Monday, May 20, 2019

What is Adding to Your Daily Stress

Let's talk a little about stress today. It's the end of the school year and there are a ton of things going on. Everyone is anxious for summer to finally come, but you're still feeling stressed. Why do you feel so stressed right now?

Stress is a normal part of life and is caused by so many different things. Everyone gets stressed by different things but most commonly stress comes from life events at home, work, school, or life changes.

Your phone

There are little things that we do every day that we don't realize is adding to our stress levels. They might not be things that we normally would think of causing stress, and they might now be things that are the main reason for stress all of the time, but these things add to the stress that is caused by bigger things and they are all things that are within our control (which is something I have to remind myself of when I start to feel stressed, "I can't control this, but what can I control to help me feel better?"). Here are some of the things that might be adding to your stress that you can control.

Your phone. I know, we hear this all the time, and sometimes it makes us feel worse because we feel guilty every time we pick our phones up after someone brings it up. But it's true.  Phones can become an addiction.  We get instant gratification almost every time we pick it up. How many of us have several text threads going on right now? I have one for my family, Trevon's family, my primary presidency, my group of cousins....and I can tell you that our conversations are not always fun or exciting. Sometimes the discussions get tense or filled with drama and every time that happens and we start hearing our phone beep at us or buzz in our pockets, our bodies react with stress.

Along the lines of our phones causing stress, what happens when we head out to the store and when we get there we realize we forgot our phones?  Most people immediately act with panic, even if they won't admit it, and will either stress about not having it the whole time they are out or they will actually drive all the way home to get it before finishing what they went to the store for in the first place. Here's the thing, people lived for hundreds of years without phones, and more recently everyone survived and lived a normal life without cell phones, probably while you were alive!

If you're someone who feels their stress level raise at either of those ideas, it might be time to take a little break.  Give yourself permission to ignore a phone call or text. Even turn your phone off for the weekend (tell your loved ones first so they don't think you've gone missing). This is one of the many reasons I love camping. No cell service means a nice break from that and more time to relax and focus on spending time with what is important.  It's ok for you to do the same. Turn your phone off for a couple of days and see if your stress levels go down.

Social Media

I will be the first to admit that I love social media. I can't tell you how many friends I have made through social media and I absolutely love those connections. But, sometimes social media can be the cause of a lot of different emotional issues.  Anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem...Just to name a few. We have a tendency to scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see everyone's highlights and truly believe that it's their real life. Good things happen to everyone, so do bad things, people just don't normally share the bad days. They don't share the days when they didn't sleep the night before because they were up with a crying baby. They don't share when they fight with their spouse, or when they lost a job, or when they failed at something they had been working so hard on. They don't share those things because those are things that are hard and embarrassing and that we want to forget, so why would we document them?  You have to remember any time that you get on instagram or Facebook, you're looking at the highlight reel.  Yes, those awesome things are happening to all of those people, but there are things that aren't as exciting, or good, or happy happening to them too.

On top of all of that, social media has news stories, political events, and other stressful things that get shared there. Sometimes seeing so many negative things at once will bring us down fast. It's stressful to see so many angry people, or so many terrible things happening in the world.

If you start feeling like you're spending a lot of time on social media comparing, feeling bad for yourself, or feeling stressed out, once again, it's ok to take a break. I've deleted Instagram from my phone several times for a few days at a time. I've logged off on Facebook and took a few days to weeks off so that I can help myself out of the habit of scrolling and it changes a lot. I missed the friends while I was on break, but they are still there when you go back, and so is everything else that you might have had FOMO about.


Everyone knows how this one goes... So it's the end of the school year and your kid has to do an end of year project. How long have you known about this project? You keep putting it off because you have had time and you didn't want to think about it right now...but now it's due. like TOMORROW and nothing is done on it.

Or maybe you have something you were asked to do by a friend, or at work, or in your church, but you keep putting it off because you don't really want to do it anyway and now it's time to get it done.

The fix for this one is easy, and everyone knows what it is. Get it done when you know you have to do it so you won't have to worry and think about it again. And so you don't have to do a rush job and pray for the best because you didn't get it done the first time you were asked.

Saying yes to everything.

We were just talking about a friend asking you to do something that you don't really want to do, but because you're a good friend you feel like that's what good friends do so here we are. Do you really even have time for this?  This is another easy fix, the problem is we make ourselves feel guilty for doing it. Saying no is ok!


