Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stewart Falls Hike for Memorial Day

Over Memorial Day weekend we spent a lot of time as a family. I know that Memorial Day isn't a holiday specifically for barbeques and parties, but I love celebrating this way because it helps me remember that I have the freedom to do things like that because of those who died for our freedoms as a country.

We spent our morning hiking a pretty popular hike near us called Stewart Falls. This is a hike that I've lived close to my whole life but never hiked before and it was on my bucket list for years. So when my parents said they were hiking it, we decided to come along. 

It was a cool morning so I didn't bother changing into better hiking clothes and I regretted it about halfway to the falls but it wasn't bad. I also took my real camera but when we got there I realized it didn't have an SD card in it (SMH).

At one point I decided to do a little bit of trail running to get ahead so I could stop to take some pictures. It didn't last long though cause running in jeans sucks.

Most of the hike is in shade from beautiful green trees.  It's a well-worn dirt path so it's pretty easy to stay on the path and not get lost.  There are lots of roots and rocks so if you don't watch your step you can trip.

It's about 3.5 miles there and back and it's pretty kid-friendly. When you get closer to the falls, there is some loose rock that J slipped on but other than that, everyone made it happily and easily.  If you're going slow on that part you'll be just fine!

We played at the waterfall for a few minutes. Took some pictures, let the kids throw small rocks in the river and had a snack before we headed back. On the way back the kids started to get tired but we distracted them with counting how many dogs we saw on the way back. We got 28!

With all of us (My parents, my sister and her family, and us --> 6 adults and 6 kids under 7) we got done with this hike and back to our cars in about 2 1/2 hours. If you're going on a weekend or a holiday, I would suggest starting early because it was getting pretty crowded and the parking lot had lines and lines of cars.

We went back to my parent's house for a bbq and visiting with the rest of the family. It was a perfect relaxing/adventuring day!

How was your weekend?

What are you crossing off your bucket list this year?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Why I Stopped Running With Music

I used to be one of those runners who could not run without music.  I mean, we weren't allowed to use it in high school for races or even on practice runs. But when I would run on my own, the music was always in my ears. Music can be a huge help in getting through some runs. It helps your mental game during a run and it can even help with your speed. But there are a few reasons that you shouldn't always run with music.

First, when you're running outside you need to be aware of your surroundings. You need to be able to hear and see and be alert to what is going on around you.  It can be a safety hazard if you're running alone with headphones in and not paying attention to cars, animals or people.

Also, some races don't allow headphones or even any kind of mp3 players.  Due to safety hazards, I know that some races, both trail and road, encourage you to leave all of that stuff home. Because certain races don't allow headphones, it is always best to practice for race day and be used to the way you'll be running.

Running without music in your ears is kind of amazing when it comes to your thoughts and clearing your mind.  There are definitely runs that I take my music on with me. Actually, I do take my music with me every run, just in case I need to pump myself up a little bit at the end of a hard run, but I don't always use it. When I'm running outside I tend to let my mind wander on my thoughts.  It's amazing how many problems I can solve (or how many blog posts I can come up with) when I run without music and my mind can freely wander.

Like I said, running without music is not something that came super easy for me. I went from running with friends and being able to visit with them to keep my mind busy, to running with music to drowned out my thoughts of being tried and it wasn't until this last year or so that I willingly gave up my headphones during running. Now, not all of my running is without music, when I do my treadmill runs I always have headphones in with my Aaptiv app on.

I started to run without music about a year ago when I started listening to books or podcasts or talks from my church leaders during my runs instead. it was a little quieter than music and didn't have a tempo, so it was a good way to ease into running without headphones at all.

When I started to do morning runs I decided to not run with music anymore except for on speed workouts.  I thought it was going to be really hard for me to just stop but I noticed how much more relaxed I felt after getting back from a run that I did without my headphones in. My mind had time to process a lot while I was running and it made me enjoy my runs even more. There is still an occasional run that I'll listen to music, but mostly I just go.  I love it, especially on my long runs!

Do you listen to music every time you run?

Friday, May 25, 2018

Fast Friday Update

It was the last week of school and we could feel the excitement of summer in the air! We love summer and are ready for all the relaxing, playing and homework-free days that comes with it. Here's what we did this week.

Monday morning after running errands we spent some time at the park. Being outside is the only thing the kids want to do lately, and I don't blame them. The weather has been amazing and I want to be outside too.

