), or adding a ton of spinach to my morning smoothie. At least that way I'm starting off the day with veggies!

    1. Yes, I need to start adding the veggies to my eggs more often. Have you ever tried an omlelet pizza? It’s delicious

  2. My face is always frozen when I run outside but still it's better than the treadmill for me.

    Next week looks tough. -6 predicted for Monday. Even I won't run in that. And up to 2 feet of snow. That means running around uAlbany which gets boring. So sad that winter snow has arrived is coming.

    1. -6 yeah, no thanks! I feel the same way about snow, though our area desperately needs the moisture so I’ll just have to buck up and be happy that we will have more water this summer! I hope you find a warm place to run!!

  3. That is great that you got outside for your run! I love being outside and find it invigorating

  4. Yes I totally feel more "beat up" after running outside if I'm not used to it. It reminds me that running is hard. I am pumped for Friday, a snowstorm and a long weekend with MLK day on Monday.

  5. I've had a couple of awesome outdoor runs this week...but I fear I may have to succumb to the 'mill for tomorrow....lots of snow, wind and sub-ZERO temps on tap. At least I'm growing to appreciate the elliptical, so I will probably doing some serious cardio on that as well while I watch NCAA basketball.