Wednesday, January 31, 2018

3 Quick Workouts for Your Busy Schedule

As a stay at home mom of 3 kids, two of which are not in school, I don't always have a lot of time to fit a workout in when I need or want one. Because a quick workout when you can get it in is better than no workout at all (unless it's a rest day) I have a few workouts that I have ready for when I need. 

In order to take care of my kids, I need to make sure that I'm taking care of myself. Most of the time that means that if I don't get my workout done in the morning, I almost never get it done for the day. On the days that I need a little more sleep, I make it a quick workout before the kids wake up and I get them going for the day. Sometimes 10 minutes is all I get, so making the most of those 10 minutes is important. Here are some of my quick go-to workouts to do at home whenever you can sneak it in.

(Keep in mind that I'm not a personal trainer, these are just the workouts that I do personally when I can't get anything else in)

You can do any of these workouts with or without weights and they are all pretty easy to modify where you need to. No reason to not take 10 or so minutes out of your day to move! You can also use these workouts for a warm-up before your run or a burnout after.

When you take care of yourself, it's easier to take care of everything (or everyone) else! Do what you can, when you can, where you can. Your day will go better, you'll be more productive, and you'll be glad you took that time to workout.

How do you make sure to get your workout (no matter how quick) in?

What do you use for weights when weights aren't available to you?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Do Speed Workouts Scare You?

Do speed workouts intimidate you?  They did intimidate me for a long time, but now I never feel nervous or dread doing a speed workout.  There's no reason to have speed work stop you in your tracks.

Doing speed work is the best way to become a faster runner. You're never going to get faster if you don't practice running fast.  When you're first starting out, speed work seems a lot scarier and harder than it is. And even for some runners who have been running for a long time speed work still seems hard and a little scary to do.  So I wanted to share a few tips on speed work and making it not seem so intimidating.

First, know your speed workouts. There are a thousand different kinds of speed workouts out there.  Fartleks, intervals, ladders, sprints...You can find a few in THIS and THIS article from Runners World.

Start small.  If speed work is something you never do or that you're just starting on make sure you're choosing the right workout for you. It's ok to start with a shorter, easier workout and move into harder ones as you get more comfortable doing them. Once you realize you can do it will be easier for you to be ready to do speedwork the next time.

Remind yourself that the reason you do speedwork is to get faster. So if you have a PR goal, remembering that goal before and during a speed run will help you have the motivation to do it. And then remind yourself that you can do things that you didn't know you could do. So many times our brain gives up before our bodies will.

Just start the workout. Find a workout that you feel will work for you and plan it so that when you get going you don't have to spend too much time thinking about what kind of workout you're going to do.  Do your workout as soon as you can during your day, make getting ready easy by laying your clothes out beforehand, even have a special playlist together just for speed workouts. Make it as easy as possible to get moving without thinking and worrying about what you're getting ready to do.

Warm up. This has always been a big weakness of mine. But with speed work, you really want your muscles to be warm and loose so that you don't hurt yourself.  Walk a little, jumping jacks, even jogging before to get your legs ready to move fast. Then do a little bit of stretching.

Fuel right. This one is a little different for everybody.  I usually do my speed work in the mornings right after I wake up, so I don't eat anything before the run. I do make sure I'm well hydrated by taking a bottle of water with me to where ever I'm running.  If you're running later in the day, just make sure you're food is digested so that you won't make yourself sick.  Eat no sooner than an hour before your run (longer if your body tends to get cramps or nausea when working out on a full stomach).

Once you start doing speedwork, you'll see that it's not as hard or as bad as you thought it was. It will be easier for you to do every time it comes up on your training schedule.  Speed runs are nothing to be intimidated by, even if it sounds like a beast at first. You can do it. You're stronger than your brain lets you believe, and you'll be surprised, once you finish it, at what you've accomplished. I know I am every time I do some kind of speed run.

What is one workout that is intimidating to you?

How often do you get speedwork in?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Fast Friday

I can't tell you how happy I am that it's Friday! It's been a really busy week this week and I am ready for a break! Here are a few things we did this week.

