Friday, September 28, 2018

Fast Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so ready for a weekend even though we had a fun/weird week.  Here are a few things that happened this week.

Saturday night was date night for us. We got to go see the comedian Ryan Hamilton live. We first heard about Ryan because our Idaho family is from the same town as he is.  They showed us some of his stuff and we loved how funny he is, and he's clean!  It was a great date night.

On Sunday as I was getting ready for church, I put this sweater on that I've been wearing for a couple of weeks now.  As I pulled it on I saw the tag said "kid's duster" and I realized I've been wearing a child's sized sweater around and that's why the sleeves were a little tighter than normal. That's how small I am guys, I can fit into a sweater that fits my 7-year-old. The sweater is just a little tighter in the arms, and it's shorter on me (like a normal sweater and not a long one).  I wasn't sure how to feel about this or if I should just keep wearing it or give it to J. Also, please ignore the mess. Sunday mornings are not as restful and smooth as we wish they were :).

We drove up Tuesday night to Idaho to attend Trevon's grandma's funeral.  We didn't get to spend a lot of time with family since the funeral was in the middle of the week, but we enjoyed the time with family that we got. 

Grandma Betty welcomed me to the family instantly and treated me like her own the day she met me.  She was always a great conversationalist and had a great sense of humor. 

We will miss her but we know she's happy now with Grandpa (who I never got to meet, but will someday). She died two days before her 88th birthday so she got to spend her birthday with him. 

Dealing with death has never been easy for me (I don't think it's very easy for many people) but it's even a little harder now thanks to anxiety. Death is a trigger for me and what started my anxiety problems in the first place when my Grandma Ann died. We drove home Wednesday night, and though we wished he had more time with the family, I was very happy to be in my own bed and get a good nights rest! 

While we were in Idaho, we stayed at an Airbnb for the first time and it was fun! We stayed with Trevon's dad and brothers and their families.  We watched What About Bob? as a family, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time because it's my favorite comedy and our Idaho family hadn't seen it! And when we walked into the kitchen I had to stop because I remembered that I had a dream about that kitchen with Trevon's family months ago! Does anyone else have that happen?

Thursday was supposed to be our catch up day but I slacked off and V and I went Halloween costume shopping instead. We scored a great deal on J's costume but didn't find anything for the other costumes yet. V was pretty interested in this mask, but he was terrified of the scary horse and talked about it the whole way home from the store haha, poor kid. 

I made sure to get some strength training in, but not much else this week. I did get the ok to try run/walk to start out with! I'll be doing that soon and fingers crossed I'll feel good while I'm running!

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

What are your weekend plans?

Do you dress up for Halloween? 

Ever dream about things and then have them happen?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My IT Band Syndrome Rehab Plan

Since I haven't been running lately, I've been taking a lot of time off. I realize that taking time completely off isn't always the best I've realized I need to come up with a plan for cross-training. So that I can get better and stronger and so that I don't start going crazy while I wait for things to heal ;).

Now it's time to come up with a plan and schedule so that things actually happen. You know how it's way harder to get up and workout when you don't know exactly what you're going to be doing? That's why I need a plan. It's even more hard for me when I'm injured and not sure what to do.  So having a plan makes it easier for me to make sure the rehab gets done and I'm also getting a workout instead of being lazy and getting weaker.

The first thing I did was google "rehab exercises for IT band Syndrom".  Lucky enough I found an article pretty easy about IT Band Syndrom stretches and treatment.  It gave me some really good ideas of where to start.  I made a list of exercises to do from what I found from that search.

Trevon and I split up days for our workouts. He gets some mornings, and I get some mornings.  Back when I was dealing with Pes Anserine Bursitis, I was pretty good at being proactive about rehab. The days that were Trevon's turn to workout in the mornings, I got up and either did rehab exercises, or I got up and foam rolled, stretched and iced. On the days that were mine, I would get up and focus on strength training or swimming. This time when it's his turn to workout in the mornings I sleep in, and when it's my mornings, I strength train.  I need a plan to get myself going again. So here we go!