We do not need to fill our plates so full that we can't finish.  Take a look at your schedule, decide what you're able and willing to do, and say no to the rest. If you feel bad saying a flat out no to someone, think of another way you can help them and offer that instead. "I'm sorry, I can't watch your kids all day today, but if they want to come to play for an hour after school, I can do that."  "No, I won't make it to bake sale, but I can send some cookies with my child." "Lunch this week won't work for me, but I'd love to meet you at the park and visit while our kids play." There are so many options to still help someone out even if you can't do exactly what they are asking.

Being tired

Stress happens a lot more when we don't have good sleep habits.  We all know that we should all be getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. But not many of us do. We wake up feeling grumpy, rushed from sleeping through the alarm, mad that we didn't get to bed sooner and already stressed for the day.

Start a new bedtime routine to help tell your mind it's time to sleep. Write in your journal so the things weighing on your mind will be out on paper. Write your todo list for the next day so you don't have to worry about missing something. Do some meditation to relax your body and mind. And do it all an hour earlier than normal so that you can get a little extra rest.


It's been known to limit stress and a whole ton of other emotional issues. It gives us those great endorphins. It helps us sleep better at night. And yet some people don't do it at all...or some do it too much! There's a balance in everything. Exercise should be a release for you, not a source of stress. If you're exercising to try to be perfect in any way, you're doing it wrong. Exercise is there to help us be the healthiest version of yourself.  That doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. Do not compare the way you look to anyone else. It's one thing to have goals, it's another thing to realize that some goals are literally unachievable. You have a different body, different goals, different likes, and different genetics. You are not going to be able to achieve something the someone else is working for.  Make your own goals and focus on those.  Exercise to help you live healthily and happily, not to impress someone else.

Stress is definitely something that we can all get a grip on and come out of.  Lifestyle changes can help you achieve a less stressful life.

What things stress you out the most?

What is your favorite way to de-stress your life?

Friday, May 17, 2019

Fast Friday

Welcome to the weekend! How did your week go? It's the end of the school year here which means we have a lot of stuff going on and a lot of excitement happening at our house. We love summer!

Last weekend I was feeling the need for a little body weight workout and it was nice outside so I took the kids to the park and did THIS workout while they played. It was so nice to get some sun, get a workout in, and entertain the kids all at the same time. We had a picnic while we were there too.

When we got home the kids watched a movie and then went to play outside again so I decided to get some work done. I heard some noise in the kitchen and went in there to find this. V had decided he wanted an apple and that he would take care of it on his own...He's getting to be a really big handful lately.

J came home from school on Friday in a really giggly mood. She was laughing at anything and everything. And when I asked her why she was laughing, she laughed harder.

For Mothers day J made me all of these pictures and stuck them by my bed.

M let me actually do her hair other than brushing it so I had to document that. It's been a long time since J or M will let me do their hair.

V and I did a lot of playing this week. I've never been good at playing pretend with my kids. I'm good at other things, but not so much that. I made a huge effort to do that more this week and V really loved it.

M graduated from her second year of preschool. Now we are ready for kindergarten next fall!

V has been really concerned about our knees lately and wants to give them multiple check-ups a day.

Wednesday night Trevon had a meeting so I put the kids to bed early and started a pamper myself night. It started out with a creamie...

Then I bleached my teeth and put a facial mask on.

And then Trevon came home early. That's ok though, it was good to have time to sit and talk with him. And the facial was still amazing. HERE is an affiliate link to the one I used so you can enjoy it too!

Thursday morning began with a really hard sprint session. 12X30 second sprints with 1-minute recovery in between each sprint. I thought I might die about half way through but I'm still here :). 1.8 miles is what I finished at for that workout.

Sprints are challenging and hardly a favorite thing of mine. But if you want to become a faster runner, you have to practice running fast. So these workouts are always hard for me but I keep doing them to help me improve! Just like anything else in life, we have to do things we don't always want to do to keep progressing. Even if it hurts or it's hard.

Then I refueled with my favorite granola. You can find the recipe HERE.

If you want to see how my other workouts for this week went you can find them HERE and HERE.

And if you missed any of the other posts you can find them here:

Making Running More Fun

What is Naked Running and Why You Should Try It  (talking about technology)

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

What was your favorite workout this week?