I went out for a run in the snow last weekend and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it would be. It's been a very, very long time since I've run in the snow and in any weather under 50 degrees.  Randomly it just seemed like a fun idea to run in the snow.  The worst part was that I didn't expect that I'd be squinting so much with the snow blowing in my face. But it really was a pleasant run. And a killer thigh workout as I tried to run without slipping around the corners.

 Then we spent some time playing in the snow as a family.

Monday I knew I wasn't going to get any kind of workout in unless I did it in the morning. So I did a quick at home workout before the kids woke up for the day.

I realized Monday night that I couldn't find our clubhouse key. I know for sure it's around the house, the problem is that one of the kids (probably the little boy in our house) stashed it somewhere and we can't find it. So I took an impromptu rest day on Tuesday and I felt it. The emotions in me NEEDED that workout! Tuesday was busy, and a little stressful, and I've just felt down lately. It's just part of winter. And I have been so thankful that it's been a mild winter and that this has been the first day all winter that I've felt totally down on myself and on everything going on around me. I didn't get my workout and I paid for it that night. Anxiety and depression weighed heavy on me. Every thought in my head was negative. Even a temple trip didn't cheer me up. Sometimes days like this happen.

This meant that Wednesday was a day that I needed to give myself a little extra self-love.  I didn't stick to a schedule, instead, I just let us get things done when I felt like I could fit it in. I bought myself some yummy cinnamon chip bread at Costco as a treat. I worked on things that I wanted to work on. And then I went running.

Thursday was better. M had a field trip in the morning so with her and J gone at school, I took V to my sister's house and went out for another run.  If nothing else, losing my clubhouse key has helped me learn to suck it up, dress up, and run in the cold. Thursday's run was a lot harder for me than when I ran in the snow. V has gotten really clingy lately and he was not happy that I left him to go running. This is how he stood when I got back. Standing in front of me to make sure I wasn't going anywhere. 

And now for some Friday Favorites!  

I woke up Thursday morning with a really stiff neck and shoulders. This happens to me way too often. I think it has something to do with stress...and the cold maybe (I blame a lot of things on the cold haha) Probably mostly just stress. Anyway, when this happens I spend some time massaging my shoulders and back with the balls from our Body Wrench and it works amazingly! I've heard that THESE massage balls work really well too. 

This is the cinnamon chip bread I talked about earlier.  I love having it toasted with butter! You get two big loaves for $5. That's how much I pay for one loaf of this kind of bread at the grocery store. 

I saw this meme on Instagram the other day and could relate to it really easily. 

What is your favorite flavor of bread? 
     I think it's safe to say that other than regular white bread, cinnamon bread is my favorite. 

Those of you with kids, What do you not have time for?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

HeartZones Blink 3.0 Review

I haven't ever used any kind of heart monitor while running. I thought of getting a GPS but I didn't want to take that jump and spend that kind of money on a Garmin if I didn't end up loving it and using it. So I was really excited to be able to give HeartZones Blink 3.0 a try.

HeartZones Blink 3.0 is a wristband heart monitor which was the biggest selling point on this. A lot of other heart rate monitors have to be strapped around your chest and I just can't imagine having to run with that on me.  I was even a little bit nervous about how much it would bother me around my wrist at first. It only took a few times wearing it and now I don't even notice it there. It's lightweight and the band is soft and straps on with velcro so it's super easy to wear without it feeling too tight or rubbing too much.

The Blink 3.0 is super simple. You hold the button in the middle of the monitor down until it's blinking red and blue. Once it's fully turned on it will turn to a solid blue blink. The harder part for me was figuring out the App. They do have a video tutorial that explains how to set it all up, I'm just a little bit slower at these things. Once I figured it out, it was super easy to use from then on out.

I also like that you can tell what heart zone you are in just by looking at the monitor quickly. It has three flashing lights: blue means you're in your easy zone, Purple means you're in your moderate zone, Red means you're in your hard zone. I love this because it helps me know when I need to start pushing things a little harder. If I'm staying in the blue zone the whole time, I know that I'm not pushing my pace enough to get my heart rate going faster. Knowing which heart zone you're in will help you be able to reach your goals.

This monitor connects to so many different apps.  Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, and more. But they also have a free app for Apple users you can download.  It makes tracking your heart rate and your fitness level super easy.