Sundays are always rest days. They have always been my rest day and I like it that way. Sometimes I have other rest days throughout the week, depending on schedules and how I'm feeling, but Sundays are my one scheduled rest day and it helps force me to take the rest so I can recover!

Monday is usually Trevon's morning to go play basketball. So for now, Mondays will be rehab focused. I like doing rehab on his mornings because most of the exercises that you do for rehab, at least for IT Band Syndrom, are equipment-less workouts (or workouts with simple things like ankle weights or things you can use around the house) so you can do them anywhere.

Tuesdays are my days. I usually spend Tuesday mornings using my parent's small basement gym and it works out great. I do full body workouts with my Aaptive app.

Wednesdays are usually Trevon's morning again so these days will be, again, rehab mornings with stretching and icing afterward. If I don't get these workouts done in the morning they are also easy enough to do with kids around so I can do them anytime.

Thursdays are my days, and this is the day that things start to feel tricky for me on planning.  I really should be doing some kind of cardio but I haven't been. My plan is to start swimming again until I can start running.  We will see how that goes, but I'm adding it to my plan here for accountability!

Fridays are normally my days too (Trevon has a gym at work that he gets to use on his breaks) but again, I get lost in knowing what to do these days.  For now, since I'm not running, I've been just telling Trevon to have an extra day and I'll work on more rehab exercises.

Saturday is our family day! And we have been doing a lot of fun hiking this summer. So that's been my workout for the day. Now with the weather cooling off and not as many hikes happening, I'm planning on turning Saturdays into my second cardio day. Probably swimming again, maybe just walking. Any kind of movement really.

I don't have a timeline for this injury, and it really depends on the person! Just because these are things that work for me, doesn't mean they will work for everyone. I highly suggest you find a physical therapist. If you're in Utah County, this is mine and I would refer anyone to him any day! This plan may help me recover in the next couple of weeks or a couple of months! I've done a lot of resting for about 5 weeks now so now it's time to start strengthening the muscles back up and get better. If you're also struggling with IT Band Syndrom, it may take you longer, or you might bet better a lot faster than I do.  It honestly all depends on the person!

Are you injury prone? If so what injuries have you had to deal with?
Yes---I've done shin splints, turf toe, sprained ankle, pulled butt muscle, pes anserine bursitis, and IT Band Syndrom.

When you get hurt do you go to a physical therapist or try to fix it on your own?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Why I Get Ready Every Single Day

One thing that I have always felt strongly about was getting myself ready for the day. I'm not saying that I always look perfect, that my outfits are all stylish (I'm definitely a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl),  that I am good at doing makeup, or even that I wash my hair daily. What I am saying is that every morning, I wake up, get dressed in something besides sweatpants or leggings, and I do my hair and makeup. I don't look perfect, but I'm ready for the day.

Heres why I do this every day, with the exception of when I'm sick enough to stay in bed all day.  When I spend a day in my pajamas, without makeup on, or even the days that my hair is in a ponytail, I notice the difference. I notice that the way I feel is lazy. The way I act is grumpy, I start thinking bad about myself, and I even start to feel sick sometimes. Getting dressed sends a signal to your brain that it's time to wake up and get going, just like when you get ready for bed you get in your pajamas and start to wind down. So when you get ready every morning, you're sending the signal to your brain that you're prepared to do good things that day.

(yes, this shirt is from the kid's section at Target. I'm a small person haha)

When you get ready for the day, you're setting yourself up to be ready for anything that day. You're ready to go when someone invites you to do something. You're ready when your kid misses the bus and you end up having to drive them. You're ready when you realize that you ran out of milk and have to make a run to the store. You're ready when you realize you're going to be late for an appointment you had forgotten about.

You're setting yourself up for more success. When you get ready, you're going to feel better, and you'll do great things! You'll feel more drive to get your errands run and your chores done.

When I get dressed, I feel way better about myself. I don't have as bad of mom guilt, or any other kind of guilt, because getting myself ready helps me feel good and happy and ready to take care of my kids and my day. I feel more confident in myself and more outgoing. I feel like there are a lot more things that I can do because I'm ready.

