Friday, April 27, 2018

Fast Friday

Alright, it's Friday and I have a whole ton of pictures for our Fast Friday update. Last weekend started out with Trevon mentioning how he's so glad I've been happy lately.  Last week was kind of a rough one with the year marks of both of my grandma's death dates. I have a really good memory which is really awesome for some things, but it also means that I remember every detail of the days that are hard days.  But, the other day I was getting ready for the day and talking to Trevon and he stopped me and said: "I'm so glad you're happy!" And I realized that I'd gotten the runners high back.

 That evening there was a surprise party for my Brother in law's birthday. I made some cupcakes for it.

The party had an unexpected twist-->He knew all about it and used it as a way to propose to his girlfriend. We were all in on it so it made it especially fun to see the switch. So I'm getting a new sister in law soon!

Saturday was a beautiful day.  I got a run in with J.

The kids played outside all day. We love that the weather is warmer now and they can be out there happily.  V was really interested in the neighbor's cats. Look at his sweet face checking it out.

And then Trevon and I decided to spend some time hooking the camper up to the new truck and give it a test drive.  I had to take a picture and send it to my dad for proof that it only took me one time guiding Trevon back to get the hitch right on.  This is a big deal because growing up I was terrible at guiding my dad back to hook up the boat. He was pretty proud.

V is loving his strider bike and rides with/walks it all over the house. Any time the girls go out, he want's to go out too now.

We spent some time on Tuesday at the park. Can you spy two kids?

And when we got home, V decided to take some time breaking out DVDs.  I was really sad about this. Anyone know if Disney still does a replacement program or was that all fake?

On my walk to pick M up from school I saw these flowers and had to stop and take a picture. Aren't they pretty?  I love spring and summer!

I went for a nice run the other night and it was cool enough for a sweater but warm enough to take it off by the end of my run. I lost the part of my headphones that keep the earbud in your ear though. So that stinks.

I'm watching Stranger Things right now, I'm way behind on this one, but we don't have Netflix so I have an excuse. Lately, every time I watch it I get done and think "why did they end it there?" I know why the end it the way they do, I just wish I had time to binge watch it like most other people do.

Here are this week's favorite snacks:

My mother in law made a fruit dip for the party last Friday and gave me the leftovers. I've been snacking on this non-stop since. She said it's made with cream cheese and toffy bits in it...I think there's more to it.

Extra frosting means graham cracker and frosting sandwiches.

AND last but not least, growing up my dad used to put raspberry yogurt on chocolate cake instead of frosting and I loved it. So I ate some of that too with the leftover cupcakes.

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