Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Favorites and What We've Been Up To

It's Friday! I wanted to share a few things that have been happening lately. And share some of my Friday Favorites.

V got sick with croup. I swear my kids ALWAYS get croup! We caught it early so it wasn't too bad, but still never fun to have sick babies.

The girls and I  went to the cabin for a Christmas/New years party with my whole family (Trevon stayed home with V).  I love that my family is close and still love to do stuff like this together. The pond was frozen over so we got to skate and play on it.  We had Chili for lunch and visited for the afternoon.

For New years eve, we spent the evening playing games at my sister's house. One of the games we got for Christmas was Speak Out so we played a couple rounds of that. V wanted to try it out. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with all of our mouths and kept looking at us very concerned.

J went back to school on Wednesday and I took M and V to Costco where we ran into Janae from Hungry Runner Girl!  I love her blog and we are from the same area but somehow this is the first time we've ever actually met - not on the internet.

And now for some Friday Favorites. 

So a couple of months ago I was visiting my cousin and I noticed how soft and comfy her bathroom rugs are. Weird, I know. But when you have panic attacks some nights that make you sick to your stomach so you spend most of the night in the bathroom, you notice those things. So I did some looking and I found this memory foam bathroom rug and I love it. I almost want to replace all the carpet in my house with this. You can find one like this HERE.

J got these clips in her stocking on Christmas. They are coated with silicone so that they don't slip around in her hair. These are the only clips that we have used that have stayed in her hair all day. I don't have to fix them at all.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about this cute hook shelf that I got from a neighbor asking where to put it. Well, this spot won, and this shelf has quickly become one of my favorite things in my house right now. It gives the kids a specific place to hang their backpacks so they aren't laying all over the house. It also gives me somewhere to put my stuff so I'm not carrying it all over the place.

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