By getting ready for the day, even if you're not going to see anyone but family, you're showing yourself some love. That is part of self-care. If you follow Tara Thueson, you've heard her say "Look good, feel good, do good." I heard this for the first time a few weeks ago, but it's something that I've also always believed. You're going to be way more productive, kind, happy, generous, etc...

I know it's way more convenient sometimes to stay in your pajamas all day, but there are so many benefits to getting ready for the day, Every single day! The only exception for not getting dressed and ready for the day is being sick and in bed. Every other reason isn't good enough for the way it makes you feel bad about yourself over time. You send yourself messages without even thinking much about it. And by getting ready for the day, you're sending yourself the message that you're healthy, confident, pretty, and worth the time!

What is something you do every day that helps you feel good about yourself?

Do you get ready every day?

Friday, September 21, 2018

Fast Friday

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Cabin Fire and Family Wedding

Make Mealtime Quick and Easy with Eckrich Deli Meat

Be Prepared for Anything on Race Day

It's finally Friday.  I say that like I get a break, but I'm a mom, so having a weekend never really means a break. It does mean that Trevon's home most of the time so we get to spend more time as a family and not with just three kids against me.

I already told you all about the stressful things from the beginning of the week, along with the exciting things. Today let me tell you that while the Pole Creek Fire is still burning, our property is safe and the firefighters are working hard. The smoke was still pretty thick until about yesterday. The picture below is of the cloud of smoke that are usually mountains.

Because of all this smoke we've been asked to stay inside and keep kids inside as much as possible.  So we've been playing a lot of games. I like games and all, but I'm really glad we've had better air the last couple of days because I don't think I can handle another game of Life with the kids this week.

Last Saturday, since we couldn't go outside because again, the smoke, we took the day to organize all the toys in our house. We used to have stashes of toys in the living room and kitchen, now they are all in the kid's rooms. We don't have super functional storage in our house so it's always been a creative challenge to get thing organized. I think after 6 years we are finally getting a good system going. It's keeping the living room clean and their toys easy to put away in their rooms. Also, V thinks he has to be holding 20 toys in his hands at all times.

One day this week, M brought home this little slip of paper she did in school. I always forget about this activity they do but I really love reading through them. M thinks I'm 18 so I'm going to go with that and see how long people believe that ;) I'm jk, 30's not bad at all. 

For one of my workouts this week I planned to do some swimming laps, that turned into doing water aerobics instead. Guys, I'd really just rather run. 

One of my favorite things about Aaptiv is that do challenges once in a while. And on October 27, they are doing their second 5K Your Way challenge!  I wish I was well enough to start training right now for it! But, this is a challenge that works for every single person. They have programs to help anyone from beginner to advanced train for it so even if you're brand new at running, you can train for this easily! You can walk or run, or both,  do it solo or in a group, do it inside on a treadmill or outside.  You can log your miles on the Charity Miles app to benefit a cause that is important to you.  If you finish the program, you are entered to win either a home gym or one of 10 runner-up prize bags! 

You can sign up as a team or an individual, and if you don't already have an aaptiv account (I highly recommend it, it's cheaper and more convenient than a gym pass)  you can sign up HERE. They also offer a 30-day trial! I'm hoping that in the next week or two I will be ready to start running again so I can join in on this! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Make Mealtime Quick and Easy with Eckrich Deli Meat

Tracking Pixel Thank you to Eckrich Deli Meat for sponsoring this post and helping us have a quick and easy mealtime! 

Life gets busy and for us right now, with J in grade school and M starting her second year of pre-school, it's busy for us! Back to school time gets pretty hectic with the schedule change and sometimes, by dinner, it leaves me not wanting to cook or in a hurry to put something on the table so that we can spend more time together as a family, find time to do homework, or so Trevon and I can make it to our various meetings on time in the evenings.  For the really busy nights, I usually plan quick and easy meals that are easy to get on the table and easy to clean up. Eckrich Deli Meat has made some of those meals even easier, and I wanted to share a couple of those meals with you today.

The first one is a super easy pasta salad! This can be a great side dish for a dinner, or by adding Eckrich Ham, it can be a really quick and filling lunch!

