Friday, December 28, 2018

Fast Friday Catch Up

Hello again, It's been forever since we've caught up. I took some time off for Christmas and enjoyed a lot of family time and it was fantastic! Here are some of the things we've been up to.

Christmas break started out with the kids pushing each other around in the box for a few hours.

Then we went out for one of our traditions. We go to see the Festival of Lights! This is something I've done since I was a kid and it's way cheaper than some of the other light shows. 

Then we did some Christmas partying later that week.  We made Christmas crafts,

Had some great food, and each kid got to sit on Santa's lap

I finished the girl's Christmas dresses. They turned out so cute and I added the suspenders with safety pins so they can wear it as just a skirt if they want.

While looking for safety pins I was reminded that being a runner has more benefits than health benefits. As a runner, I've always had a surplus of safety pins in random places whenever I need them. 

We had some really warm weather and it was warm enough to play outside. So the kid's road bikes and played duck duck goose. They even took their coats off after running around for a while. 

The kids did a nativity with their cousins. M was Mary, V was a wise man and J was the star.  

Then they all got to open one gift from my parents -- they were matching jammies that my mom made! 

We spent the month of December focusing on service. Every time someone did an act of service, big or small, got to put a paper in the jar. This has been one of our favorite things we've done this season. 

One of the gifts that all three kids got were scooters this year. It was much colder by then, but we still let them ride it. V doesn't quite get it yet. 

J got Uno in her stocking so we've played a few rounds of that game.

V graduated from his crib and he's now in a toddler bed. We thought he was going to be pretty hard with this, but it turns out he did awesome. He stayed in bed and went right to sleep, and he only fell out once or twice the first night. 

One of the requests for Christmas break was to go swimming. So we invited cousins and went to the clubhouse for a little while. The kids had a lot of fun and I got to visit with my sister for a while. 

I didn't run as much over Christmas. I really wanted to be able to focus and spend time with family. I also wanted to give my body some extra rest days. But now I'm back at it! 

How did your Christmas go?

Is it cold in your area?

What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?

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