Friday, April 20, 2018

Fast Friday Update

Who's ready for a fast Friday update?

Last Friday I went to get a Graston massage again.  And my knee feels so much better this week. Hopefully, it will stay feeling better.  I was told that I can start adding more miles on now and see how it feels!

Saturday was a nice day, so I went on a 2 mile run in the morning. It was hard, it wasn't painful, but my lungs felt tight. This won't last for long though, it never does.

I took Sunday completely off from any exercise and just relaxed after church. And then on Monday, I did some rehab exercises and then got some good stretching in while I watched the Boston Marathon. That was amazing, who else watched?? This is currently my favorite stretch to do. Laying on my back with one leg against the wall.

Also while we watched the marathon, M wanted to play games. So we did Memory and Candyland and go fish.

When I woke up Tuesday morning to go workout, this is what I woke up to.  Let's all hope that that is the last snowfall until winter comes back in November/December this year. We are ready for warm temps now! 

Wednesday we went to get some errands ran and I stopped at Sprouts.  I haven't ever really shopped at Sprouts before, but my sister does and told me to go there for my produce. It did not disappoint. I got 2 bags of apples, a bag of cuties, a pineapple, and 4 lbs of strawberries for $14.00.  AND these cuties were probably the best ones I've ever had. They are almost gone already. 

We spent the afternoon on Thursday with my mom. She saved a lot of our old toys for when she had grandkids and we are all really happy about that. Our kids all play with them now and love them. Then the girls went to gymnastics after school.

Thursday was also really great weather wise. I almost wished I'd waited to go running until the afternoon. V ended up napping at my mom's so it would have been perfect. But we did spend a little time out there playing anyway. 

This week's workouts:

Saturday: 2-mile run with some good stretching after
Sunday: Off
Monday: rehab and stretching
Tuesday: 2 miles and a leg burnout: 3X30 squats, 3X15 lunges (each side) 3X60 seconds of skaters 
Wednesday: Foam rolling and stretching
Thursday:2-mile run and a full body strength workout

This is becoming one of my favorite stretches.

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