Here is what you'll need:

1/4 lb Eckrich Cooked Ham (classic ham taste), I asked the Walmart Deli to cut it about 1/2 inch thick so that I could cube it.
1/2 box pasta
1/4 cup chopped red pepper
1/4 cup chopped carrot
1/4 cup diced onion
1 4 oz can sliced olives
1/4 cup diced cheddar cheese
1 cup mayo
1/8 cup Italian dressing
1 Tbs. mustard

Bring your salted water to a boil and add the pasta. While that is cooking, chop up your ham and vegetables. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and let it cool. Meanwhile, mix your mayo, dressing, and mustard.  In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and stir until everything is coated with the dressing.

I love serving this as a side for a quick easy dinner, but I also love having it for my lunch or sending it to school with J for lunch.  It's easy to make, easy to store in individual containers, and it travels well!

Another super easy meal to make with Eckrich Ham are these fancy meat and cheese platters all over the internet. It took me a while to actually give it a try because I'm not fancy, but I'm glad we finally did!

I love making these meat and cheese platters for an after-school snack. It's a better option for my kids (and myself) to snack on instead of the junk food that we would normally reach for. Because we’ve added Eckrich Deli Meat to these boards, this snack is easily turned into a lunch. It ends up being the perfect picnic lunch too because it travels so easily!

Don't you just love when it when you find a lunch recipe that is quick and easy and still has all you need to feed your family (even the picky ones)? I think lunch is probably my least favorite meal to make because we are always rushing to get it on the table and everyone wants something different and it ends up being un-filling so they are hungry an hour later. I love these platters because they are super easy to make, they look pretty to display in a way that doesn't require a lot of effort, and it was incredibly easy to pick all of the ingredients up in the deli section at Walmart!

What I used for my cheese board:

Eckrich Ham Off the Bone (gets its premium flavor from its own natural juices)
Smoked Gouda
Cheddar Cheese
Garlic and Herb Spreadable Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Cut cheese slices and fruit. Place everything on a serving tray. Enjoy. It's literally that easy to make this and it's so filling.

Pick up some freshly sliced Eckrich deli meat at your local Walmart deli today!

Thank you to Eckrich Deli Meat, who sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Cabin Fire and Family Wedding

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook saw that it was a pretty crazy weekend for us with a ton of emotional ups and downs. Because so much happened, and it's real life stuff, I wanted to share about it. If not for anything else, for my own journaling purposes. Some of these details are little blurry/confusing and may not be 100% right, but it's how I understand things happened.  If you're sick of seeing all my posts about the Pole Creek Fire, please feel free to move ahead. :)

Since before I was born, my grandparents have owned a big piece of land up in the canyon.  It used to be a lot bigger piece of land, but little by little my grandparents decided to sell off some of it. We still own quite a bit but not a whole mountain (literally). We have had some fires that were close calls, but last Thursday was the worst one yet.

What started out as a small fire from a lightning strike, which the forest service made the decision that they would let it run its course (as at the time it wasn't threatening anyone or anything and that's nature!) exploded overnight as the winds picked up. My grandpa went up to set the sprinklers and get irreplaceable things packed up.  A couple of my cousins and a family friend who is also a fire chief (that is an amazing story by its self, but later) showed up to help him.  The fire spread quickly and then I got a video that scared me so bad I almost couldn't even function. The fire had come right up to our bunkhouse.

This is a screen shot of the clip that they sent us.

Because we don't get great cell service at the cabin and I wasn't there, it's hard to know exactly how things happened. But from what I was understanding the fire was spreading fast and I expected that we weren't going to be very lucky. I reached out to my ward family and my in-laws for prayers (my own family had already been praying). Most all of our neighbors know my family in one way or another and know how much this special place means to us.

Later that night, the family that was up at the cabin texted us to let us know that they were stuck up there. The roads were all closed and there wouldn't be any way out at this point. The good news was that it seemed that the fire wouldn't be a threat anymore. So the praying continued. We were already filling very blessed because none of our buildings had been harmed! Even the bunkhouse that seemed like we would lose.

Early the next morning, another text came in that said overnight those still at the cabin had put the fire out "on our mountain".  They had stayed up all night fighting off the fire until it was completely extinguished in our area!