Monday night my parents came over to our house to help us fight our bug problem. Reason #1 not to plant apricot trees in your yard: these aphids were seriously EVERYWHERE! We have an apricot tree that they are swarming on and it was spreading to my other plants despite us spraying them once already. I'm happy to report that since my dad brought his heavy duty stuff over, most of them have died and if they come back we will probably just take the tree out. Who likes apricots that much anyway? 

Tuesday V had a Dr's appointment for his 2 year well check. This boy is in the 93% in height. I wish I could say part of that was from me but it's not. I'm pretty sure he'll pass me up by the time he's 8. 

Wednesday was another beautiful day. We spent some time after lunch riding bikes and waiting for J to get home from school. Then we spent some time at my sisters so they could play with their cousins and I could have some adult interaction. I mentioned to Trevon on Monday that I literally hadn't talked to another adult all day until he got home. So it was needed. 

My weekly workouts:

Saturday was my long run, I needed some recovery miles because last week my quads were so sore! So I did a long easy run ---> 5.5 miles

Sunday, as usual, was a rest day

Monday --->  Tempo run. 1 mile warm up, 6 min tempo pace, 2-minute recovery, 3x90 second tempo with 1-minute recovery, 4x1 minute tempo, 2-minute recovery, 2 minutes cool down. --->5.3 miles

Tuesday I focused only on strength training. I feel like this is something that I was doing really well at for a while and then I stopped. I'm working on getting better at it again.  Jumping Jacks, high knees, plyo-lunges, jump squats 3 x each, Shoulder press, bicep curls, push-ups, planks, burpees 3 times each. Cooled down with some planks and stretching

Wednesday was a rest day. I got some good stretching in and did some rehab work that I haven't been doing for my knee lately.

Thursday was speed work. 2-minute warm-up, 1x90 second sprint with 90-second recovery, 3x1 minute sprint with 30-second recovery, 3x 30-second sprint with 30-second recovery, 2x20 second sprints with 30-second recovery, 2 minutes cool down. And some core work --->2.5 miles

Friday hasn't been a running day for me for the last little while, but it is usually a day that I focus on some strength training and walking. This will change soon though!

Total miles for the week ---->13.3 miles

The most popular posts this week were:

How was your week?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Who has Memorial day plans?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

So You're Running a Race? Here's What To Do Now

You've fully committed to a race! You signed up and paid what? It doesn't matter if you've signed up for a 5k or a marathon, getting to race day and doing well on the race all depend on the same kind of things. And there's not much worse than getting to your race unprepared, so I'm going to give you the things that you're going to want to know/do before race day to make sure you're prepared.

1. Know the details of the race. I'd hope that before you signed up for this race in the first place, that you know where it is. Make sure you know the location, starting time, packet pick up time/location, when the buses leave... all of it before you head out on race day. All of this information will be on the race website so make sure you find all of that out!

2. Pick up your packet. I love packet pick up day! You get your bib number, usually a shirt, and a whole bunch of other swag in your packet.  This goes back to the number one though, you need to make sure you know where packet pick up is.

If you're traveling for your race and the race isn't doing a packet pick up the day of the race, you'll want to plan an extra day before your race to make sure you get there in time to get your packet and get settled.

Sometimes they will have packet pickup at the same location as the race, sometimes they even have a packet pick up on race day, but I like to make sure to pick up my packet early.  That way I know that I have the most important things (like my bib number) and I don't have to spend time standing in line on race day.  Sometimes packet pick up will be in a different location, in which case you need to have your packet before race day anyway.

3. Know the race course. You don't really need to drive the course or anything like that, but you need to know if it's a hilly race or flat, if its a trail run or on the road, is it an out-and-back or a loop? Those things will all impact the way you train. If the course is hilly, obviously you're going to want to make sure to get some good hill work into your training.

4. Have a goal in mind. Every time I run a race I have a goal. It's not always a PR goal (although it's always awesome to PR), but some goal for myself to focus on every race. Even if it's a goal to finish or to enjoy the course. Find a goal and train for that goal.

5. Know what weather you'll be running in. Take into account the time of day and if it's a shaded course or out in the sun. You want to dress appropriately for the weather. You also want to know how to hydrate and if it's going to change your goals. You can usually find an average temperature for that race day in the area but also make sure to watch the weather reports in the week or so leading up to race day.

6. You need to know the logistics for everything going on that day.  You need to know what time to wake up to make it to buses (or the starting line) on time. If it's a bigger race, you'll be starting earlier in the day.  Make sure you know the best route to take to get to the race so you miss any traffic jams that could make you late.

