Monday, October 1, 2018

Ideas For Kids Who Say "I'm Bored"

Now that it's October and the weather will be cooling off, I've been starting to think of the things to do when kids get bored and can't or won't play outside. We still have a few months before that happens, but I thought I'd share a few of my ideas with you so that if you get stuck in the same situation as I do with hearing "what can I do?" or "I'm bored". 

I shared a list of ideas when it was Just J around here, but now that my kids have each other and they are older, there are other things we do to entertain each other when they are bored, fighting or need something else to do.

Right now the girls are really into board games and card games. It's always a good change when they start feeling bored to have them pick out a game to play together or with me. This is also nice for me because, even though I normally drag my feet into the game, I always enjoy playing a quick game with them for some good quality time. And I've always loved games.

The same as games go for puzzles.  A few years ago my mom decided to clean out her basement and so I went and grabbed all my old puzzles and games before they made it to the donation pile.  Or at least some of them. The girls have loved doing my old puzzles and once I get helping them I always enjoy it again too.  There's something therapeutic about working with my hands.

Work on some kind of school work that they seem to be struggling with.  It doesn't have to be homework or assigned work. Make it fun and it will be a lot easier to get them to do it! When I was growing up my mom let me use shaving cream to practice my spelling and I loved doing that.  Last year J's school teacher made a whole bunch of math games and sent home with each kid.  That has been one easy way to get J to practice math, but M also joins in and learns math easier that way.

Look into and join in on your free local activities. Our library does so many different things for kids each season.  Sometimes they do painting activities or have a big room of construction stuff, they've done reading time and crafts, scavenger hunts and I-spy games. They are always free and we can usually spend an hour or more there. 

Indoor play areas are always a good option for getting some energy out.  In the colder months they are bound to be a little more crowded, so plan wisely about the time you go and makes sure to take the hand sanitizer with you! But indoor playgrounds are a great idea for young kids waiting for siblings to get out of school or for when they want to go to the park but it's too cold. 

Do an act of service.  My kids are getting to the age where they understand more about what service is. But even with really young kids, teaching them about service through example is always a great idea. Make some cookies for someone, draw a picture or write a letter for a friend, even just inviting your kids to serve their siblings by doing one of their chores for them without being asked are all really good and easy ways to serve someone.

Teach your kids a new skill. Something that I grew up doing with my grandma was quilting. That's always been something I've hoped my daughters would have an interest in and want to learn about.  They are still a little bit young for this, but if I can find ways to let them help here and there, they get more interested in it and enjoy the time they spend helping me on it.

Even with a month or so left until we get some bad weather in our area I'm getting ready for the changing seasons and I hope this list gives you some good ideas of what you can do when your kids come in saying "I'm bored!!"

What is an activity you used to love as a kid?

How do you keep your kis happy when it's not good enough weather to send them outside?

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