1 week before the fire

Trevon's brother was getting married that day, so as we were getting ready for the wedding, text messages were coming in about the fire. Pictures of the damage, more information about when they could come home etc.

I tried to calm my mind and my heart so that I could be involved in the wedding. We put our phones away and enjoyed our time together with the Albertson side. When we got out of the wedding and checked our phones, more pictures were coming in. One thing was apparent, and that was just how blessed we were in this. The fire had come right up to our fence line and stopped. It burned all the way around us, but thanks to the big green lawn we have (and all the prayers and faith) nothing had been destroyed.

A huge sigh of thankful relief! And I was finally able to relax and fully enjoy the rest of the wedding day!

We enjoyed lots of ice cream and brownies.

Apparently, I still have the appetite of a child.

J was cold the whole time so she kept trying to warm up by the candles.

We danced, and the kids played and ran around and everyone was excited and happy and relieved.

We were exhausted by night time and no one had a hard time sleeping that night.

If you've read this far, thank you! I hope you all have a great day and we will talk again soon!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Fast Friday

This week went a little better than last. I think we are finally starting to get into a routine for our day and things are starting to settle down! Thank heaven! Here are some of the things we've done this week.

V is really into blocks right now. I love that because blocks were always one of my favorite things to play with as a kid and I still love playing with them. That makes it nice because I can feel good about enjoying time playing with him and he loves having the attention and someone to play with. This weekend we made this huge block tower.

We spent some time watching the clouds with the neighbor kids. 

And then while Trevon went to his brother's bachelor party, and the kids were in bed, I stayed home and had this amazing peach milkshake and worked on blog stuff. Notice that I didn't even consider cleaning up the living room during this time. I was worn out and needed to just relax and sit a while.

Monday night I brought up to Trevon that I have been feeling really discontent lately. I don't know if it's because I'm not running right now or if it's the season change coming or maybe it's something else, but I keep getting this urge to purge my closets. I've gone through kid's clothes, old toys, some of my clothes... still have the urge. So we went through this storage closet of randomness that we have. We have realized that our house has enough places to store things, it just doesn't have very functional storage. It's driving me a little crazy but there's not a lot we can do about it right now. But someday when we buy a house, it will have more functional storage!  

This week was "use your feet" week at school. They encourage all kids to ride the bus, walk, or ride bikes to school instead of parents driving them.  J is a bus kid, but on Wednesday we were rushing too much and I had to take M to school anyway, so I figured I'd drive J. Once we got about a block away from the school I realized it was "use your feet week" so I parked and got the stroller out and walked her the rest of the way. Then M decided that she wanted to walk to school too. Luckily her school isn't too far away from J's so we did. It reminded me of all the morning walks I used to take when it was just J and I have really missed that. So maybe, MAYBE that will be part of V and my morning routine while it's still warm. 

We are getting ready to close the pool for the year, so all the grandkids (one family is missing in this picture) are sucking as much time out of it as they can. 

I attempted a short easy run this week and it's still a no. That's ok! I was prepared to take lots of time off after my half because I knew going into it that there was a good possibility of injury. I'll be back to running soon, but for now, I'm ok with cross-training, walking, and resting! Someone, please remind me of that next week when I feel like I might lose my mind if I don't run, thanks! haha. 

Here's some Friday Favorites for you, Trevon bought me this roller for my birthday and I love it so much more than a foam roller. I love it because I don't have to lay down on the ground to use it and it's super easy to take around with me. I can use it at the park or even in the car. I highly recommend this. 

At the grocery store this week they were giving out free samples of these chips. They were way better than I expected them to be. And they are organic, so that makes them healthy chips...right?

Now on to the weekends. Trevon's brother gets married today! Then it's lots of fun and relaxing for the rest of the weekend. 

Do you ever get discontent when the seasons start to change, like you need to change something? 

Did you ride the bus to school as a kid?

