Monday, October 29, 2018

22Ways to Get Your Workout In With Your Kids

One of the things that makes exercise tricky for those with young kids is feeling like we always have time to stay on top of our workout routines.  If I want to get a run in, I almost always have to run either first thing in the morning or after the kids go to bed at night. I'm ok with either of those, but in order to run first thing in the morning, I have to sleep well the night before or I won't be able to get up in time. And I often lose motivation (especially in the fall/winter months) to go at night when it gets dark faster and cold outside and all I want to do is sit on the couch after the kids go to bed.

One way I've found that works to get my run in when I can't make it without the kids (I don't stroller run) is to play games with them outside. I thought since these work for me I would share them with all of you if you're looking for either a fun idea for getting your kids moving and a way to make sure your workout gets done even if you can't do it on your own.

Tag is a game that every person knows. There is also so many different versions of tag you can choose from. In high school, we would sometimes play missionary tag (everyone has a partner except one person. When that person tags you, you have to give up your partner and tag someone else so you can have their partner.) I hated playing this game as a teenager because I was so short I had a hard time tagging anyone on my team. But playing with my kids I have a little bit of height advantage right now so it's not so bad. Pick your favorite kind of tag and get running around!

Go to the park and actually play with the kids. What kid doesn't love going to the park?  While you're playing with them, do THIS workout to build some muscle. But really, even just playing like a kid is a really great workout.

Make an obstacle course. Use what you have and make a course for everyone to use. Draw it with sidewalk chalk, Pull things out of the garage to use, even make one up at the park. Once everyone starts getting the hang of it, have a couple of races to see who can get through it the fastest.

Mother May I is a great way to get some bodyweight strength training in, so is Add-on or Follow the leader. Frog hops, lunges, skipping, cartwheels....use the moves to your advantage.

Red light, green light is another one that is good for sprints.

Relay races are super fun too. Split into teams, come up with a move for each person on a team and see which team can get through the moves the fastest.

Get a game of baseball, soccer, football, basketball, or basically any other kind of ball going. It's great cross training!

Frisbee! This is one of Trevon and my favorite outdoor things to do. THIS is our favorite frisbee. There'a running, jumping, catching and throwing involved so it becomes a full body workout.

Have a contest. See how can do a handstand the longest, jump the furthest, spin the fastest without getting sick...


Bike rides. I don't have a bike but I like to go on a walk while my kids ride. And if I did have a bike, we would bike around much more often.

Going for a walk is a great way to get some low impact cardio.

Take the kids on a hike. When they start to get tired find something for them to count on the trail (we like to count dogs).

Hula-hoops are a great core workout.

Jump ropes. Great leg workout, cardio, and coordination for anyone.

In the fall time, rake the leaves with the kids, and then jump in them before bagging them up to throw away. This is a great way to get core, arms, legs, and cardio all at once!

If there is snow, go sledding. Talk about a workout getting back up the hill!

Also, if there's snow, building a snowman is usually more of a workout than you expect.

Ice skating is fun and great cardio!

When it's not so great of a day outside, some games like Twister can be a good workout.

We will sometimes push the couches away to make enough room to do an easy strength training workout in our living room.

There are a lot of kid-friendly workouts/games online you can do anywhere.

There are so many ways to get a workout in. It doesn't have to be with a run, or with weights or a gym. And you can involve your kids. Involving your kids is also teaching them that physical health is important and helping them learn how to enjoy and take care of themselves!

What are some of your favorite kid games?

Can you think of another way to include kids in your workout that wasn't listed?


  1. Great tips!! Our kids have so much energy! We might as well make the most of it and use that energy to work us out. I am worn out after practicing baseball with my son!

    1. Haha right? Let’s take advantage of all that energy and let them give us a workout!! I hope you have a beautiful day Cyndi!

  2. It can definitely be a challenge when your kids are little and you sure have to be creative. Great ideas here!

  3. Raking and shoveling are HUGE workouts!

    Since we are in Florida, we do things like beach cleanups (lots of sand walking and bending over). That's always good for a calorie burn.

    1. Oh I love that! That sounds like a perfect way to get a workout in, get some sun, and help your community. Lots of multitasking going on there haha! Have a great day!

  4. I remember taking the kids sledding! That was before my days of running and stair climbing, and those hills were tough, especially with a kid (or more) in tow and the heavy sled as well.

  5. These are great ideas. I like playing with my dog in the yard, but he does most of the running them.

  6. I don't have kids but I love the idea of incorporating activity into kids' lives at an early age so it just is "normal" to move their bodies when they get older. we didn't do anything like this with my parents, but I think times have changed in this respect in the last 40 + years.

  7. YES!!! I love this! We are an active family. We bike, run, ski, snowshoe, hike, walk our dog together. When we hike my girls love to play "camouflage" - kinda like hid and seek only the seeker has to remain in one spot.

    1. Oh thats a really fun idea for hiking! I'll have to remember that. We love to do a lot of playing outdoors too. I think it's such a perfect way to grow close to family!

  8. Great post, love these ideas! Adorable pic with the kids in the snow, too! I wasn't active with my kids when they were little (that was before my weight loss transformation). I wish I had been, it would have been great for all of us. Kudos to you!

  9. That photo with the rocks is absolutely adorable!! <3

    These are really cute ideas! I loved Red light green light when I was little, and obstacle courses are always fun! :]

  10. These are really awesome ideas! I don't have any kids but most of my friends do so I'll share your blog post with them!