Make sure you know where to park. This always stressed me out at first because I wanted to make sure I parked in a safe area that was easy to get to after the race. You don't want to get to the race and have to walk another mile to your car. You might also need to pay for parking so make sure you bring some extra cash with you.

If you have people coming to watch you, it's always nice to plan out where on the course they will be so that you can watch for them. Let them know what time you'll be finishing so they can be at the finish line when you come across and where to meet you after.  Also, let them know where to park and what roads to take so that they don't get stuck on a road that' is closed for the race.

7. Find a training plan that works for you. You can find training plans all over the internet for all different kinds of races. Get a training buddy if you need to, get out and get moving. If you need to, make adjustments to your training plan to fit the time frame for your race.

Now you know what to do to get you to race day, HERE are some things to do the week before race day! Have fun and enjoy the journey and the race. It's a little bit addicting so be ready to sign up for another one right after.

Who's signed up for a race right now?

What's the furthest race you've ever run?

Have you ever traveled for a race?

Monday, May 21, 2018

How We Get Our Kids to Clean and What Hasn't Worked

It's almost summer. J gets out of school this week! And with summer coming I feel a much bigger stress about keeping the house clean since everyone is home. Every summer I get this new drive to teach the kids about cleaning and keeping their stuff organized, giving them chores, getting them to help with new chores etc. And it's not an easy thing to do. We have tried lots of different ways to get them to clean up. Since summer is coming and some of you might be like me this way (I hope), I thought I'd talk about all the ways we've tried, what has worked and what has not.

Before we get into all of that, I want to just take a second to say that our house is by no means clean all of the time. We have a lot of days that we get to the end of the day and I just don't have enough energy to care that it's messy and we let the mess stay instead of cleaning it up.  We also have normal kids who do normal kid things and don't honestly love to clean. In fact, the day I took the pictures for this post we had one avoiding the cleaning at all costs, one that had no idea what was going on (V) and one that was throwing a major tantrum because we asked her to clean. And it's not like we asked them on a random day to clean, it was a cleaning day. It's a struggle to get them to clean and that's why I decided to share what isn't working for us along with what is working. So here are the things that we have been trying.

- Starting them young is one thing that I think helps with everything. When they are toddlers they are much more willing to help clean up with you. Getting them in the habit of cleaning up when they are done with something helps them learn it for a lifetime. Do they always stay excited about cleaning up and do it willingly? Nope, absolutely not. But it does help with teaching them that it's important to keep things nice. Did it work? Well, kinda. I did well with this with J, I failed at this with M, I'm working on this with V. Guess which kid complains least about cleaning up? V....but he doesn't really know better haha, so J. J will usually clean up her toys without too much of a fight. It takes me asking them several times to get anything done, but J will clean up most of the time without a huge fight whereas M will pitch a fit every single time.

- We tried a chore chart a couple of months ago. We got an Ipad for Christmas. Before that, we were tablet free and didn't plan on getting one at all because we didn't want to have to worry about the kids begging to be on it or being on it too much. We ended up getting one for church stuff and figured we could use it as leverage for the kids to do their chores and earn 15 minutes of screen time. So I made this chore chart for them to earn it. We filled it up with age-appropriate chores. Making their bed, getting dressed, doing homework, hanging backpacks up, doing a special job for me that I need help with, etc. Once they got all of their things marked off for the day, they could have 15 minutes on the Ipad. Did it work? NOPE. not at all. It worked for one week and then never worked again. I'm sure bribing them with something else would have helped, but my kids are not at all interested in earning iPad time (I'm proud to say). They never even ask to use it. We pull it out for our church stuff, and for special things like when we need to entertain V while getting a haircut, but they don't even care about it.

-Helping them is another thing that we've tried. When we know that the mess has gotten too big we have put some music on and see how much we can get done by the time the music is over. We usually turn on some kind of soundtrack. Right now it's The Greatest Showman soundtrack.  And we all pitch in and clean up. This works mostly. The times when this does not work is when I've spent a lot of time asking them to clean up and they are feeling overwhelmed and I'm feeling frustrated. When that happens we end up fighting more than cleaning. But if I start cleaning this way, before the overwhelmed feeling starts, we can all work together and get it done pretty easily.