Mom's with pre-school age kids, what's your favorite trick to getting them to listen without yelling? We are struggling with this with M right now. She doesn't listen to anything that's not her idea. Heaven help us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Blog Talk

As a blogger, I want to be real. I have never wanted to put anything out there that isn't true to me, and true to my life. It's one of the reasons I decided to add the "on life" part to the title of my blog.  There are a lot of blogs out there that sugar coat a lot of things or that make every product they try seem amazing or that make their life look perfect. And those things can cause a lot of problems. I want my blog to be so completely "me" and real that you don't even have to wonder. And at the same time, I try to stay very positive and happy. No one likes to read something that is negative. I want my readers to go away feeling happier, inspired and motivated to do better. 

It's been a year since I switched from "All These Things" to "Running on Life".  I started blogging as a way for me, as a mom of two, to use my brain in a different way. I needed a creative outlet and a new hobby, and I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in somebody's life.  All These Things
was a way for me to keep a journal, a blog about motherhood, and share other things that I loved in hopes that someone would read it and feel uplifted.  That was the name of this blog for 3 years.

One day I came across a comment or something that someone who didn't love my blog left. It was right after having V. My hormones were high as well as the level of exhaustion I was feeling with 3 little kids. J was just starting school, and it made me feel offended and frustrated and just like I wasn't doing things "right".  After a week of feeling bad for myself and feeling very uninspired to write (because it wasn't good anyway, at least according to one person) I decided to step away from this space for a while. That while turned into 8 months. No blogging, no creating, no commenting or sharing.  Part of me felt very free. I hadn't realized that the time I was putting into blogging meant that I was missing out on a lot of other things. I spent those 8 months taking trips to the family cabin, spending every second with my family. I spent a lot of time with my sister. I spent a lot of time doing what I wanted to do. And I never told a sole, not ONE person, not even Trevon about that bad review.

After my 8 month break, something completely unexpected and heartbreaking happened. My grandma passed away. I know that's not a huge deal for a lot of people reading, but MY GRANDMA passed away. This wasn't any grandma, this is MY grandma. She was the spunkiest, sweetest and funnest grandma you would ever meet. She had a big part in raising me and I saw her on a weekly basis at least. It changed everything.

I started having trouble sleeping. I would wake up in a panic for no apparent reason. I would wake up shaking and breathing hard. Every nerve in my body would be tingling and firing and I couldn't move. My brain felt so loud and yet empty at the same time. Then my stomach would start to turn and I wasn't sure if I was sick with a stomach bug or maybe had food poisoning or what, but after 4 hours straight of this, I would finally fall back to sleep just to do it all over again the next night. I didn't know what it was. I figured stress and lack of exercise because I was too tired to run.  (We found out a few months later that this was anxiety)

Cue my small quarter-life crisis (or what I like to think is my quarter-life crisis). I begged Trevon to buy a camper. I was not going to spend another summer sitting around at home letting my body freak out and I knew that tent camping wasn't going to happen with the few tent camping trips we had experienced with kids.  We bought Kit. And we worked hard on remodeling it. And I didn't have another night like the ones I had been having the whole time we worked on the camper. Not one.

Another thing the camper did for me was give me something else that I wanted to blog about. Not that I wanted to turn my blog into a camper-remodeling-project blog. I don't have money or time for that. But I did want to document our project so I started blogging again.  Along with blogging, I started running again too. And so All These Things became Running on Life. A lifestyle blog that focused on fitness (particularly running) as a mom and my life as a mom. 

Yes, I do try to take mostly good/pretty pictures. Yes, I do share products that I do actually like, and if I try something that I don't like, I do give it an honest review.  Yes, I share all the good stuff, but I share some fails too. I'm human and I want to be honest. So this blog will not be perfect. There is an occasional bad picture. My lighting isn't always great, my goals aren't always reached. I share my fails along with my wins.  I want this to be a place where you don't feel like you can live up to what it looks like life should suppose to be. Live your life the best you can, and always remember that everything on the internet is only a crumb of life. There is always more to the story than what the picture says.

The last few weeks have been crazy.  M starting school threw us off more than I expected, I'm not running yet, but will hopefully be back to it soon (I could really use those endorphins). I've been tired and grouchy and impatient with my kids. And I've been uninspired in this little area. But it's just going to take a little bit longer and we will be back into a routine that will be easy to work with. Until then, I'll post as often as I can and make it as meaningful/helpful as possible. Thanks for reading!