The Blink 3.0 isn't just for running and biking! You can wear this swimming too. It's waterproof for up to 10-20 meters.  So swimming laps with this would work great too.

The battery life on this is pretty awesome. I've only had to charge it once and it lasts up to 8 hours at a time.  And I love that they have different wristband colors to choose from. I have the lime, but they also have black, blue, pink, orange and red.

If you're looking for a simple heart monitor, this one is for you! It's only $99 instead of upwards of $200. It's easy to use and since it connects to apps on your phone, it's easy to store and ready your stats instead of having to figure them out on a tiny screen.

How do you track your heart rate during workouts?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Strength Training as a Runner

I try to do some weight lifting at least once a week.  When I first started running, I never wanted to weight train.  Ever. I always thought it was a waste for a runner and that it wasn't helping so much. But that is so untrue.  There are a lot of ways that weight training can help runners. You can read a little bit about that on this Runners World article.

It honestly wasn't until after I had J that I finally realized the importance of weight training for runners.  My mom started inviting me to go to her morning gym class at Golds Gym.  It was I had to wake up at 5:30 am early, and with a baby that doesn't sleep through the night (because J never slept through the night until she was almost 2), that's crazy early. But, also having just had a baby, I hadn't been able to start working out again because I didn't know how to fit it in with J's daily routine yet. So I said I'd go. And from the first class, I was hooked. Mondays we went to a pump class where we did very little cardio and a lot of weights, and Friday we went to a RIPPED where we did a lot of cardio and a lot of weights.  When I started adding my running into my routine too. I noticed that my times were quite a bit faster than they had ever been.

Since I started those classes, I have always tried to add at least one day a week where I focus more on weights than cardio.  After 5 years of that class, my gym pass expired again and I decided not to renew it. It was honestly a really hard decision for me because I loved that class! I got to know the people and the instructor and I knew I'd miss it. But I decided I'd be able to save that much money and do that workout on my own.

There are a lot of great options when it comes to working out at home, or on your own.  There are websites like Grokker that have video instructors that you can follow along with. There's also Aaptiv, which is an app with trainers who talk you through workouts. Those are great because you can do them anytime, anywhere. You can find a lot of blogs who offer programs and challenges, like this Heart of a Champion program. Or you can make your own workout. One reason I like making my own workouts is that I can design it for me. I know what I need to work more on, I know what my body needs and is feeling on that day.

For me, working out on my own means that I need to have a plan before I get to the gym (in this case, my parent's house) or I will waste a whole lot of time trying to decide what to do instead of actually working out. So, if I don't have an aaptiv workout planned, I will use the notes on my phone to make a workout plan. I know I'll have my phone with me whenever I workout because it has my music on it, and when I lift weights I always use music (more on that in a bit).  Here is an example of one of the workouts I like to do. I like to make sure I'm putting a good amount of cardio in my weight workouts too. So I usually switch between Tabata, or insanity, or some other kind of cardio routine.

(Some of these moves only make sense to me haha)

I don't always stick to the exact plan.  A lot of times while I'm going through the workout I'll feel like switching one workout for another or adding an extra thing or two in here and there. 

As far as reps and sets go, I don't always keep track of how many I'm doing by counting them.  (This comes back to the music.) When I'm weight training, I count by the phrase in the song.  When the phrase changes I switch from full range to pulsing the weight and holding it isometric. This is why I always have the music on my phone and I like to bring THIS sweetie of a speaker so I don't have to worry about getting my headphones tangled up.  Seriously, one of the best speakers ever. It has good sound, is very portable, and the battery lasts forever. 

When I'm done with my workout, I like to make sure to stretch to help prevent soreness or injury. (yet another thing my coach was right about). And then I make sure to get some protein within a half hour of my workout.  I don't like protein drinks very much. I've never been a big fan, but I do like a Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed up in my Blender Bottle

How often do you get a strength workout in?

Favorite (non-chalky) protein drink?

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fast Friday

The kids had a couple days off of school this week for MLK day and a teacher comp day. At first, I was dreading it because we just got back into the routine from Christmas break. But then I realized and remembered what I loved about Christmas break. I didn't have to rush J out the door in the morning to get her to the bus on time and I didn't have to remember to make lunch for her. I also remembered that it meant we could find something fun to do instead of going to school.

