Wednesday, July 31, 2019

An Update on Us and the Cabin Mudslide

It's been a while since I've posted. I've really been trying to soak up the summer with my kids and not worrying so much about schedules or anything like that.  So I decided to do a little catch up on what we've been up to.

We've been using the weekends to our advantage as much as possible. A couple of Saturdays ago we took a little walk around a duck pond near our area.

They have a little river with some waterfalls and our kids wanted to stick their feet in.

J just finished reading Harry Potter for the first time. That's a big thing in our house and now she's begging to watch the movie.

Trevon and V played someone on one.

The girls played with their best friends before they moved away.

V is really into superheroes right now and he goes from pretending he's a different one every few minutes. (Don't mind the quilt mess).

We went out for ice cream.

And ended up running into my grandpa at the store so we helped him shop and then he paid for our groceries.  You can't say no to grandparents with stuff like that, it's impossible.

We had a family swim party with fireworks for Pioneer day ( a Utah holiday).

I went on some great runs.

Last Friday Trevon was going to get home early and we were going to go up to the cabin.  My cousin invited me and the kids hiking and suckers in the morning so we met her at our trailhead.  Right before we got there her son fell and cut his lip open so we had to cancel and he got stitches. Poor kid.  The kids and I decided we would stay and hike anyway but we ended up seeing a snake and that was the end of that because J couldn't get herself to get out of the car. So we waited in the car for a while and then my cousin said they were still up for getting suckers, so we met her up at Sundance.

This is a place that I really should spend more time at.  We all got old fashioned suckers and then walked around and played outside for a while.

I didn't notice how late we were leaving and we didn't have service to reach anyone so we headed home. Turned out that Trevon also left late.

We got home, packed some clothes and dinner and headed for the cabin. We are so lucky to have the cabin and have it so close to our home so leaving late isn't that big of a deal.  As we got into the canyon we drove right into a huge rainstorm and got a flash flood warning.

We ended up getting stuck in traffic about a quarter-mile away from our turn off. We only get service in one spot up there so we couldn't find out what was going on. But we did watch the river get bigger and bigger. We also got to see a lot of cool emergency vehicles coming by.

After an hour and a half of waiting, we were told to turn around. I told the trooper that our turn off was literally around the corner and he said there's no way to get around the corner. So we headed for home.

Turns out while we waited, the river flooded the road and we were driving through several feet of water in some places which was a little nerve-racking but we stayed calm and positive and made it home safely with no problems.

Once we got home we took a look at some of the news pictures and realized that the mudslide was right at our turn off. We didn't know if our bridge was even still there. We also got lots of phone calls the second we got service (our family making sure we were either at the cabin safe, or home safe).  Once we talked to my grandpa he decided he would do what he could to get up there the next day to see how bad things were. Once he got up there we found out that our cabin itself was once again ok! (you can read here about the fires last year).  But all of our land got covered in a few feet of mud and rocks.

This is going to take a lot, A LOT, of clean up work.

We started to think about if we would have left when we were supposed to, we would have been stuck up there with no water or cell service! While it would have been kind of cool to watch that, I'm pretty sure it would have been bad news for our car and our kids would have been terrified. So we are glad we got home safe.

Now we are just waiting to know how to help with the cleanup. 

J's birthday is this weekend! She will be 8. If you wish her a happy birthday, I'll read the comments to her.

What has your summer been like?

Do you have any crazy weather going on around you right now?

Friday, July 19, 2019

Fast Friday

It's been a while since I did a Fast Friday, summer is having me less structured on schedules and trying to play as much as possible. But here are some of the things we've been up to lately.

Last weekend we took our camper out for an overnighter.  We went to Yuba Lake for the night.

We got there when the weather was perfect and the kids got right in the water.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening in the water.

We had dinner and then went over to the sandy part of the lake. We didn't get to camp there because it was pretty crowded.

After a really windy night, it was too windy to swim the next day but still warm enough to play on the beach. So we went back over and played in the sand after breakfast.

We worked on several different sandcastles that V kept knocking down.

And this was the final product.

This week the kids have been doing a lot of playing. The girl's best friends are moving soon so we are getting as much playtime in as we possibly can.

I got a couple of runs this week. I'm taking this break seriously! But I'll be back to a regular workout schedule very soon.

V got his workout in, though, with my workout band.

On Wednesday it was my grandma's birthday. She's gone now and we miss her so much, but to remember her and celebrate her birthday my cousins and I got to go to dinner at a place that she always took us.

What did you do this week?

How often do you take a break from your running schedule?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Why Runners Should Walk

Yesterday I had an interval run with full recovery breaks in between.  A full recovery break means that instead of jogging in between intervals, like an active recovery, you're walking in between your intervals to bring your heart rate back down and make sure you're recovered enough to do your next interval.

