Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend at the Cabin

My Friday morning started out with an at home workout and half way through I was joined by this little man. He has a thing for combs, utensils, and toothbrushes right now. He can bypass all the childproof locks on the drawers and we never know where anything is now. 

We had a little getaway this weekend before J starts school this week (I really don't know how this is happening, and I really wish it wasn't yet).  We went to the cabin for the night and let the kids play with cousins and have a sleep over. In the morning I went on a ride up the mountain with my parents, my grandpa, and my dad's cousins. My grandpa used to own a lot of this mountain and there were a lot of cool things that I'd always heard about and never seen. It was time to finally see them! The whole drive I kept thinking about how I should just buy a pack of wild flowers to grow in my yard next year because they were beautiful. 

I found these cool rocks to bring back down the mountain for the girls (they and V stayed with Trevon and played). 

My parents had a lot of stories about when they were younger and would go hiking and hunting there. We walked around for a while and took a lot of pictures. 

The views from the top were, obviously, amazing. 

The pictures are amazing, but they aren't doing it justice. When I was standing on the top, I heard an airplane and looked up to see it. Then I had that feeling that I was too high up and I was going to fall off the mountain if I didn't sit down haha. Does that happen to anyone else?

We've had a big rattlesnake problem at the cabin this year (one reason we haven't been up as often this summer) so when I was taking these pictures and I kept hearing dragon flies and crickets I kept thinking it was a rattle snake. But thankfully we didn't see any!

I'm beyond blessed that I've grown up being able to come to this place! And I'm so thankful that I grew up learning to love being outdoors and going on adventures. I wouldn't trade that for anything and I really hope my kids can keep learning those same things.

When we got home and cleaned up I saw this on Instagram and I could relate to it pretty well. 

Now it's time for us to get ready for a new schedule and new adventures. I'm still not saying goodbye to summer. We will be squeezing in as much playing as possible even if school is starting. 

What was your weekend Highlight?

Do you have a favorite place from your childhood?

Are you an outdoors or indoors person?

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