We went swimming! The girls loved going swimming with their cousins again and they loved it even more because it's winter.

I think they spent more time in the hot tub than in the pool (it's an indoor heated pool) but they all had so much fun.

Then we came home for lunch and V's nap and the girls played all afternoon while I did laundry.

I went to my parent's house for some strength training. It's been a very long time since I did any kind of strength training and it was time to start back up again. Hopefully, this is an easier habit to make than it was to break. My arms were like jello after my workout!

The girls played with some friends for a little while this week, M gave herself a "zombie face" with chalk. I'm not sure where she gets all her ideas from but she is quite the goofball.

We had pancakes for breakfast this week and I made myself a running shoe pancake. It might be a little sad that this is a highlight, but it was.

Lately, anytime I'm on the phone V and M will both immediately pretend to be on the phone too. V usually just grabs whatever he can find to hold to his ear and jabber along while I'm talking. In this case, it was a notebook.

This week's top 5 posts: 

Increasing your Endurance

What I'm learning about Meditation

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Why Consistency is Important and How to Stay Consistent in Your Workout

What Happened When I Followed a Training Plan

Heres a few important questions for you,

What do you do to entertain kids when it's cold (but not snowy) outside and they have the day off of school?

What would you make a pancake out of with THIS pancake art kit?

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What Happened When I Followed a Training Plan

So I mentioned that I have a goal to run a 10K this year and not just do 5ks.  I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever be super interested in running a longer race than that. I did a 20-mile race with my cousin one time when I'd only prepared for 10 of that race and it kind of did me in for. I was hurting pretty bad for at least a week. I'm sure if I actually did prepare for the 20 miles it wouldn't have been so bad. And actually, I did train for a non-official marathon a couple of summers ago when the Iron Cowboy was running but we didn't end up actually doing it. But that's in the future, so we will just see how those things play out.

So anyway, my goal is to do at least one 10k this year and I've been working on some training for it. This is the first time ever that I've actually followed a training plan so it's been really interesting for me. I've learned a lot about following a plan and about training in general.

You would think that after 20 years of doing this I would have had a better knowledge of making a training schedule. Mostly I just followed the same routine that we did in high school: moderate run, speed, recovery, hills, speed, off day. Repeated every week and not paying much attention to my actual pace or anything like that. It just didn't work that well for my body. I did ok but I didn't improve much.  I could run far but I haven't ever been super fast.

Then I got Aaptiv and I noticed that they had a 10k training. So I decided I was definitely going to give it a try. Such a difference! There's a big difference in running what you feel like, (which is really nice and relaxing and therapeutic) and running to train for a certain race.  When I'm in training mode there's I focus a lot more on my pacing and my speed work. I don't let my mind wander as much because I'm always checking myself. Am I going out too fast? Can I keep this pace up for the run?  Am I pushing myself as hard as I should be?  Is my form off? All of those kinds of things are occupying my mind a lot more than when I'm not training for anything in particular.

I had set a goal at the beginning of training to finish my 10k in 48 minutes. I picked that time because it was my current 5k time doubled. I didn't have any clue how that would actually play out. In all of my running years, I've never raced a 10k, I've never trained for a 10k, I've never even really considered a 10k until now. So in hopes of speeding up my 5k, I figured that 48 minutes would probably be an average time. Halfway through the training, I changed my goal to finish under an hour. Turns out that this was a more "average" timed goal.

When I first started the 10k program on the app, I realized how little I've actually been doing speed work.  I didn't realize before that speed work is a lot more important than I thought it was. (Guys, I've been running 2/3s of my life and I'm just now figuring this out!) But the coach had it scheduled twice, sometimes three times a week with a tempo run and an endurance run.   And I think I questioned the training at least once a week wondering if it really was going to work for my body or if this would end up burning me out.  But I reminded myself to give the training a chance and be patient and push through the hard runs and pace myself on the endurance runs and everything else that I could remind myself.