Taking short breaks or active recovery helps us help teach our nervous systems to adjust to running faster, and help us learn to maintain good form even when we are tired. They are fantastic to do as you get a little closer to a 5k race.  I'll be doing more of those soon.

But for now, I'm taking things a little easier with the full recovery breaks. Walking in between my intervals helps my body rest well for the next interval. While I'm giving my body that kind of recovery, it means intervals are faster and more intense. That doesn't always mean that these are sprints. These intervals could be tempo pace but longer, or short sprints at full speed.

Whenever I have a run/walk on my running schedule I have to remind myself not to run during the walk parts.  My mind automatically thinks that when I'm walking it means I'm not working hard unless I'm injured. But when these kinds of workouts come up, walking and giving myself the full recovery is necessary.

On top of all of that, walking whether it is in between intervals or going for a walk instead of a run is good for us.  Walking helps our bodies relax and flush out the lactic acid. It can loosen your tight muscles up. And while it might not seem like it, walking can help boost our endurance and strengthen our muscles because we are using them in a slightly different way than we usually do.

Walking also helps us notice things like our stride and our form. 

And with everything else, going on a nice walk helps lift our mood and open our minds, much like running does. Walking can boost our cognitive function and boost creativity. It also gives us a boost of energy and helps with all the running things I've already talked about. So why not go for a walk every now and then?

When was the last time you took a good walk?

Do you do more active recovery or more full recovery?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Why You Should Go to the Race Expo

I want to talk about race expos today.  Before my last race, I never spent much time at an expo, and honestly, most of my races didn't have full expos. Most packet pickups were just that for me and when a race expo was part of it I didn't think much about going. But this race expo changed my mind and now I want to go to every race expo I can, here's why:

Packet Pick up is part of the race expo anyway so you might as well stick around for a little while and let the atmosphere pump you up. There will be other people racing or people who are helping with the race and all of them will be just as excited about race day as you. It's like hanging out with all the endorphins that you get when you run times a thousand.

A lot of times when you go to an expo, they have free samples or products for the racers. Last time I got a free exercise band, 3 kids shirts, and lots of samples of protein bars, plus the stuff you get in your packet. Someone was also giving away nice water bottles and towels.

They have fun activities for kids. Or at least this one did. And if I can kill a few hours of the day with all three kids having fun, I will do it! They had lots of fun things for the kids like decorating cheer cards, temporary tattoos, free shirts and snow cones which my kids had a few each.

It's a chance to see a little bit of the course.  A lot of the race expos are at the starting line or finish line of the course. So you'll get to see how they are setting things up to make it easier for race day.

You don't have to go and spend the whole day at the race expo, you can definitely get your fill with an hour or so there, but the next time your race has a pre-race expo, GO! Enjoy the atmosphere, the excitement, and the free stuff to get you ready for race day.

Do you enjoy race expos?

What is the best thing you've gotten for free from a race expo?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Add Protein to Your Diet with These Foods

One thing that people always wonder is what I eat to make sure I'm getting enough protein.  To be honest, I didn't always think much about the nutrition part of all of this, but the last several years I've been doing better at it.  I don't eat organic, I don't worry about calories, I don't read many nutrition labels (except to see how much fiber or protein are in what I'm eating). But I do have my favorite things to eat after a workout to make sure I'm refueling right.

I was able to give Built Bar a try this week when they sent me a box to review. I gave them a try on Instagram and I will keep trying them and telling you about them too! They are awesome for both protein and fiber, which you don't find all that often. It was a huge plus for me because chocolate can cause some irregularity problems and I always watch how much fiber I'm eating. They taste great and have a good texture. They certainly fulfill the chocolate cravings and, as promised, it helped with not only protein but energy.  They have a ton of flavors to try and I'm excited to see which one is my favorite. You can give them a try by going HERE (affiliate link) and you'll get 10% off your first order!

I've always liked yogurt, which is great for protein, but I tried these Oikos Greek Yogurts by Dannon recently and I love them! They are thick and creamy, have 15 grams of protein and they taste so good and are sweetened with stevia.  I love how this is the perfect mid-day snack or add on to breakfast. It satisfies and keeps you full longer. Yogurt is also amazing for digestive health.

When it comes to protein powders, I'm not a big fan. I don't like the taste of them and I'm pretty picky about what I get. So when it comes to drinking my protein, I stick with Carnation Instant Breakfast and add some PBfit, which is just powdered peanut butter, to it. I love that it's natural and less sugar added. Plus it tastes good. PB fit is also fantastic for more than just protein shakes. You can add it to anything with peanut butter in it, and you can make peanut butter with it by adding some water to it.

Another quick snack to add a little protein that I like would be apples and peanut butter. I have to admit that it never even occurred to me to put peanut butter on apples until I saw Trevon eat it.  But, like the yogurt option, this is a great snack to get me to the next meal or something to add to breakfast or lunch to add more protein.

