Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Things We Do to Teach Our Kids to Love Independence Day

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.  I love everything about it! I love that it's a day for us to celebrate our freedoms in this amazing country. A day to remember how we got those freedoms. I love the colors, the smells, the feeling. I always have. I feel like it's a really important holiday to teach our kids about so that they grow to love and respect our country the same way we do.  So, today I wanted to share a little bit about how we like to celebrate Independence Day with our kids.

There are so many options in our town for fun things to do on the Fourth. So many that we are sent a magazine with at least a months worth of activities. So we start our traditions out by looking through that magazine and picking the activities we want to go to and are able to fit into our schedule.

  • We start our Fourth of July morning out with a family breakfast. I love this tradition so much that it takes priority over the Freedom Run every year! We get together with our extended family and have great food and a great time together.

  • For 3 days leading up to the 4th, they have a hot air balloon festival that we sometimes go to.  They have a huge field that they launch tons of hot air balloons in the morning. I remember loving to watch the balloons being filled and take off as a kid. It's not quite as exciting as an adult, but being a parent made it fun again.

  • There's always a swim some time on Independence Day. Whenever we can fit it in.

Picture from 2016 

  • We like to try to take the kids to one patriotic activity that can be a learning activity all about what the holiday is for and why we celebrate it (and why Trevon and I love it so much). I strongly believe that we need to teach our kids about our history and help them grow a love and respect for our country if we want a good future for it. Britt did an awesome job talking about this on a guest post HERE. Sometimes the activity is a flag retirement ceremony, last year we went to the airport where they had some old WWII airplanes to look at, sometimes it's just reading them a book about it. We try to make at least part of the fun learning experience.

  • Last year I got our Little Passports stuff and gave the girls a quick lesson about the country and did some fun activities a couple of days before the fourth.
  • We raise our flag all week. I feel like the flag is something that we are seeing less and less being raised and I think that is something that people need to show more. We fully support our country and we will fully show that.

  • There's usually a BBQ in the afternoon or evening that we go to! It's my brother's birthday (Lucky guy) and we usually find time to celebrate that as well.
  • There's a huge freedom festival in our town that is fun to walk around and check out all the booths. They have rides and concerts and free stuff and stuff you can buy.

Freedom Festival 2016

  • We dress in red, white, and blue. This is a fun tradition that we started when Trevon and I got married. Actually, I think I normally dressed in red, white and blue on the 4th before. But we've continued this tradition. Some years we go get matching shirts at Old Navy and some years we just find things that work that we have on hand.

2017 family breakfast

  • We get together again in the evening for fireworks and treats. My sister's house is the perfect location for this, so this year we are meeting at her house. In the past, we have just met at my parent's house or my uncle's house. Last year as we were driving home from my parent's house we decided to stop at my sister's house and took a while to just sit and watch them there.

  • We listen to patriotic music all day. Anytime we are in the car, we put some kind of patriotic music on. It just makes the day feel a little extra special that way.

Clearly, we are big fans of Independence Day. I hope that me sharing a few things we like to do to celebrate and teach our kids help you find new ways to do the same.  Enjoy your day, have a great time, be safe, and be courteous to your neighbors (especially those with small kids who go to bed early) and stop your fireworks at 11!

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