Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We Watched the Eclipse and Some Birthday Freebies For You

Monday morning was all about chores, as usual. Mondays end up being very busy with laundry, grocery shopping, and church stuff (I work with the kids in our church and a lot of organizing/assigning etc happens on Mondays) things can get pretty busy.  While I was folding laundry, V found the stroller open after taking J to the bus stop and he climbed in and didn't want to get out.

We went to the store and V felt pretty big that he got to sit with M in the "car" part of the cart. We did our shopping fast so we could get home and watch the eclipse.  On our way out of the store, a nice guy was watching it in the parking lot and asked us if we wanted to borrow his glasses to see. So we did for a second!

As I'm sure everyone else reading this got to witness the eclipse, we had a fun time watching it. Trevon got to watch it at work, and J got to watch it at school so M and I did a little eclipse party of our own.  Since we were lame and didn't buy any glasses, we decided to see how many things we could find that would work to see it in the shadow. The first was a pin whole box but it didn't work. So we grabbed the colander and it did work, really well!

M wasn't hugely impressed until I showed her that there were a lot of things you could use to make moon shapes like this. Then she was grabbing everything to try. This bath toy was fun because it looked like a bug. 

I used my phone really quick to get a shot. You can see the eclipse in the reflexion.  

We also noticed that if you made a small pin hole with your hand you could see a moon shape in the shadows. you could also see it in the leaves shadows and with V's shoe. I let the kids play outside for a while and I visited with the neighbors.

Then we headed inside to make lunch and M found these "moons" on the floor in the kitchen. Then we headed back outside to have a picnic in our backyard. 

Tonight is my strength training workout!  I think I'll do something similar to last week's choose your own adventure workout that I did. Plus a little speed work. But we will see what actually ends up happening with that. 

It's birthday week for me. That means I have some freebies to collect :)! I don't have a huge list of freebies for you like some bloggers do, but here are a few that I usually get (I get an email with a coupon from these places and it's a good reminder for me...we will see how many I'll be able to use). 

Cold Stone Creamery is a really great ice cream place around us, and for your birthday they will send you a coupon for a buy one get one free ice cream. You just have to go to the website and sign up for their Eclub 

I wish I still had a Ritas near me, but at some point (when I wasn't looking) they moved. But if you have a Rita's Italian Ice near you, it makes a great birthday treat. They will also email you a coupon when you go to their website and sign up for their birthday club. Obviously, I won't be using this one this year. 

This year I got an email from Chili's for a free dessert. I'm not sure how I got this one. I don't really remember signing up for this but I'm sure at some point I did. 

Jamba Juice sent me a nice birthday email with a coupon for a free smoothie. Just go sign up on their page and sign up for their insider's rewards

One of my favorites that I get is from Honey Baked Ham. You get a free ham sandwich on a croissant and it's delicious and takes care of lunch for me for a day. The only down side to this (and some of the other ones) is that they don't have a drive-through so the chances of me just getting something for me are slim when I have kids to bring around with me. But, go sign up for their email list and the other ones and treat yourself on your birthday! 

Did you get to see the eclipse?

Who has an August birthday?

Anyone have any good birthday freebies I should know about?

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