Do you have a favorite tip to help me get back into a routine without feeling so overwhelmed?

How long have you been reading here?

Have you had a quarter-life crisis?

Monday, September 10, 2018

7 Reasons to Love Racing

You would think that when I'm not running much there wouldn't be a ton or "running" things I could talk about, but that's not really the case right now.  I'm not sure if it's still a high after my half marathon or if it's just how it is now for me, but I just keep thinking about all the things I really love about running.  This post could go in a million different directions for me right now.  I could write so many things that I've learned or that I've realized or that I love that running has given me. But today I want to focus on why I love racing. 

Racing was the beginning of it all for me. When I was 9 years old and going to cross country meets with my mom to watch my brother run, the feeling, the atmosphere, I fell in love with it! And I hadn't even run one myself.  Immediately I wanted to see how hard I could push myself, how fast I could go.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. So I started running. Watching that race, was the reason I started running. When I started racing myself, I started finding out that I loved it even more. 

1. Racing gives me a goal to work for! I usually look for a goal race every year to work towards. It helps me to stay focused and work towards something when I start to feel lazy. 

2. I love that a big part of racing is bringing people together. I've met some really awesome people on the bus, at the starting lines, and even during the race. I also love seeing people that I've met at other races racing with me again!

3. There is such a sense of community in these races. I wish I would have found that in high school cross country, but I was far too competitive for my own good haha.  Now when I run a race I'm always reminded that signing up for that race means being able to relate to others and to cheer them on in their personal goals. Because they will do that for you too! 

4. I love training and running a race with friends! There is just nothing like the bond that happens on a run, but more than that, training with someone and then racing with them and experiencing all those hard miles to see them do amazing on race day! There's just not anything that brings running buddies closer. 

5. Racing either shows you what you need to work more on, or that all your hard work paid off. 

6. And who doesn't love free food? While I'd have to be totally honest and say that I don't have much of an appetite after a race, I do love some fresh fruit or a creamy. Something juicy and cold after I finish. 

7. Racing gives me a drive to keep going. I think everyone says that after a race they always think "when's the next one" a few days after their race. I usually think that within the first few hours after a race. Ha! I'm sure that drives Trevon crazy, but it's true. 

When is your next race?

What is your favorite thing about race day?

Friday, September 7, 2018

Fast Friday

It's Friday! Thank heaven for the weekend, even though it seems like we have a busy weekend ahead of us. Here are a few pictures from my phone for this week's Fast Friday.

Since Monday was a holiday here, Trevon had the day off. We started the day off with some deep cleaning (throwing a lot of junk away/ scrubbing/ decluttering) and after lunch, we went to spend time at my parent's house. After a long swim, the kids wanted to play Mario Kart. The Wii is a big deal at Grandma's house because we don't have video games at our house. V didn't last long though, he thinks he's too big for naps, but I think he would be much happier with one.

Tuesday M started school! and She was so ready, and I was so ready! 

After her school was done, we did a lot of playing.  First V and M played kitty. V was pretty pleased while it was his turn to "walk" the kitty.  

Then we went to the park. We needed some outside time. The park didn't end up lasting long because it was quite a bit warmer out than I had thought. So we went home to run through the sprinklers instead. Then they dried off on the sidewalk. 

Wednesday was a really busy day!  By evening time I was exhausted. I felt bad for my kids because I had mostly entertained them with "on your own" play time. But this sweet boy just discovered blocks and it will keep him mostly content for an hour. It also helps me to remember to slow down and spend one on one time with him because I love playing blocks too! (and just in case you think that I might have a perfect boy here, he ate my foam roller, right after this picture. He bit chunks off and spit them all over my floor. But he can be pretty sweet).

Thursday morning was hard for me to get going. I was still tired from the day before. But I knew I'd be mad at myself for missing a workout, so I rolled out of bed and did a strength training workout at my parent's house. It's really great to live close to family!  Then I was rewarded with this view on my way home. It was a moment when I thought "I wish I was running" but it didn't last long. Because I'm going to listen to my body! 

Now on to the weekend! I'm hoping for lots of fun, and lots of rest haha! 

What are you hoping for this weekend?

Do you live close to family?