Monday, June 4, 2018

Focus on Your Running and Not Someone Else's

The other day I was listening to the Run, Eat, Repeat podcast. I love this podcast because I just love Monica. I think she has such a fun and happy personality and she has a ton of good running advice, so if you're looking for a new podcast go check it out. Anyway, the other day she talked about How to Compare Yourself to Another Runner.  She gave a checklist of things that you have to make sure are the same as other runners in order to compare yourself to someone else that is a runner.

I feel like I do this a lot without really realizing that I'm doing it. And as I was listening to this episode, I realized that I do it a lot and I need to stop. Everybody has different situations, even in running, that they are working around. There are thousands of different factors in what makes your running the way it is.  And Monica points out that things that you don't even think about can change your running. And unless your running situation is basically identical, it's really not fair to compare yourself to them.

Like I said, comparing my running to others is something that I've struggled with probably my whole running life. And now it's probably a lot worse than it was before because there is social media where people share all of their progress and then I start to questions why I don't feel like I'm making progress. (Which I am, and we all are making progress, we just don't see the progress in ourselves until later on). But I'm wondering how much of that comparing is actually hurting my running. I think that a big part of success in running, and really in life, that comes from being confident in yourself and in your goals.  And if we are comparing ourselves to other people, we aren't being confident in ourselves.

So much of running is a mental game and if we lack the confidence in our training and running in general then we will lose the mentality we need to push through the race and to grow and push yourself more in your running. In order to consistently get better, you need to believe in yourself and instead of talking yourself down and wondering why you're not as good as another runner, you need to focus on what you are doing to improve yourself and then have confidence in your plan.

So from now on, every time you have a thought like "why can't I run as fast (or as far) as that person", stop yourself and think of a way to improve yourself instead of comparing yourself. Some people have money for personal coaches or trainers, some people have more time to workout, some people have been running longer...the list can really go on an on. We are not all the same, and if we were it would be boring and no one would run races because there wouldn't be a challenge. Focus on you and what you're doing to improve your running.

What is something that is hurting your running progress lately?

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