Friday, November 2, 2018

Fast Friday

Fast Friday is here. There's been a lot going on here.

I made it out for a run/walk with my Aaptiv app. I have been surprised at how much I'm liking those. I do miss running without walking breaks but being able to do run/walks is helping me stay sane and happy during this break. And the views and the temperature was amazing!

We started one of my favorite holiday traditions: Harry Potter marathon. One a week every week until Christmas. 

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch for the fall.  We tried a new one near us and the kids had so much fun! They even had some rides to go on! And while the kids loved that I was reminded that spinning rides are not my friend anymore.  I still love roller coasters though.

We got lost in the maze (we eventually got out thanks to a map), went on some rides, and played in the hay. V's favorite thing was the slides.

They had hay bails that you can jump into. 

We carved pumpkins for family night.  

J always goes for cutesie, M tries to go for scary and V loves skeletons right now. 

We've spent a few afternoons jumping in the leaves.

And our Halloween was awesome. The kids each got over a gallon of candy! Yes, a GALLON! So we should have candy until next Halloween haha. J was Mal, M was Jessie, and V was Super Why. Trevon was the wakey inflatable tube man. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a fun Halloween!

What is your favorite fall time tradition?

Do you have a favorite holiday?

What are 3 things you're doing this weekend?

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