- We have turned cleaning into a game. We do this a lot of different ways. One way is to tell each kid to pick up a certain color of toy. J picks up all red, M picks up all green, V picks up all blue... and puts it where it's supposed to go.  Another game is that we hang our little over the door basketball hoop up and tell them "see how many toys you can pick up in the time that it takes the other to make 10 baskets." and then they switch.  We've also made it a race to see who can put their clothes away, make their beds, or put their toys away first. Does it work? Almost every time! Sometimes J gets tired of competition and this won't work. But that's pretty rare. It sometimes takes longer to get it all clean but it gets done.

- We have been teaching the kids about money and letting them earn a little extra money with "jobs". But they can't do any of those jobs until all of their regular chores are done.  So if they are in the mood to earn a little money to save up for something they've been wanting, I just remind them that they want to earn money for a job, they need to do their chores first. This works when they are in the mood for it. And that's totally fine. Now that it's summer and we have a garden going, one of their jobs is to help with picking the fruit and veggies from the little garden, so that will help them to be ready for those jobs more often.

- Reminding them that they have privileges and sometimes those privileges get taken away if they don't do what we have asked them to.  This one makes me feel a little bit like a bad mom sometimes, and I don't think that I'm alone on that, but kids do need to know that some things are not rights that they have.   When we have been asking them to do something and they are refusing in every way, we start taking those privileges away. One example of this is that if they want to play with friends after dinner they have to have homework done and their room cleaned up before they can go back out. If they don't have those things done, they don't get to go play. This is a hard way of doing things and it's honestly exhausting for all people involved. But it does work. The first few times that they realize that they can't go out and play there's usually a big fight and a lot of crying. But eventually it does get cleaned and the crying stops and they learn that next time if they want to play they need to do it before it's too late.

Everybody's family is different. There are different things that work for all of us. Not everything we have tried has worked every time. And the biggest take away here is that if we try to make any kind of chores a fun or, at least, happy experience things get done quicker and easier.

What do you do to help your kids clean up?

What is your least favorite chore?

Friday, May 18, 2018

Fast Friday

This has been one busy week! So let's get right to the Fast Friday update!

Last weekend Trevon took the kids to get the truck's tires changed. For some reason, this is something the kids always like going to do with him. So they took the Ipad and watched Planes while they waited.

While they were doing that, I went and got my workout done for the day.

And when they got home they brought me these amazing roses for Mother's day!

Later that day my mom and sisters went to get pedicures done. This is our Mother's day tradition and gift from my mom.

We did our church stuff on Sunday. V looked so handsome in his tie and suspenders.  It didn't last long so it was good we got this slightly blurry picture of him when we did.

For family night on Monday, we took the kids to our high school's all class reunion. They built a new high school and will be slowly tearing ours down. We got to see all of our old teachers and some friends that were there too. It was a lot of fun to show the kids where we met and introduce them to my high school coach!

On Tuesday I helped a friend out with some new equipment he got at his gym for physical therapy. While I was helping him, V sat and played with his cars and bear and the girls were at school.

Wednesday the girls had a makeup gymnastics class. When my sister showed up we realized we were dressed exactly the same. Even down to the shoes.

Thursday M's school had the last day of school/field trip. We went to a petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi Utah. M's favorite part was the pony ride. V wouldn't try it. He was pretty tired by then so he was just a little grumpy.

V's favorite part, though, was jumping around in the playhouses.

Then M had her preschool graduation. It made for a busy day but it was a lot of fun. We were all worn out and ready for bed by the time we got done.

My sweet neighbor brought these over to me for mothers day. Chocolate covered frozen strawberries and they are as good as they sound.

And then my soon-to-be sister in law posted these on Facebook and I laughed way too hard at them.

Here's what my running looked like this week:

Saturday: Tempo run --> 3 ish miles. This day didn't get tracked properly so it's a close guess haha.

Sunday: rest day

Monday: At home workout/lots of walking. 

Tuesday: Speed work --> 2.6 miles 

Wednesday: Rest day 

Thursday:  easy run --> 2 miles

I have been so sore for some reason for the last couple of days. I think it's the speed work I did on Tuesday but I'm not really sure. And it's been a really crazy week. So training has not gone as planned but I am glad for the whole 7.5 ish miles that I was able to get in this week. Hopefully, I'll be adding much more to that soon.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

What did your training look like this week? Any missed workouts?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Finding Time To Exercise

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "how do you find time to exercise?" If you've been around here for a while you know that I'm a stay at home mom of 3 (2 of which are at home with me on a daily basis) who blogs about life and fitness and takes care of all the grocery errands and other house stuff. I'm busy. I don't hire anyone for help, I don't have that kind of money and I also feel like I should be the one to raise the kids that I have. We don't do any daycare. J is in elementary school, M is in pre-school and V is home with me all day. I'm busy. So how on earth do I find time to workout on top of kids and everything else I do?

