Friday, March 9, 2018

Fast Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Heres a Fast Friday recap of things that happened with us this week.

Last Thursday we still had sick kiddos. M felt good enough to go to school and gymnastics, but V was taking his turn being sick. I love how much they love each other (most of the time).

We had some really nice weather so I took advantage of that and went for a walk.  I really needed a break from the kids and some time in the sun, even if it was pacing back and forth on our street. 

I spent some time Saturday morning at the pool

And then we spent some more time outside before yet another snow storm hit us.

Sunday V was still coughing and grumpy so Trevon and I took turns at church.  

The other day I found J like this in my room. She's reading the book my sister wrote about my grandma Ann and I teared up a little--or a lot. I love that she wants to remember her and know more about her. 

This week there has been a lot of foam rolling.  I'm feeling a little antsy, already, to get back to running. But I talked to a Physical Therapist and he gave me some really great ways to strengthen the muscles that are injured. 

One thing that's good about it all is that I have to spend time icing every day and that lets me slow down for 15 minutes at a time. This has been my morning view this week.

One morning though M decided to give me an ice skating show in our kitchen. Look at the passion in that face!

And now for some Friday Favorites!

I've been looking for some good shoes to wear every day.  I happened upon these randomly when a sporting goods store near me was having a big sale.  I've never heard of them before, but they are really comfortable! You can find them HERE. I'd definitely buy them again.

I saw this on Run To The Finish's Instagram a while back and felt like I could relate pretty well to it. Especially this last week or so.

I love doing my hair curly but sometimes it takes forever and as a mom of three I don't have that long to do my hair. Trevon got these curlers for me last Christmas and I'm loving them. 

I hope you all have a great weekend, and those of you who can run do a run for me! Hopefully, I'll be back at it soon. 

What kind of "plan B" do you have on days that "Plan A" is just not working well?

What was your favorite thing from this week?

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