Friday, May 4, 2018

Fast Friday

A well deserved Friday is here.  It's been a long, crazy week and we are ready for the weekend. J has her race today and I'll share more about that soon, but here's more about the rest of our week.

Last weekend was a busy one. It was amazing weather outside so we decided to get a lot of yard and camper projects done. We went to Home Depot first thing Saturday morning and got the supplies we needed, then we headed to my parent's house to use my dad's tools.  While Trevon and my dad worked on one of our camper projects, I helped my mom do yard work and the kids played with the cousins. We worked all day long and by dinner time we were all hungry and wanting something easy and quick. So we got pizza.

After eating, we finished our yard project that turned out to be incredibly easy.  I have been getting sick of my hose laying on my flowers and killing them. We don't have a very big yard to work with so I want all my plants to do their best, but my daisies have been getting smashed and killed every year because that's where our hose goes. Maybe it was bad layout planning on my part but, like I said, I don't have a very big backyard and have to maximize the space I have. So we made this little hose holder to keep it up off of my plants and I love how it turned out. We used vinyl instead of a wood post because it will last longer and is lightweight.  We dug a hole, put the post in it, filled the post with dirt then the hole with dirt, drilled two holes in it and screwed the hose holder on. It's not permanent and we didn't have to drill anything onto the house.

By that time we had digested enough and it was still warm enough that we decided to go to the park and let the kids play while I went on my run. J ran the first mile with me and then I dropped her off at the park with everyone else while I finished. It made me really excited about the warmer weather coming and being able to run in it. But it also reminded me that I need to be better about drinking water.

Monday was a rainy day. I woke up to workout and it was raining, and it stayed that way all day long.  I started training for a half marathon and I'm really excited about it!  I'm using Aaptiv to train right now but I'll probably end up tweaking the training program for myself a little bit.

Tuesday was a better day weather wise but still not like it was over the weekend. M spent the morning riding her bike while V and I walked around.  The trees behind our house have these amazing blossoms every year and I think I take pictures of them every year too.

M had school so V and I went to my parent's house again for the afternoon.  My mom made peanut butter bars.

And then we helped my dad with their bathroom remodel. My arms got a real good workout holding up the sheetrock for the sealing. I helped with most of it and then it was time to get headed home. Trevon ended up stopping by on his way home just in time to help put the last one up.

Then Tuesday night I gave in and let Trevon give V a haircut. I just didn't want him to look like a big kid all the sudden.  But it's pretty handsome on him.

My sweet friend dropped dinner off to us just because and it was delicious!

The kids were extra excited that she brought donuts for dessert.

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  1. wow you are a really handy family! I am so impressed

    1. Yes, I'm super lucky to have family close and to have them all be super good at handy man type of stuff!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah well I wonder who ate all those at 11:00 at night ;)