Friday, February 16, 2018

Fast Friday Favorites

Hello! I feel like these Fridays come faster and faster every week.  I hope you all had a great week and a fun Valentines Day. Here are a few things from our week.

This boy is starting to talk a lot more. Which is super nice now that he's communicating a lot more, there's a lot less screaming.

We spent some time at the beginning of the week watching the Olympics while M gave us all makeovers with her makeup kit.

V is getting to be quite the ham.  He randomly pretends to be asleep anywhere now. Sometimes I wish it was really that easy to get him to nap.

I got some miles in this week on my parent's treadmill and some at home workouts in.  I took it easy last week because my foot was bothering me. So it felt really good to get moving again.

We did a lot of Valentines prepping for family night.

And I took the girls on a date Tuesday.  We went to see The Greatest Showman (it was my second time) and we all loved it!

For Valentines day, we gave the kids each a little gift. V got a tie and the girls some stick on earrings.  The tie was from Target, but we got the earrings from Girlie Glue. They are awesome and work just like the bows that you put in their hair. You can get these earrings HERE or on their website.

Tonight Trevon and I plan to put our kids to bed early to celebrate with ordering dinner in for us. Then tomorrow Trevon gets his date with the girls (taking them to a ball game) while I get my one on one time, probably watching baby bum, with V.

My miles/workouts for this week:

Monday: Leg day workout with M

Tuesday: 3 tempo miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday:2.5 miles squeezed in while my mom was able to entertain V.

Friday: 5x2 minute sprints

And now for some Friday Favorites.

I already shared a little bit about Girlie Glue but I want to tell you a little more about it. This is the stuff I used to keep bows in J and M's hair. I've also used Girlie Glue to finish off Halloween costumes and for spirit days at school like mustache day.  It's all natural and honey free so it's perfect to use on babies! I love Girlie Glue!

One of my goals this year has been to drink more water and this bottle from Blender Bottle is a good tool to help me with that! It's like a game to see how much I can drink before the time marks on the bottle. It tells you how much you should be drinking by a certain time. You can find one HERE if you're competitive and feel like this would help you stay hydrated too!

I saw this quote somewhere on the internet this week and I felt like that pretty much sums up my feelings by the end of the week. I never realized how much food was involved in parenting. I'm almost doing something with food from the time the kids wake up until the kids go to bed.

Have a great weekend! We will talk on Monday

What was your Valentines highlight?

What is helping you reach your goals so far this year?

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