Do you have a favorite food to refuel after a hard workout?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

10K training and An EMOM workout

I don't know what it is this time around, but race training has me feeling so tired lately. Or maybe I'm just not sleeping great....or maybe I'm not eating as well as I should. I don't know what it is yet, but something has been making me so tired.

Monday evening I went out for a run with my sister in law, Laura. I didn't take pictures of anything because one of my favorite things about these runs is that I don't use my phone for anything except if we got into some kind of emergency which hasn't ever happened. We went 4 miles and got to chat the whole time so it made the run feel really short. After this run, I felt like my IT band was really tight again so I spent some good time foam rolling and stretching. For whatever reason, I've always had a hard time making time to stretch and foam roll after a run so I've been working really hard to make sure I get that in.

Tuesday was strength training day again, and I did an EMOM workout that I wanted to share with you guys. An EMOM workout is a workout where you switch exercises every minute on the minute. So here is what I did.

Round 1: Chest press, lateral arm raise, Shoulder press, supermans, bicep curls, upright row, bent over row, side planks, lunges. 20 seconds of rest in between each move, and a minute in between round 1 and round 2.

Round 2: Skull crushers, elevated mountain climbers, tricep dips, plank, clam shells, lateral leg raises, bridge, lunges, and squats. 

I used medium to heavy weights and body weight. I love EMOM style workouts because it feels like the workout goes really fast since you only have 1 minute per move.

After that workout, I needed some good protein so I made an egg and sausage sandwich! 

Wednesday was a rest day so instead of any workout, I played dr with V and he made sure my knee was doing well. 

What is your favorite way to do strength training? 

When was your last rest day?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Make Running More Fun

There are some questions with running that I hear a lot. One of those is "when will running get fun?".  Here's the thing. I run because I truly enjoy it. Sure there are runs that I feel like I don't like running or that I might die, but for the most part, I really do like running. I like what it helps me feel. I like the confidence it gives me, I like having something to work towards...But there are things that make a run more fun for me than others.

When I'm running with a running buddy or two and I get the chance to take it easy and visit while we run.  Running with someone is a great way to get to know them more, or get closer to them. There's just something about running that can bring people together. So when you're looking for a way to make your run more exciting, bring a friend along. You both get a good workout, you will both have way more fun or you'll suffer together and it will bring you closer. Because it brings you closer you'll run together more often and you'll learn to love it :).

When I'm excited to try new running gear, my runs usually feel a little more fun. New shoes, new clothes, new doesn't really matter what it is when I have new gear, I love giving it a try and seeing what I love most about it.

When I'm comfortable. Meaning comfortable in my clothes and in the area that I'm running in.  Being comfortable with my pace doesn't always mean a fun run but it does help sometimes.  Nothing is fun when we aren't comfortable. That being said, when we are talking about pace comfort isn't always the best thing. You progress when you push yourself out of your comfort zone, so as far as pace goes, try not to be too comfortable all the time.

When I have a good playlist, my runs are usually a little more exciting and fun. I don't run with music all the time. I like to keep myself aware of my surroundings and I find that sometimes running without music helps me sort through things in my mind easier. But when I do run with music, I have a special playlist just for running because having fun music makes your run more fun.

When I change up my route everything seems a little bit more fun and exciting.  Running the same route over and over can start feeling boring, like being on the treadmill over and over. But when I get out and go a different way or pick a different street to turn on, when I'm seeing new things, when I'm maybe even adding an extra mile on that I wasn't able to before, that's fun for me! It's exciting for me to say that I am able to run that much further than I've run before.

When I start the run out with a good attitude, my run is more fun.  I run through a lot of different emotions.  Running definitely helps brighten my mood. It helps me feel calm after feeling stressed or worried or angry. But when I start out my run happy, the run is usually a fun run and I usually come home even happier.

The thing with running is that it's not for everyone. But give it a try! Try to make it fun for you. And if after a month or so it's still not fun for you, that's ok! Find what does make you happy, what is fun for you and go with it.

What type of workout do you think is the most fun?

What makes running fun for you?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

10K Training Update:Think Positive

Saturday's run didn't go quite as well as I was hoping for. Not that it was bad. It was actually pretty decent. I was hoping for a good 5-mile tempo run but my tempos were all over the place.  

