Friday, March 16, 2018

Fast Friday Favorites

It's the weekend again, so here is our quick weekly update for you.

We have had some amazing weather this week! It was beautiful and warm for the first three days.

We went on a walk after school to play at the park. The girls are loving having their bikes out and everyone at the park loved our wagon (so did V). We got THIS wagon when J was a baby and it's been well used and is still in great condition. I love it way more than pushing a stroller and this is what we use for all walks. My sister also has a wagon train that we used to use all the time too. It's perfect if you have lots of kids! 

V spent some quality time making messes while I tried to clean the rest of the house. He's getting really good at this. 

On Tuesday when the girls were done with school, we went to the park and then spent more time running around my parent's backyard. If I could change only one thing about our house it would be that it would have a bigger backyard. These kids love playing in this much space. 

J's backpack has taken a beating over the last couple of years and it finally got a few holes the other day. So I did what I could to patch it up. Make it do or do without right? She will get a new one for the new school year but we are hoping to make this work at least that long. 

Wednesday the nice weather left and it rained for 2 days.  We needed the water though and I'm really glad it wasn't snow.  We didn't have many exciting things Wednesday but it was Pi day so I made  Pizza (pie) for dinner. I was a little disappointed that no one on instagram took me up on my pie offer. 

We spent some time doing my stretching together. Let's get this knee feeling better!

And now for some Friday Favorites.

I've never been a fan of protein powders. They all taste fake and I can't handle it. But I've heard lots about this organic PBFit protein powder so I thought I'd give it a try. Do you know what it tastes like? Peanut Butter and that is it. It doesn't have a chalky taste at all. You can use it in pancakes, shakes, you can even make actual peanut butter out of it.  You can get it HERE for only about $12.00 and that is a lot cheaper than other protein powders. 

So when I was young I remember my grandparents having a funny little vacuum that was portable. (It wasn't all that odd, I just didn't know people had those when I was little).  When we went to visit family last year one of Trevon's aunts were moving and cleaning out her house. She gave us this vacuum for the camper and at first, I thought I wouldn't use it all that often. This is one of the most used cleaning tools in my house now. It's super convenient and I don't have to get the big vacuum out every time V dumps cereal out all over the floor. So, if you don't currently have one THIS is the new version of ours and I think it's really a must at this point. 

Have a great weekend!!

What is your most used cleaning tool?

Is it warming up where you're at?

Did you celebrate Pi day?

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