Saturday, September 2, 2017

Weekly Round Up

How is everyone's Labor day weekend going? Who has something fun planned?

If you missed any posts this week, here is our weekly round up.

Monday: I shared how my birthday weekend went and a few things that happened.

Tuesday: A question I've gotten a lot as a runner is when running will get fun. So I shared my thoughts on making running more fun for you.  

Wednesday: Sometimes we think that being a beginner is a bad thing. But here is why having the mindset of a beginner can be a really good thing. 

Thursday: Sometimes you can feel stuck in a pattern or we feel like we can't get past a certain milage. I shared a few ways to add mileage on to your run to help you get past that point.

Friday: When you do something a lot you find things that bother you while you're doing it. I shared my running pet peeves with you.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your extra day off if you get it!

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