Friday, August 11, 2017

Rainstorm and How the Seasons Change My Running

Last night we had a huge rain storm in our area. It's been a while since we've had a good rainstorm, and Trevon and I have always loved to sit and watch rainstorms. Since we don't really have a porch to watch it on, we decided to all go out to the camper and watch it out there.  Clearly, V was real excited about the whole thing.

The girls wanted a milkshake, so I let them eat it out there...we are loving our camper. Sorry about the grainy/dark pictures. We started out with the lights off and then realized that we installed lights for a reason. 

V got restless (see the first picture) and I got tired of getting him off the table.  So I told Trevon that V was his kid for the rest of the night. V was a little bit hard yesterday. Actually, everyone was extra needy and hard yesterday. Those days just happen sometimes. 

At the end of the storm, J and I were walking back to the house and saw this huge rainbow.  This is the second full double rainbow we have seen this summer at our house.  I debated going out for a run because running during/right after a big storm is one of my favorite times to run. But I knew that I'd be running in the morning and that I'd probably use my rest day to, you know, rest. 


This morning I got up to go running, I forgot to make a running plan the night before. I always try to plan out what kind of run I want to do so that it's easier to just get up and do it.  So it took me a little longer this morning to get out the door. I decided to do some intervals on the treadmill. 4x400 at around a 7:15 mile and then 2x800 at around a 7:40 mile. 

Summer seems to be slipping on by at a pretty quick pace. I'm not loving that! I love summer. I don't even mind running in the summer heat one bit. And I also feel like it's been a really mild summer for us.  But seeing summer slip by got me thinking a little bit about how weather affects running.  Not just in the way that it's extra hot and you need to make sure your extra hydrated or running in the shade. Or in the winter when you have to bundle up more to be able to keep your muscles and lungs warm, but also in the way that it changes the time of day that I run and my routine of it all, too.  

I don't like to run in the dark or in the cold. So normally in the winter I take my run indoors on a daily basis instead of running outside. I think this year I'll venture out a little bit more than I have the last few years. Usually, when I get back from a run, I'll get a drink of water, do a little stretching and then work on some core strength. But during the winter, I can't get those layers off fast enough.  Sweaty, long sleeved, layered clothes drive me nuts! 

Come spring time, I'm always feeling a little confused. Especially around March. It looks really nice and warm outside. And I think I'll go for a run. So I throw on a tank top and shorts and walk outside and it's 40 degrees with a cold breeze. I always have to remind myself, during early spring, to wear warmer clothes than I think I should. At least until I can trust spring.  But I also love spring running because the light starts to change again. I can run earlier in the morning or later in the evening and I can run outside without always freezing (except those times when it looks warmer than it actually is). 

Summer running is my favorite. I can run basically anytime that I want. As long as I keep myself hydrated and make sure I map out a run with some shade or water fountains, I do great. Waking up in the morning to run is far easier for me in the summer time because the sun is already coming up. And there is something about those summer morning runs that is nice for me. Everyone is just waking up and getting going, it's nice and cool, I have more energy, it's just great all around. 

Fall running is a close favorite. It will be interesting for me to see how running in the morning will go this fall because I really struggle getting up when it stays dark longer.  But I love the feeling of fall. I don't know what it is. I love buying school supplies even guys. It's weird. I think the reason I love fall running so much is that cross country season starts in the fall and that was always a fresh season for me.  

Changes in season changes a lot of things about running, but one thing I've always loved about running is that the running season never really ends. Races may not happen as often, but you can still run anytime you want. You don't have to have a team (although it's nice to have that kind of support and buddy system), you can just decide to run, dress accordingly and go. 

What was your workout today?

What is your favorite season? Or favorite season to run during?

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