So a couple of weeks ago, I finished the training and I ran a 10k as if it were a race by myself on the treadmill (all of my training for this so far has been on the treadmill because I hate running in the cold).  I was excited to see that my time was only a minute off what I had set my first goal to be. It made a huge difference to follow a plan than for me to do it on my own. Thanks to some quality training, I've got a new starting point and working towards my original goal.

Have you ever followed a specific training plan?

What are you training for now?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Brooks Launch Vs Mizuno Wave Riders

There is not one running shoe that's right for everyone and everybody.  I ran in Nikes to start out and after dealing with shin splints a lot I switched to Mizunos Wave Riders because they had better arch supports. I ran in Mizunos for a long time.  But my last pair of shoes were Brooks Launch 3, so I thought I'd do a comparison today.

 Brooks Launches and Mizuno Wave Riders are both a neutral shoe. So it was a pretty easy to switch over. I didn't have to worry so much about an injury when it came to switching shoes.

They both have some pretty good cushion. But not so much cushion that they are like the Hoka shoes (which I have also tried and did not like at all). Looking at running lab tests, both shoes provide an average amount of cushion.

They both have kind of a mesh material on the top.  But the Brooks don't have much stitching anywhere. Most of the brooks design is an inlay that is on the mesh.


These are both pretty light shoes, but the brooks are just a tiny bit lighter by about 1 oz. Honestly, I noticed a difference in that the first time I tried the Launches on.  And ultimately that was what swayed me to give them a try.

The Brooks are also slightly more flexible than the Mizunos. Which helps provide a better heal to toe transition. So that might be a big factor if you're a heel striker.

The wave riders have a rubber plate in the insoles.  I'm honestly not sure what this is for. I would assume there is a good reason for it. I just always liked the way it looked. It breaks the insole up so that it doesn't look so bulky.

My thoughts.

As you can see, the shoes are quite similar.  They are both really great shoes and easy to transition between even if you want to.

Launches are lighter and slightly more flexible, but I went back to the Wave Riders. I noticed that with the Launches if I ran in the rain or through a puddle they tended to hold water more.  Wave Riders will drain water pretty easily.

I also like the look of the Mizunos more. I felt like the color combo and the build of the Launches looked kind of like a 90's aerobics instructor haha.  Since the Mizunos have the wave plate that breaks up the insole, it made the Brooks look almost like platforms.

The Launches did last a good amount of time but once I replaced them (I wear them now for an everyday walk around shoe) the fabric started getting holes in them. The Mizunos last a long time for me too. You should change your shoes about every 500 miles, but my last Brooks and Mizunos lasted me quite a bit farther than that. HERE is how you know it's time for new running shoes.

Most of these things are all based on preference, and just about everything else does too when it comes to finding the right shoes. But these were the main reasons that I went back to Mizuno. And also maybe because I'm just used to them.

Do you have a favorite running shoe?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Fast Friday Update

It's Friday again so here is our Fast Friday update.

Only really two things to talk about today.

1. I've had a sebaceous cyst by my eye for a couple of years. Last year it ruptured and got infected and I had some consultations to get it removed but ended up waiting because they wanted to put me under for it and I didn't want to pay $6000 for a little bump to be removed. I got put on an antibiotic and the cyst went mostly away. You couldn't even tell it was there. Then a little over a week ago it ruptured again. This time it got giant size. It looked like a massive zit. I'm talking the size of a grape! In the middle of my face! So I got it removed and that's why all of my Instagram videos and pictures have a scar now.


The first picture is the lovely before picture that I sent my brother who is a doctor to see what he thought.  And the second is not a really great shot of my cut/scar but you can see that there is a scar and not a bump. The scar is healing really nice now and I don't feel like I've got a third eye.

2. We went to the Midway Ice Castles last night and it was so much fun!

V was really interested in the water fountain. It had dancing water with colored lights in one of the ice sculptures.

The girls really liked the slides (me too)

It was a fun evening and it wore everyone out! We were all ready for bed by the time we got home. The only thing I would change is that I'd go when it's a little lighter so that we would have been able to see it in the light and then see the lights come on while we were there.

If you missed them, here were the top 5 posts this week:

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I'll talk to you on Monday! 

