Friday, July 20, 2018

Fast Friday

It's time for our fast Friday update! Here are some of the things we've done in the last week.

Saturday morning I went on my long run. And it was a beast. I slept in a little bit and got a later start than normal, it was 68% humidity and it rained a little at the start. My route had lots of stop lights, even though I hate running with stoplights, it gets a little tricky to avoid some when you're going 11 miles solo. I was soaked through and had a blister by the time I was done with the run, but I was happy I got it done.

I ran through a park for part of my run and saw hundreds of baby ducks everywhere.

Later, on Saturday we met up with some friends at a splash pad and played there for a couple of hours before dinner.

Monday night we decided to pick the apricots from our tree. We waited too long to do it this year. Our tree didn't produce much and it's been kind of a pain in the butt this year. And we don't love apricots (if I could choose what kind of tree that was, it would be a peach, but it was there when we moved in). So most of the apricots were overly ripe and Trevon threw them down to me and I caught them in this bucket, and then we threw them away.

Then we decided maybe we should just take the tree down. So we started cutting the branches all down. Then Trevon got a wasp sting on his lip while throwing the branches away. So we stopped for the night and we haven't started back up since. As we started thinking about it again, we realized that there's not going to be an easy way to take that stump out with the fence right there. And we live in an HOA community (never again!) that would just really be unhappy if we ripped the fence down.

Tuesday was a hot day so the kids played with their cousins and squirt guns. 

Also on Tuesday, I got a morning run in. It was another killer and super humid again. I had a terrible side ache the whole time. I'm thinking it might have something to do with this black cat that kept rubbing up against my legs while I was trying to run. 

I'm not really superstitious...

This summer there has been a lot of sleeping in the same bed going on. It doesn't bother me, it just makes me wonder why we bought a bunk bed sometimes instead of a full-size bed for them to share. I know this probably won't last forever though, so I'm going to enjoy them wanting to spend every second together while I can.

Wednesday was a swimming day for the kids. We love that we can spend a lot of time in the pool during the summer.

It was my niece's birthday party so they got to play and have pizza too.

While the kids were partying, Trevon and I went on a date. We went up to SLC and had dinner. Turns out that most restaurants had an hour wait because of several events going on. So we settled for a super fancy meal in the food court. It was just OK, but we still enjoyed ourselves. They did give us each our own chips and salsa, so that was cool.

And then we crossed another thing off of my bucket list by going to Phantom of the Opera. And it was amazing. I've seemed to cross several things off my bucket list in the last few years so I asked Trevon on the way home what was on his list and he said "do stuff that makes my wife happy" (awww). I know, he's pretty cute.

Thursday was a busy day getting ready to go camping! The girls went to my sister's to play for a while and V and I went to get a few things we needed at the store. He was pretty heartbroken that he didn't get to stay and play with "deff" (what he calls my sister) so I got him some ice cream to eat while we shopped. He was really good to share some bites with me :)

My workouts weren't super great this week but this is what they looked like:

Saturday: Long run ----> 11 miles

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 5 easy miles with my sister in law

Tuesday: Tempo run ---> 6 miles. I ended up walking for at least a full mile somewhere in there.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Speed work ----> 2.5 miles

What is something on your bucket list?

How were your runs this week?

Are you superstitious? 

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