I started to struggle when I went to my regular drinking fountain and realized it still hasn't been turned on! So I started feeling thirsty early on. I just did my best to ignore it.  I stopped for a little break and decided to take a picture of this field, and then a guy who lived nearby noticed me and asked if he could take a picture for me so I wouldn't have to mess with self-timer.

After my little photo break, I was feeling better and picked my pace up a little bit. My breaks became more of walking breaks than jogging breaks but I was still feeling a little better than I did before. 

When I started feeling tired, I repeated this song. It's one I found from my high school running playlist. I started noticing how much better I was doing, and I think it's because all of the positive "I am" statements going on in that song. 

I ended with 5.5 miles at 8:30 pace. I'm going to be putting together a more structured workout plan for the rest of this training. Since Aaptiv took my 10k training off I've been a little messy with my running plan.  They did say they are working on new plans and I'm crossing my fingers that the new plans will include a really good plan for each race. 

Sunday was a rest day, like usual. I did a lot of relaxing and being with family. And Monday I did an easy evening run.  Somedays I just feel like evening runs are my favorite. 


Monday, May 13, 2019

What is Naked Running and Why You Should Try It

Let's talk about naked running. No, I'm not meaning running without clothes on, not that kind of naked. I wouldn't encourage that kind of thing here, I don't think many people really want to see that.

This kind of naked running refers to running without technology on your body. No watches, GPS, MP3 players, phones, heart rate monitors, nothing. None of that.

Have you ever done that?  I mean, in this day in age, have you ever run completely technology free? If you haven't, you should give it a try.  There are a lot of benefits to "naked running" that you probably haven't thought of.

Running without any technology might freak you out a bit. "What happens when I start hearing myself breathing hard?" "what happens if I get lost?" "How will I know if I'm hitting my pace?" "How can I track my mileage?"....Don't let it scare you because people have been running without technology for centuries before it was even an option.

Running with technology has great things about it. It's convenient, for one. It makes it incredibly easy to know how just where you're at in your training. At a glance, you can see if you need to push yourself harder to hit your paces or if you need to take your easy run easier. It is also great for keeping track of your weekly mileage and goals. And if it's music, it's super nice to drown out the sound of your hard breathing and focus on what you're trying to do. But do all of those conveniences make it so that we aren't able to hear our bodies tell us what we need?

Sometimes we are focusing too much on the speed we "need" to hit. The distance we "need" to be at. And during race training, you do need to be able to run certain distances and you hope to run at a certain pace to make your goal but once in a while, we need to be able to check in with yourself and make sure everything is doing ok. 

I'm not saying you need to make ever run a naked run. I'm just saying that every now and then, take off the watch, turn off the music, plan your route in advance and go.  Listen to your body tell you what pace feels right, not what pace your watch tells you what is right.  Listen if it tells you it's tired and needs extra rest instead of pushing yourself through the workout and ending up burned out or injured.

You'll be surprised how much you enjoy nake runs.  It's really freeing to let your mind wander. It helps you process through things and, it's amazing the creativity that happens when you're running without worrying about pace.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Fast Friday Favorites

Fast Friday!

We've had a fun and busy week.  Here is a quick recap and a few affiliate links to some of my favorites.

Last weekend we went to the library.  We try to go to the library every couple of weeks to check out books and movies. Sometimes they have fun activities for the kids to do and it kills some time.

We checked out this movie. I watched this movie once when I was around 10 years old and loved it. Watching it again I loved it more. There are some funny parts (even if they weren't meant to really be funny) and the story is great! So if you haven't seen it, check it out.

We've also been watching a lot of Coco lately and M just realized she has the exact outfit as Miguel in the movie. So she's been sporting it for about a week straight now. 

And when V sees her dress up, he wants to dress up too. He chose Merida and I couldn't get over the wig haha! We need more boy dress ups around here.

I ran out of this soap over the weekend, and I've loved it. If you haven't tried it you should. I'm not someone who loves essential oils but this just smells so good! 

I got some new sandals and I'm loving them. I got them from Target and the dress from Agnes and Dora. They are so comfortable and they are super cute! 

Trevon and I got to go on a date night on Monday. We went to the Avengers End Game. I won't talk too much about it because I'm not going to ruin it for anyone. It was really good and I cried. 

I've been craving graham crackers and milk a lot lately. It's something I used to eat daily as a kid and haven't done since but they have been so good! And it's a better snack than having brownies or something. 

