Monday, December 3, 2018

Introducing: Better Me 360 Challenge

On Instagram a couple of weeks ago I sent out a poll to see who would be interested in doing a wellness challenge. This is something that's been on my mind for almost a year now, I think, and I'm finally feeling like I could pull something together! And I had some pretty good feedback so I'm introducing it now. 

This challenge is going to be all about helping ourselves become healthier happier people all around, which is why I named it Better Me 360. Each week is going to focus on a different kind of wellness.

Week 1: Physical
Week 2: Nutrition
Week 3: Mental
Week 4: Emotional

Every day there will be some kind of small challenge that goes along with the week's theme. I will be posting each week's challenges on Instagram for you to refer to. You will keep yourself accountable by answering the question of the day on my Instagram, and then you will post a picture of something to show you did that days challenge tagging me (@jennyrunningonlife) and using the hashtags #Runningonlife and #betterme360 .  Every day that you post, you get entered into the drawing at the end of the week. And whoever posts the most days at the end of the month will be our first place winner and will get an awesome prize from our main sponsor Aaptiv!

Aaptiv is one of my favorite apps I've ever had. It's basically like having unlimited time with a personal trainer in your ear any time and anywhere!  It's also WAY cheaper than a gym pass. You can pay $8.99 a month for a 12-month subscription! You get to choose what kind of workout to do, find the trainers you love best, and you can do a workout as many times as you want. So if you really enjoyed a workout, you can save it and do it again later. If you're someone who likes to mix it up, there are thousands of different workouts to choose from. And I am so excited to announce that Aaptiv has given us a huge grand prize of a free 6-month subscription to the winner, as well as 10% off for three runner-ups!

We have some other sponsors/giveaways to talk about too! RooSport is the sponsor for week one, physical health. My RooSport is 100% my favorite running accessory.  Instead of having to deal with a whole fuel belt that won't stay put, this is a little pocket that you stick onto the front or back of your running shorts. It holds strong there with a magnet and I honestly don't feel it at all! They have a few different sizes and I've had an original and the RooPlus.  The original is small but it works out great and I loved it. Then I got another phone and needed a RooSport that was just a little bigger so I got he Roo2.0, that one was awesome too! Then I got another new phone and my new phone was bigger because that's just how phones are getting lately. So I got the RooPlus. I was a little worried that it was going to be so big that I'd for sure feel it or it would get annoying but I really forgot that it was on.  It's 7.5 x 4.5 inches so it fits all the bigger phones. My IphoneX fits in the plus with a ton of extra room if I needed to stick extra gels or something in there. But the Roosports also have 2 zipper pockets you can put stuff in. A small pocket in the front which is perfect for a key or your gummies, and it has one inside that is perfect for cash or cards and gels. And they are awesome enough to giveaway this a black RoosportPlus for week one!

Week two is nutritional health. And for this giveaway, I'm giving away a Blender Bottle. Blender Bottle isn't sponsoring this giveaway or affiliated with it. But, Trevon has worked for Blender Bottle for two years now so we have been able to try out literally every bottle and have found our favorites. He agreed to share a Blender Bottle with you for the second giveaway.

Week 3 is mental health. For this week we will be working on strengthening our minds and memories. For the third week's giveaway, I will be giving one of you an Amazon gift card so you can treat yourself to anything you want :)

Week 4 is emotional health. This is one that often gets combined with mental health but I wanted to split it up because I really do think that there is a difference between the two.  Because we will be focusing on taking care of ourselves, Tiger Tail USA has agreed to sponsor our last week and give one of you a Tiger Tail Roadster, which is the small version of the tiger tail. I did a review on Tiger Tail recently and talked all about how my Tiger Tail is my favorite foam roller I have. I love so many things about it! So I'm very excited that one of you will be able to give it a try as well!

As I said before, The grand prize will be a 6-month free membership to Aaptiv! There will be three runner-ups, the first runner-up will get a 10% discount with Aaptiv plus a tiger tail roadster. The second runner-up will also get a 10% discount with Aaptiv plus an Amazon gift card. And the third runner-up will get the 10% Aaptiv discount plus a blender bottle.

I first planned on starting this challenge today in order to help everyone be healthier during the holidays, but then I decided that since my kids will be out of school for Christmas break in the middle of that, it would be better for me (and probably several of you) to start the challenge the first of January in order to focus more on our families during the holidays. In the meantime, I will be sending out some "mini-challenges" each week leading up to this. My hope is that the mini challenges will prepare us and make us more excited for Better Me 360.  I'll be posting those on Instagram weekly. As you can tell, participating in this challenge largely involves you following me on Instagram. If you don't have an Instagram, you can still follow along on the challenge, the only downside is that you won't be entered into the giveaways.

I am so excited to start this wellness challenge with all of you and I hope you all love it so much that you want to do it again! Let's get ourselves healthy in every way!

Whos In?

What prize are you most excited for?


  1. Wow! this sounds like a great challenge. Love the prizes too!

  2. January challenges are always great. Looks like you have this planned out well. Looking forward to following along

  3. I'm not a challenge person but these prizes are great.

    Looking forward to following you.

  4. This is a great idea for the participants to start the new year in a healthy & and optimistic way. Great variety of prizes!

  5. Love this idea - especially with the four focuses each week!

  6. This sounds like such a great challenge and I love that it focuses on more than just nutrition.

  7. This sounds like an awesome challenge! Love the prizes too! :]

  8. This is great! You can't fully take care of yourself without paying attention to all facets of your health. Great way to ensure that everything is in balance.

  9. What a great idea, and focusing on different areas of wellness is brilliant!
    I look forward to the challenge :)