Honestly, a lot of the how has to do with the why. Excercise has always been something that is important to me. I've always felt like it was a priority in my life. I love it because it makes me feel stronger, happier, more productive, energetic, focused. I love it because it helps calms my anxiety and boosts my mood. I sleep better when I workout, and it helps me be a better mom.  Exercise gives me time to reflect on my life and figure out the problems that I'm dealing with. It helps me come up with better solutions. It helps me feel better about my trials.  There are countless benefits to working out. Not all of them are health benefits (though so many are), and they differ for everyone. 

Because exercise is such a big importance in my life, the rest comes pretty easy.  I prioritize it as much as I can. There are definitely some days that it doesn't happen, and that's always a struggle for me, but it doesn't make me feel the need to give it up and stop working out altogether. If feeling the need to prioritize fitness is something that is hard for you, make a fitness goal for yourself. Share that goal with others, put it on post-its around your house, get a buddy to help you get motivated.  Once you make it a big goal in your life, you'll have a reason to prioritize it. 

In order to exercise with so much going on all the time, and with kids around to interrupt sometimes, I schedule it in. Working out is hardly ever something that people have free time and say "hey, I think I'll go to the gym." It's almost always something that we have to schedule time for or it doesn't get done.  I have my schedule, 3 kids schedules, and Trevon's schedule to work around. So Trevon and I always plan our workouts together so we know when there will be time. I take some mornings during the week, and the other days are either evening workouts or off days. Trevon does the opposite of my workouts so that we both get our time to exercise.  When you take the time to sit down and find where you have time in your schedule to workout, it's pretty amazing how much time you can find.

The excuse "I don't have time to workout" is pretty popular and it doesn't sit well with me. Everyone has the same amount of time in their day. Yes, there are different priorities and different schedules but no one has extra time in a day.  If you don't feel like you have time, make time.  How many hours of sleep are you getting a night? How much time are you spending in the evenings on your phone or in front of the TV? What do you do during the part of your lunch break that you're not eating lunch? I guarantee you could find 20 minutes somewhere during your day to do some kind of exercise.

A lot of people have a hard time fitting exercise in because they really just don't want to do it. They don't feel motivated or excited about it. This is super common and it can be easily fixed! Find something you like to do and do it. My thing is running but that doesn't mean everyone else needs to like running. Go hiking, ride a bike, do a HIIT workout, dance, even just going for a walk. Once you start working out, you'll learn to love working out and then you'll want to find the time to schedule it in.

What I'm really saying here is that there really isn't any excuses for not working out. If you say that something hurts so you can't workout, workout and I bet it will help the pain feel better. If you don't think you have time, find the time and then keep that schedule. People find excuses way too often for living an unhealthy life, and it just hurts them more. So here's the tough love, just stop finding excuses and do it. It's that simple.

What is one thing that fills up extra time in your day that you're willing to give up to get healthy?

When is your favorite time of day to workout?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Get Yourself Through a Hard Run

Not every run can feel amazing. We all have to deal with the runs that we feel sluggish or our legs feeling like lead.  But when these runs happen, we need to remember to stay positive! Sometimes we go through a phase where for whatever reason, we have several days like this in a row.  The most important thing to tell yourself when this happens is don't give up!!

The other day I went out for an evening run. I had a speed workout on the schedule and I knew it was going to be tough.  I started out feeling pretty strong considering it was hot and I was tired from the day. I hit pace every interval for the first half.

Once I got to the second half, though, I was wearing down and getting tired. I struggled to hit the rest of my paces.  There's a street that I sometimes run on that has a sign with motivational quotes on it. The other day I ran past and saw this quote by Ben Franklin "Doing your best means you never stop trying". So I kept going. I didn't give up because those workouts are the ones that make us stronger mentally and physically.

When you take all those hard runs and push through them, they add a lot of points to your fitness bank account. No one ever gets better by just running easy, good runs. The challenging runs are the runs that change us.

So next time you're out on a hard run and you're considering cutting it short (assuming you're not cutting it short due to injury or sickness), here are some things to help you push through the run.