I feel like training is going pretty well right now. Thursday's run was sprints. Those are never easy but I got through them.  6 sets of 3 20 second sprints set at about a 10-11 on the treadmill with jogging breaks.  I ended at 3.1 miles and did some stretching after. 

How was your week?

What was the last movie you saw?

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Training Update and Talk about Form

10K training is going well. My training schedule got removed from Aaptiv, which as a little bit frustrating, but luckily I know how to create one pretty well so I'm working on doing that.

Monday I didn't get a run in because we had a date night! So I changed Tuesdays' strength training into a combo workout. 2 tempo intervals, then 2 sets of shoulder presses, bent over rows, and tricep extensions. All of that for two rounds! It was a quick workout but good.

Wednesday was an off day so all of my exercise was chasing my kids around and running errands.

Today is all focused on speed work.

I have started feeling like I need to be better about cross-training on my nonrunning days instead of just having another rest day. Either doing HIIT or strength training or going on longer walks. Just something to help me keep moving more regularly.

One of the things I've been working on a lot with my running is my form. It's hard to work on form because after running the same way for so long, it feels uncomfortable to run different even if it's more "proper". I can say that I've improved, but I am definitely not perfect. And I honestly don't know that many, if not any at all, are perfect at form.  I think that, to an extent, we all have the best way to run for us.  There is a best way to run when it comes to efficiency in running, but I think we also have to feel comfortable.

When I first started running I was a feet slapper and I didn't know how to correct this problem. It wasn't until much later (like a couple of years ago) that I realized that I wasn't slapping my feet anymore. I can't be 100% positive, but I think it had something to do with all the hill running I'd been doing. When we run hills we pick our knees up higher and lean into the hill more. It automatically makes up run on the balls of our feet. So I'm super glad that problem has been solved (mostly on its own) and that I don't get shin splints as often as I used to.

When I get tired I tend to slouch my shoulders and sink down into my run more. When I catch myself doing this, I'll stretch my back out by linking my fingers and pulling my arms above my head and then I'll reset. I'll make sure that I'm standing tall, my shoulders are pulled back, my core engaged.  I'll do my best to engage my glute muscles and tuck my pelvis in and then lean from my ankles. I picture how I'd look running. There's a lot to form and it takes a lot to get used to it. But once you've made your good running form a habit, you'll notice that you're running so much more efficiently than before.

And again, It's not something I'm a professional at. This is a work in progress and I'm still in the middle of it.

What is your biggest running form habit?

What do you do to help your running form improve?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Steps in Race Training

If you're new to race training it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.  So today I'm sharing a quick description of the steps to take in race training and what you will probably be working on. Keep in mind that everyone is different, and this isn't a specific training plan, more of an outline of the order you will probably be working in.

Everything in your training has a place. Endurance, Speed, Rest days, Tempo runs, Race day...all of it. In your training, you will have main focuses and then you will combine all of it but you won't be doing any of it exclusively. In order to be a better and faster runner, you have to use all of these steps.

You're going to
1. Decide what you're training for. Distance, type of race (road race, trail race, obstacle course...)
2. Get your endurance up
3. Speed up
4. Get used to doing both at the same time
5. Race

So as I said before, you're not going to spend a few weeks on endurance, then a few weeks on speed..etc. You will combine all of it in your weekly training but you'll notice that the further into your training you get the more you work on certain aspects.  I'm not a coach or a trainer, but I've been doing this for a long time and experience shows this is a pretty set routine.

Pick your distance
There are so many different types of races out there! Decide what race you're excited about and find one you can sign up for. Make sure you're giving yourself enough time to train for the race! You don't want to sign up for a marathon that's a month away. Giving yourself time to get ready will help you have the best race day as possible.

Work on endurance
Once you know what you want to run, start working your mileage up slowly. Don't worry so much about the pace that you can run. That will come later. Right now you need to focus on getting more mileage and endurance.

Work on speed
Now is the time to pick up the pace. You need to make sure you're still incorporating endurance runs in your training or you're going to hurt yourself. But start adding more speed to your mix now that you have your endurance in a good place.  Don't worry about not getting a lot of miles on speed days. Focus more on hitting your paces as best as you can.

