Friday, August 17, 2018

Fast Friday

I don't have a whole lot of pictures for this week's Fast Friday. But here are a few things that we've done.

Monday was my nephew's birthday party. We celebrated by swimming at my parent's house and having donuts. I decided to start carb loading early this week :).

We ended the summer break by going bowling with some cousins. The girls both loved bowling, V preferred pretending to play in the arcade. He was not the happiest little guy when I told him it was time to stop.

J started second grade on Wednesday.  She was really excited and I was not. I'm not ready to be back into a school routine, but I have to admit that having one less kid was kind of nice. She loves school and so far really likes her teacher. 

While J was gone,  I decided to try to be a little bit more productive than I have been this summer as far as homemaking stuff goes. I made some raspberry jam for the first time in a long time. This was a before picture though, V decided to turn the blender back on while I was in the bathroom (Apparently he's gotten taller this summer) and I decided to still try to make jam with it. It turned out more like puree, but it tasted good.

Went running on treadmill this week. The air has not been good due to some fires around our area. So my asthma has kicked up a notch. Luckily after a week of using my inhaler and taking some allergy medication, it's clearing my lungs up.  The bad news is, my knee decided to start hurting after my Wednesday night run. After talking to my PT friend, I decided to still run the race and just take a few extra rest days. Plus foam rolling and icing a lot. 

Thursday morning the kids played with the neighbors. They got the slip and slide out and were busy for a few hours doing that. Then we spent the afternoon playing with cousins at my sister's house. Obviously, we aren't done with the free time in summer. 

My workouts for the week were really light and easy. 

Saturday:  Intervals ---> 3.5 miles

Sunday: off

Monday: easy run on the treadmill 3.5 miles

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: tempo run on the treadmill 3.5 miles

Thursday: off

Friday: Off

Total Miles: 10.5

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you like back to school time?

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