Friday, March 2, 2018

Fast Friday Favorites

Who's ready for the weekend?? I am!  This week wasn't super exciting, but I sure feel worn out and ready for a break..(mom's don't get breaks, even on the weekend).

We started the girls in gymnastics and they have been loving it!

We got another huge snow storm come through. I think Utah is trying to catch up now. I'm thinking we should just have a rainy but warm spring and be done with the snow, but I don't get to make those decisions. V was really happy that he got new gloves to play in the snow with. 

M got sick again. Poor girl. We can't seem to catch a break in the health department around our house. She was down for 3 days and now we just hope and pray nobody else gets it! 

This has become a nightly thing lately. I spend my evenings icing my knee. I love this ice pack! It's got lavender in it, its cloth so it forms around your body nicely and you can warm it up or freeze it. You can find one HERE.

Workouts of the week:

Well, there hasn't been much. 

I did some foam rolling that hurt a lot. I need to do this more often I guess.

some stretching

an easy strength training session

and I tried some water aerobics. It's a lot harder to get good pictures of a water aerobics workout than a running workout. 

Favorite food from this week:

My kids loved pancake day because we had unicorn and dinosaur-shaped pancakes.  Thanks to THIS Whiskware art kit!

And I found a recipe for a raspberry buttermilk cake that my dad used to make and I love. So I made it for dessert on Sunday and it was as good as I remember!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Who's running? I'm not. 

If you could have a pancake in any shape what would you choose?

Did you take any kind of lessons as a kid?

Do you eat cake and ice cream with a fork or spoon?
  I eat it with a fork, but if it's just ice cream I eat it with a spoon.

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