Combine the two
Tempo runs! These are probably my favorite.  Tempo runs are at a pace that is comfortably uncomfortable for you. That special place where you can keep going but you start to question your sanity.  When you know it hurts but you know the hurt is where the good changes are happening.  You want this pace to be somewhere between your comfortable run pace and a sprint. There will be jogging breaks in between, but you don't want it to turn into a speed workout where you're sprinting when you're not jogging.

Race day
You've put the work in! Now it's time. The day you waited and worked for. The only thing you need to do today is enjoying the race.  Yes, enjoy it. You've trained weeks or months for this day and the race seems to go by so fast. You've put the work in, you know you can do it, so stop worrying so much and have a good time while you prove to yourself that you can do hard things!

For an example of what a week of training might look like, this is what my training last week looked like:

Sunday: Rest day
Monday: 2.5-mile speed work
Tuesday: Strength Training
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 3.2-mile endurance run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5-mile long run

Everyone's training is going to look a little different, but hopefully, this will give you an idea of what it will kind of be like. Really, the best thing to remember is that you chose to do this, it's something that you should enjoy and have fun doing. So make it fun whatever you do. Keep a positive, happy attitude and enjoy the process.

What is your favorite part of race training?

What part is the hardest for you?

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Training Update and Comparison

More and more lately I've been so busy with other things, I haven't had time to post as regularly as usual.  I do try to post on a regular basis but April was a busy month for us. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more often as summer gets closer. 

Saturday I went out for a long run.  Some days I wonder how I ever ran a half marathon last year, or even more than that years ago.  Adding mileage back on is not an easy thing to do.  I did 5 miles at an easy pace and thought a lot about comparison while I was running. 5 miles @8:30 pace. 

People have said over and over again that comparison is the thief of joy. There's truth to that! Not just in running, but in life, when you start comparing yourself to someone else, you start feeling less and less joy in your life and more discontent and frustration. 

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately while I'm running.  We all have to start somewhere in our running journey, some of us are starting for the first time, some are coming back from injury and some of us are in a really good place in our running.  Everyone is in a different place and that's ok! This, for me, particularly comes to mind when we are talking about pace. While some comparison (in a competitive way) can be good, comparing yourself to someone else or to your former self is not a good way of thinking ever. You are in a different place than you were a year ago and you've never been in the same place as most other people. You're unique and so your plan, your training, and your experience is going to be unique even if it seems the same on paper. 

Instead of dwelling on what you used to feel like when you ran, how fast you were back then, how you feel like you're never going to catch that person ahead of you in whatever way, focus on what you have to do in order to improve. Give your training your all, and then be happy and excited about everything that you ARE improving in. When you feeling like you're stuck in a situation like this, remind yourself that this isn't forever. This is a phase that will pass and you'll come out stronger in many ways for it. Be patient with yourself and let the process do its work. You will always get what you worked for. 

I didn't get a run in on Monday and that's totally ok with me. Being flexible in my training is something that I make a priority because some days are just too busy and it's not going to happen.  So I'll be adding some speed training on to my workout today. 

Friday, May 3, 2019

Fast Friday

Welcome to the weekend! It's fast Friday so here is a fast post.

Last Friday J had her race. Her school does a 1-mile fun run for the kids. They didn't do things quite the same this time. They didn't seem as put together or organized as in years past and it made me wonder if I should offer to take it over...but we will see if I have that kind of drive next year haha. She had a lot of fun though and all the runners got a bowl of ice cream after. (M and V spent the whole time wrestling each other).

The trees behind our house are in full bloom. These are one of my favorite things about the area we live in. The rest of the year these trees aren't all that special, but I love their blossoms in the spring! 

I love it when I catch one of the kids with my cowboy hat on.  I'm terribly allergic to horses so I've never actually had one, and I am not actually a cowgirl, but I've always loved the idea of that kind of living.  And it's super cute now to see the kids wear my hat. 

We got our new car a couple of weeks ago and have had to wash it twice already thanks to this bird that keeps targeting it.  I'm not sure why he chooses my car since we have 10 cars in our parking lot, but I'm hoping that our neighbor's cats will get him or scare him off. 

We had to take the car in to get the sway bars fixed.  V loves this riding horse that they have and I'm sure that when we come in, the workers get super tired of hearing the song over and over. 

