Monday, March 12, 2018

The Positive Side of Being Injured

It's hard to feel anything good about being injured but I'm trying to stay positive.  Being a runner and seeing everyone else out there who likes to workout get to something that they love and that makes them feel good, the one thing that can turn their day around, and not being able to do that myself sucks! But, we're staying positive.

Believe it or not (cause I get that it's hard to believe this) there are some good things about being injured. There are some silver linings, even if they are really hard to see all the time. Let's go through a few.

- Being injured helps you remember just how much you love your sport and reminds you to stop taking it for granted. When you're able to pick back where you left off you'll love it even more than before.

-It's a learning experience. It helps you know what you're doing wrong and what to do differently when you start training again. This time I'll remember to stretch and strength train more.

- Taking time off for an injury lets you focus on other ways to exercise your body. For me, this means that I get to focus on strength training my upper body and core, and take some time to do easy exercises to strengthen my weak muscles that are injured.

- Being injured has made me slow down a little bit. Not that I wanted to, but I spend a lot more time on my spiritual goals and my parenting goals right now than I did before.

- It gives me time to get other things done. Like cleaning my kitchen that I hate having to clean. I feel like my kitchen is the one room that never ever stays clean. I already talked about this on Instagram and Facebook recently. But because I didn't have a run, I spent 2 hours cleaning every part of this kitchen and it better stay clean!

-  I get to try out other kinds of sports that I wouldn't normally choose to do. I've been doing some swimming as my cardio.

- Getting injured makes you take a break.  I'm usually pretty good about taking it easy during the winter months and not running so much or pushing myself so hard. But this time around I didn't take that break. I think a couple months ago I even thought to myself that I wish I had a good excuse to take some time off. Well, here you go. I get to take a nice long break now even though I didn't want that long of a break. (Always remember it's better to take a week off running to recover than to take a month or more off later).

Getting injured isn't fun. It's not fun to be forced to take a break. It's not fun to hurt a lot all the time. It's not fun to feel like you're not progressing. But there are some good things about it. Let's stay positive!

When was the last time you were injured?

What is your favorite thing about being injured?


  1. I feel injuries have always reminded me where I am and what I need to adjust to continue moving forward in training!

    1. I love that! I know exactly what I need to change this time around. Thanks for reading. Have a great day Katrina