What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Increasing your Endurance

What do you think about when you hear the word endurance? Chances are that you think about a long hard road. And that's a pretty fair thought. Endurance isn't something that's easy to gain and you have to work hard and go long to work for it. But it doesn't have to be as scary or as daunting as that sounds. 

Endurance is important for running whether you're a long distance runner or not. Your body has to be able to stand to go a certain pace for a certain distance and that's where endurance comes in. So how do you gain that endurance so that you can meet your goals? Let's talk about this in list form, because that seems to be the way I'm doing things lately. 

1. The first step in gaining endurance is to make a goal of where you want to be and how much time you want to do it in.  It helps me to focus on the smaller goals and not bite off more than I can chew all at once.  I usually start working on strengthening my endurance by adding one mile extra at a time. Once I hit that goal, I work for one more mile after that. And that doesn't mean all in the same run. That means over the course of a week or more I'll work on that goal. Endurance takes time, so does growing your speed work. Once you reach your goal, reward yourself with something and then set another goal.

2. When I want to increase my endurance, I move my run outside. When it comes to endurance, and going further, I run outside as much as I can. Not everyone can do this, and thank heaven for the treadmill because some runs just wouldn't happen at all without it. But for me, it is so much easier to go further when I don't have a stop button in front of me. When I'm outside running and want to stop early, I remind myself that in order to get home, I have to run there anyway, so I might as well finish. It's also a lot easier for me to stay interested when I'm not staring at a TV, or wall, or the numbers on the treadmill. 

3. Slow down. This is hard for me to remember. I have a hard time running a slower pace because I start to feel like I'm not making progress. But, When you want to lengthen your run, you can save a little energy by running at a slower pace, and use that energy for your extra mileage. Adding mileage will, in turn, help you increase your speed on your shorter runs. I really think that everything in running is related like that. 

4. Get a buddy. Running buddies are good for more than just adding mileage! It is way easier to run further when you know someone else is counting on you and working with you.  You can help push each other through your hard miles. I also love working on endurance with friends because the longer your run the more time you have to catch up and talk.  This is especially fun when you're a mom and need friend time so you can talk to someone who is an adult and who can relate.

5. Plan out your run ahead of time. Sometimes winging it works ok for endurance runs, and sometimes that's fun too. If you want to make sure you're getting the right mileage though, planning out your run usually works better. I like to use the Footprints app for this. It lets you trace your route and then it tells you the distance. So you can know if you need to add an extra loop or one more block on to meet your mileage. 

6. Tell someone where you're going. Not only is this a safety tip we have all learned since we were kids, but this is a helpful little tip if you are driven by keeping your word. I always feel a little bit embarrassed (not too much because listening to your body is important too) when I end up cutting my run short. 

7. Increase your daily mileage. That doesn't just mean running. Get out and move more often. Park farther away from the store or work, Take an extra lap around the grocery store (although, I can see that being a little bit bad for your wallet). Go on walks or bike rides, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even swimming is a great way to Cross train and get extra mileage for your day. 

8. Don't get discouraged. Sometimes when we want something so bad, we get discouraged when we don't meet our goals. I've had this happen so many times and it usually leads to a burnout. Remind yourself that everything good takes time. Recover from that run, remember that we all have hard days, and try again with your next run. 

What is the hardest thing about endurance for you?

What helps you reach your goals?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Why Consistency is Important and How to Stay Consistent in Your Workout

This time of year while most people are starting new workout routines and getting back into the groove of things, I find myself struggling a little bit with being consistent in my workouts. J and M are just getting back to school, V’s naps are off, it’s still cold outside and dark and I’m really struggling to find the motivation for afternoon workouts during nap time. Is anyone else having this problem?

Taking breaks and taking rest days isn’t really that big of a problem, but when you start getting into the habit of not working out, that’s a problem. Being consistent in your workout is one of the most important things when it comes to progression. If you want to run a 10k but you only run once in a while, you’re never going to finish that 10k.  You need the consistency in your training to get to that point.

Consistency is also important so that you don't regress after all the work you've put in.  You're not going to lose that progress overnight or with one to two days of break. You could even take a longer break without a ton of regression, but getting out or a routine and taking a longer break will make you lose all that you've been working hard for.

