Friday, February 23, 2018

Fast Friday

Happy Friday! Who has some fun plans for the weekend? I honestly have no clue what the weekend has instore for us, but here are a few things we did this week.

Last Saturday started out with a treadmill run for me. It felt really good. By the afternoon though I was wishing that I'd waited and run outside instead. The weather was pretty amazing.

After running some errands, we went to my mother in law's to celebrate her birthday.  We had lunch and sat around visiting which is always nice and low key.  On the way back home (she lives down the street from me) Trevon was bear crawling up the grass hill and V decided to give it a try.

Saturday night Trevon took the girls to a basket ball game and V was supposed to go down early (he skipped his nap) for bed so I could have some me time, but then I heard that Al's Sporting Good store was having a massive shoe sale. So I decided to load up on lots of treats to keep V happy while I went to look for some shoes.  One of my goals this year was to dress a little nicer.  A big part of that for me was shoes. I usually wear my old running shoes as every day shoes, but I noticed that they are looking so worn down and I needed something that looks nicer. I found two shoes I liked. One of which (the blue one) was a size 4.5 in youth. I have tiny feet.  I decided to go with the brown shoes instead because I knew there would be enough arch support in them for me. I have really high arches. 

The nice weather didn't last long and Utah got dumped on hard at the beginning of the week. I guess it decided winter would happen after all.  If the weather wants my opinion, it's that it should start warming up now. It's a little late in the game for it to start snowing, but a rainy spring would be just fine. 

Along with the snow, it got really really cold and stayed cold all week. When I got up to run one morning it was 8 degrees outside! By the time I walked almost a quarter mile to the clubhouse my ankles were so cold that they were going numb.  Thank heaven for treadmills, I do not want to run in that cold!

I've been having some tight muscle/pain by my knee and so I've decided it will be best to take some time off. I'm not sure how long yet, but I told Trevon about it so that he can help me stay away from running for a while. He asked me what kind of cross training I was going to do...I have no idea. I wish I had access to a stationary bike. But maybe some water running and strength training. It's a little funny that this happened right after listening to Monica's Run Eat Reapeat podcast all about how to avoid injury.  I'll be listening to that one again and make sure I do some good cross training now. 

Milage this week:

Saturday: 4 mile long run 

Monday: I took the kids sledding and called that my workout. I think I got somewhere around 2 miles of weighted walking up hill. 

Tuesday: 5X2:00 Intervals with 2 minutes of recovery in between to make for 3 miles

Wednesday: Strength Training. I did a 20 minute full body weight workout

Thursday: 2.5 miles in a tempo run.  And then I decided to do some stretching for a while 

Friday: Recovery day. I'm foam rolling, walking and stretching.

Here are this week's most looked at  posts:

I hope you all have a great weekend! See ya Monday

Tell me 3 things you have planned for the weekend.

What is the weather like where you are?

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