I don't have any picture for this, but when things like this happened, my grandma would always say that it would make a good journal entry so I'm going to share it anyway :).  While our car was getting fixed the mechanic gave us a loaner to use and V and I went to Costco and to pick M up from school.  While I was waiting for M, Trevon called after getting his procedure done and said he didn't think he was going to be able to go back to work and would maybe need me to come to get him because he was having a hard time getting in the truck with his knee hurting and on crutches. So I called my mom to see if she could drive up with me and drive his truck home or something. Meanwhile, the kids got out and M didn't know what car I'd be in so I got out of the car to get her and the doors all locked. With V in the car, and the engine running. So I hung up with my mom, called Trevon back and told him it might be a while because I just locked the loaner keys inside the car. He called the non-emergency number for police who came to help us unlock the car and by the time that was done, Trevon called and said he was able to get into the truck and drive home.  So we all met back at home. Trevon worked from home for the rest of the day. It was one of those experiences that you just can't help but laugh at. 

V has also been quite the handful lately, and with Trevon back on crutches (he had his second procedure on Wednesday) I'm just praying I can keep up.  He decided to wash his own hair with hand soap right before dinner on Wednesday.

Wednesday night I realized that Aaptiv got rid of my 10 and half-marathon training :( I hope they come back with more! So I improvised and found a treadmill workout that focused on endurance to use instead. 30-minute progression run Thursday morning for 3.2 miles.  It was tough but good. Now to revise my training schedule so that I don't get lazy later on.  

If you want to see my other training updates from this week, there is one HERE and HERE

Did you have any frustrating/funny experiences this week?

What is your favorite distance to train for?

Thursday, May 2, 2019

10K Training Update: Speed work and Strength training

Ready for another training update? 

My training plan for this cycle has me running 4 days a week and doing strength training once a week.  That gives me either two rest days or an extra easy run day. I did it that way so that I can be sure to not get injured. Looking back at my half marathon training, it went perfectly! Up until right before the race and I ended up with IT Band Syndrom. Despite that, my training still paid off, but this year my biggest goal was to not get injured again.

Monday night I realized that I need to be way better and more consistent with how many runs I'm getting in a week. So after I put kids to bed, I went to the clubhouse and ran on the treadmill. It was later than I wanted, but I got it done. 8X1 minute sprints with 1-minute recovery in between. For me, that ended up being 2.8 miles total. This workout always seems like it's going to be so long and hard with that many sprints but it goes by so fast!

I couldn't sleep that night but I still wanted to get up and do my workout the next morning. This happens to me a lot when I run too late. I try to get every evening run done before 8:45-9, otherwise my mind is so awake until midnight.  Some days that works and some days it doesn't. For the most part, I get my runs and workouts done in the morning but sometimes an evening run calls my name and I have to make sure I get it done early.

Tuesday morning called for strength training. I found a workout on Aaptiv. There are so many reasons I love using Aaptiv. You can read more about that HERE.  The workout was quick because I needed to sleep a little longer than normal, and because I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get a good stretch in afterward. Here's what it consisted of:

Rows to Pushups
Leg Lifts and Chest Press combo
Tricep Dips
Bicep Curls to Shoulder Press
Bear Planks
Squats to Lateral Leg Lifts
Jump squats

It was an AMRAP style workout so you do as many as you can in a given time. This time it was 40 seconds off, 20 seconds rest, two rounds with a minute rest in between.  I finished off with a good stretch routine, also found on Aaptiv because otherwise, I start getting distracted sometimes haha.

Part of training, a part that a lot of people forget about, is nutrition.  If you don't fuel right and refuel right after a hard workout, your body won't be able to rebuild the muscles and you will end up unable to hit your goals and probably be injured. So making sure that I get a good amount of protein in my diet is pretty important (along with all the vitamins that I need to, obviously) So I try to refuel within an hour or so after my workout. Nutritionists will tell you that ideally, you should eat 30 minutes after, but I think this depends a lot on the person. I have 3 kids to get going in the morning and some days I don't get to eat breakfast until much later in the morning, but I do try to get it in as quick as I can after my workouts. On the days that we are rushing in the mornings, I need something that won't just refuel me well, but that will also be super fast and easy to make and eat. So on Tuesday morning I went for some Kodiak Cakes. I wanted their Mountain Berry syrup on them, but I ran out :( so I settled for raspberry jam on them instead.

How many times a week do you run?

When was the last time you were injured?

What is your favorite way to refuel?