Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day

Friday morning we headed out to visit some family in Idaho.  We loaded the car to the brim and took lots of treats and movies and books to entertain, but V found that the most fun thing to do in the car was screaming the whole 4-hour drive.  

About 3/4 of the way through our trip there, M announced she needed to go potty. So we pulled over to a rest stop for a few minutes. After going potty, we let the kids (and ourselves) stretch our legs a little bit. There were two sets of stairs, so we ran up one side and down the other a few times. The girls thought that was a fun game and then they spent a few minutes running up and down the hills.

After we got to where we were staying, we settled down and relaxed, went to dinner and then visited the rest of the night. The kids were really just glad to be out of the car.  The next day we woke up and went to Bear World (it's like a mini Yellow Stone and a mini amusement park put together). 

You start out by driving through the wild life section of the park. They are all rescued animals that they are helping out there.  We saw some mountain goats, deer, elk, moose, buffalo, and bears.  You drive through at around 3-5 miles an hour and the animals walk right up to, and right by your car. 

Then we went to the petting zoo part and we got to a lot of different animals. These baby dears were the best to pet. They loved getting pet by the ears and just sat there and let us pet them.

V wasn't so sure that petting any of the animals was a great thing. But he did end up petting a goat, a pig, and the deer once he got up the courage to do it. 

The next thing was the small amusement park. They have 3 or 4 rides there that most kids can go on with or without an adult. The girls could have gone on any of them alone, and V went on all but one as long as we were with him. This was probably what the girls liked most. And every time a ride was over V was really sad. 

Before heading back, we let the kids wander around the gift shop and get a sample of fudge.  I found a whole bunch of wooden bear carvings that reminded me of my grandma Ann. She loved bears and had them all over our cabin. I had to talk myself out of buying this one. 

There were a lot of surrounding fires so we got to see this amazing sunset, this picture doesn't do it justice at all. But lots of fires also mean that the air was too bad to run.

Trevon's aunt was moving from one house to another so we did a lot of moving while we were there. We didn't mind too much because that meant spending a lot of time with the whole family. (Well all the family that is there). While packing some stuff up in the basement, I found this gem. A mural that took up the whole wall....well it was the wall. I'm guessing that at one point this was a play room or something. 

On Sunday, we went to Trevon's uncle's house for dinner. They made enchiladas and it was delicious! The girls played with their bunny and in their great backyard...Someday we will have a backyard like that. V really liked jumping around on their love sac. This is a terribly blurry picture because he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good picture of his hair. but it was all standing straight up from the static. He was also the happiest at their house and didn't scream at all. He even chased the bunny around the living room too. 

Before heading home on Monday, the kids played out in the yard while we finished moving the odds and ends to the new house. I don't know why I didn't think of sending the kids out there earlier but at least they played out there for a little while. They were all pretty tired and worn out from all the playing, but I promise they were having fun finding rocks in the gravel pile.

We got lucky and V napped for a while on the way home. We hit a lot of construction and it took us way longer than normal to get home. 

When we got home I was watering the garden and noticed this little beauty. Our first ripe strawberry from our plant!! It was still pretty sour and I was maybe a little too excited to eat it, but it was so fun to have a strawberry. Hopefully next year this plant will give us a whole lot of strawberries because we eat them a lot at our house. 

What did you do for Labor day?

Do you have family that live somewhere you like to visit?

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