Being consistent in your workout helps you improve not only in endurance, speed or weight but also in your form. Practice makes perfect in this case. The more you do it right, the better you get at it. But you can lose that too if you don't keep going back to work on it.

All that being said, consistency can be hard. Especially when motivation is low, which for me it’s always low in the winter.  So let’s talk about some ways to make sure you keep consistent in your workout, even when you’re not feeling motivated.

Scheduling your workouts into your day. You’re much more likely to get it in if you have a time set apart for you to get it done. And you’re even more likely to get your workout in if you have a workout planned for a specific day.  This is something I need to work on. I am pretty good at knowing that I will be a run on certain days and strength training on the other days. What I struggle with is knowing what kind of run or strength training workout I will be doing that day.  But writing it down or scheduling it beforehand makes it way easier to get going on it instead of just thinking about it.

Being held accountable is also a big help when it comes to being consistent. Letting family or friends know, having someone meet you to workout, or even just having someone to report to on social media can help you become more consistent. (If you need someone to report to, you can report to me here or on Facebook or on Instagram.)

Think of the rewards: There are so many awesome benefits from any kind of exercise. Mental, physical, social, emotional. All these things can be affected by working out. Working out helps clear your mind and de-stress from your day. It’s been proven to help depression and anxiety. You can make new friends by running with people, or going to a gym class and meeting new people there. You will feel and look better and prolong your life with working out. Thinking of these things can help you remember why you need to work out in the first place and keep you consistent in your workout

Picturing and remembering your goal. Most people who work out set some kind of goal. Setting a new PR, running a race, losing an amount of weight or body fat etc... So put a goal reminder somewhere. Put it on your alarm clock, tape it to your mirror, put it on your favorite bag of sweets or on your freezer so that when you’d rather hit the snooze button, eat another cookie, have a bowl of ice cream you can have those reminders that you’re only going to accomplish those goals if you get out and do something about it.

Remembering the work that you’ve already put in will help you to feel motivated to keep going. When you’re feeling like progress isn’t being made or feeling discouraged with how long it’s taking to meet your goal, remember where you started. These things don’t change overnight. And everyone starts somewhere. Don’t compare yourself to others because that almost always leads to you lying to yourself about how you doing and where you are in your own progress.

Being consistent is one of the most important things when it comes to completing your goals.

How do you make sure to stay consistent?

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Favorites and What We've Been Up To

It's Friday! I wanted to share a few things that have been happening lately. And share some of my Friday Favorites.

V got sick with croup. I swear my kids ALWAYS get croup! We caught it early so it wasn't too bad, but still never fun to have sick babies.

The girls and I  went to the cabin for a Christmas/New years party with my whole family (Trevon stayed home with V).  I love that my family is close and still love to do stuff like this together. The pond was frozen over so we got to skate and play on it.  We had Chili for lunch and visited for the afternoon.

For New years eve, we spent the evening playing games at my sister's house. One of the games we got for Christmas was Speak Out so we played a couple rounds of that. V wanted to try it out. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with all of our mouths and kept looking at us very concerned.

J went back to school on Wednesday and I took M and V to Costco where we ran into Janae from Hungry Runner Girl!  I love her blog and we are from the same area but somehow this is the first time we've ever actually met - not on the internet.

And now for some Friday Favorites. 

So a couple of months ago I was visiting my cousin and I noticed how soft and comfy her bathroom rugs are. Weird, I know. But when you have panic attacks some nights that make you sick to your stomach so you spend most of the night in the bathroom, you notice those things. So I did some looking and I found this memory foam bathroom rug and I love it. I almost want to replace all the carpet in my house with this. You can find one like this HERE.

J got these clips in her stocking on Christmas. They are coated with silicone so that they don't slip around in her hair. These are the only clips that we have used that have stayed in her hair all day. I don't have to fix them at all.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about this cute hook shelf that I got from a neighbor asking where to put it. Well, this spot won, and this shelf has quickly become one of my favorite things in my house right now. It gives the kids a specific place to hang their backpacks so they aren't laying all over the house. It also gives me somewhere to put my stuff so I'm not carrying it all over the place.