Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weekly Round Up

Saturday again?  It feels like the weeks are slipping by really fast lately! If you missed anything with us that you want to catch up on, here's our weekly round up

Monday: I have a race next Saturday, and that always makes me think about all my bad running habits. So I shared a list of 6 bad running habits to break before your next race (I need to work on several of them)

Tuesday: Life gets busy and one excuse you hear all the time in running and in a lot of other things is "I don't have time to ______ every day." So I gave some tips on how to "fit it all in" your day.

Wednesday: I've been running and racing a long time. I've learned a lot and I shared a few of those things.  

Thursday:  J is at school full time now and so she eats lunch at school. She's a picky eater so I pack her lunch to make sure she'll eat SOMETHING. I shared one of my favorite products that I use to pack her lunch with. It's a game changer.

Friday: Morning running helps my brain be more creative and function better. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!

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