- Think about the goal you had when you started running.  I almost always have a race that I'm working towards when I'm running. And when I have a race, I usually have a goal for that race. It could be a time, or to finish a certain distance, or to do better than I did last time I ran it etc. This helps me put things in perspective. Some runs are hard but if I get through this run, I'll be stronger on race day.

- Distract yourself. Make sure you're still paying attention to your pace and your surroundings! But distract your mind with some music, an audiobook or podcast, running with a friend, or even just thinking of other things. If you're running with headphones, just make sure you're still able to hear and be aware of the things around you.

- Break it up into smaller groups.  When you can see the progress it gets easier to keep going. For example, my workout the other night was broken up into 3 sets of intervals. Each set had 2-3 intervals each with recovery in between. So once I got done with a set my brain automatically said "only 2 more sets" instead of saying "I still have 6 more intervals".

- Bribe yourself with a reward when you get done. I love having oranges when I get done running, so I made sure to save my orange for after my run instead of having it earlier in the day. Also, it's summer so I wouldn't feel bad about bribing myself with a popsicle once I finish. But it doesn't have to be food. When you start to think of how hard it is, think of the time you get to spend after your run relaxing while you watch your favorite show, or how good showering is going to feel. Focus on that for a little while to get you through your run.

-Remind yourself that the faster you run the faster you'll be done. That might even get you to push your pace even more.

What do you do to get yourself to finish your hard runs?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fast Friday Favorites

Who is ready for a weekend?  Let's catch up on what the last week of our life looked like here.

Last Friday J had her big race and she did awesome in it! When she was done she asked if she could take a break and I told her she could take as long of a break as she wanted. She really pushed herself as hard as she could.

On Monday V and I took advantage of the girls both being at school and we went to the nursery with my mom to get stuff for our garden. This is one of my favorite places to shop. I love this time of year.

We got some flowers to plant and then we decided to give a raspberry bush and some peppers to try. I'm still trying to decide what to do with the pot that I had strawberries in last year, I'm pretty sure that they died. I might just plant more and see if I can keep them alive this time.

While I was planting I noticed that we will get apricots from our tree this year.  I didn't think we would because I wasn't seeing any signs of them growing. This is both exciting and frustrating haha. I love that it gives us a way to have the kids learn some yard work and earn a little money picking apricots. I don't like that they are apricots. I mean, why apricots out of all trees? Why not peaches? The tree was here when we got here so it is what it is. 

Monday night Trevon and I got to go on a date while my sister stayed with the kids. When we got home we found M and J like this. This has never happened before but it was pretty cute. 

We spent some time at my parents' house on Tuesday.  V loves the cars there and he insists on carrying all of them at once where ever he goes.

When the other kids got home from school we let them run through the sprinkler. V enjoyed this the most I think. Although it was pretty entertaining for the other kids to watch him. Notice he's still carrying around that car.

Tuesday night I went on a run.  It was amazing weather so I went outside and did some speed work. (I'm using Aaptiv for my training plan) I was exhausted afterward and realized that I might be feeling better from my injury, but I still have a ways to go. I'll get there though.

Wednesday I got to go visit a friend of mine that lives by us. It was her birthday so I took her cookies and we just let the kids play while we got to visit. It was really nice to be able to relax and talk with her. She'll be moving soon so we want to spend as much time as possible like that.

My mileage for the week:

Saturday: Long run ----> 4.7 miles

Monday: I didn't run but I walked around a lot. ----> 3.8 miles

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 3 sets of intervals. set 1: 3 x 45 sprints secon30-second second recovery, set 2: 2 x 90 second sprints with 1 minute recovery, set 3: 3 x 1-minute sprint with 1-minute recovery. .5 mile cool down. ----> 4.5 miles

Wednesday: off day

Thursday: 30-minute easy pace ----> 3.5 miles

Friday: Strength Training

Total Miles: 16

Slowly I'm working my way back up to the higher miles. It takes time but I'll get there.

Now for some quick Friday favorites!

I shared this on my Instagram, but I made this smoothie and it was delicious so I'm sharing it here too.  1 cup ice, 2 small mangos, 1/4 cup pineapple, 1/2 peeled orange, 1/4 cup peach yogurt. Blended all together and enjoy!

I've heard a lot about wet brushes and I think I'm a little late to this game. My girls hate it when I brush their hair wet and I don't love it either, but this brush makes brushing wet hair easy and less painful. It also helps with frizz!

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! We'll chat again on Monday

Do you have a garden? If so, What is your favorite thing to plant?

What were you 3 favorite things from this week?

How is your running going?