I've talked before about my favorite granola.  I've been making my own granola for a few years now and it is so good, inexpensive and very filling. You can find the recipe HERE. I eat mine on top of yogurt with lots of fresh fruit on top. It's one of my favorite breakfasts. I'm out of granola right now so I think it's time to make another batch!

Of course one of my favorite protein filled foods is chicken. We eat chicken often. Grilled, baked, roasted...I really don't have a favorite way to eat it. There are great ways to grill chicken and we always have it a few times a week for dinner.  When we have leftovers, I cut it up and put it on top of a salad for lunches, or make sandwiches out of them. Sometimes I warm it up with a bunch of veggies on the side.

Eggs are a big family favorite here. My kids like scrambled best, but I like them in just about any form.  It's easy and quick and they are a great option to add a little more protein to your diet. Have you ever added a hard fried egg on a hamburger or grilled cheese? If not, do it, it will change you!

There are a lot of options for protein out there. It doesn't really matter how you get your protein, although there are better options than others. It's always better to get your nutrients from your food than from supplements, but there's nothing wrong with supplements to help you get what you need. 

What is your favorite way to get enough protein?

If you were to try a built bar, which flavor sounds the best to you?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Feeling Like a Beginner Again

Lately, I have been feeling like a beginner again with my running. I think this tends to happen now and then after races during that in-between period.  I'm not training for my next race quite yet, but I'm still running to keep my endurance up.  I have been getting this feeling a lot lately with running. I'm not a marathon runner, I don't even have a super fast 5k (something I'm working on) and even though I've been doing this for 2/3 of my life, I still feel like a beginner at it. Usually, this thought or feeling makes me a little self-conscious or inadequate in (especially as I blog about running and other things that I still feel like a beginner at--motherhood). 

It's not that I'm not seeing improvements right now or that I'm discouraged about how my running is going because I'm not, it's going pretty well. I'm healthy and running what I want to run at the moment. Some days I just wonder how I've been doing this for so long when I am still learning so much about my self and my running. But feeling like a beginner again isn't a bad thing. When you're a beginner at something, you're moldable and ready for change. 

Having a beginner mindset means that you're willing to accept the mistakes you make and learn from them instead of blaming it on something that you don't have control over. Like the weather or the time of day or the location etc. Making mistakes is a part of the journey and if we didn't make them, we would never grow. When you're new at running (or at anything else) you have the tendency to say "I had a bad race. Next time I'm going to prepare differently... Next time I'll learn from this and come back better."

Being a beginner means you are willing to take someone else's word for it once in a while or look for new avenues to try. Sometimes you get stuck in a routine that may not really be working for you but you don't know what else to do. Or you can't figure out why you're not improving or what you could be doing better. When we have the mindset that we know everything because we've been doing something for so long, we close the door to improvement for ourselves because we aren't willing to take someone else's advice or try something new.  When you're new at something, you're usually looking for a way to learn more and to improve in your new hobby.  

Being a beginner runner means you're more humble and open to all the different options for training. 
While I'm not a new runner, I embrace the times that I feel like I'm a beginner because I like the mindset as a newer runner. It helps keep you humble and it helps you be more flexible in your running abilities. Being a beginner may not last forever, but sometimes the feeling of being a beginner--the mindset of a beginner, is better than someone who feels like they have learned everything there is to know about something. It's that humbling moment of a hard run, a slow (for you) race, someone who has a faster time running with you, those things that keep us grounded and help us remember that there's always room for learning and improvement. 

What is something you've been doing a while but still feel like a beginner at?

What makes you feel like a newbie again?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Catching Up

We've been getting as much out of our summer as we can around here and that means sometimes I don't have time for blogging. But let's catch up.

My best friend from growing up came into town a few weeks ago and we got to spend some time together. I can honestly say she's the one girl friend that I've had (that isn't related to me) that I can spend years apart and when we are together again it's like we've never been apart.

We had a fun Fourth! Since our normal traditions weren't happening, we improvised. We had breakfast in our backyard on our new table.

We went on a small hike to see the Follow the Flag flag that they hang in one of the nearby canyons.

To get an idea of how big it is, they have this start that is the same size as the stars on this flag.

It was so fun and beautiful to see.

We played by a nearby river for a minute.

Then we went to my parent's house to swim but the pool wouldn't open. Sometimes the tarp gets stuck so we ran through the sprinklers instead.

We ended the night by watching fireworks at my sister's house on the trampoline. It cooled of a ton and was in the 60s! Definitely not fourth of July weather, but we still had fun.

We've gone swimming, and to splash pads.

I've started running a little more since the race. I've really been working on intuitive running before I get back to training for my next race.

There has been a lot of relaxing and a lot of swimming going on. We are hoping to get some camping in soon!

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

How did you celebrate your Independence Day?