Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Having The Mindset of a Beginner

Remember that speed/weights workout I was supposed to do yesterday? didn't happen. I ate WAY too much at dinner last night. Like I was really full for a couple of hours after eating and I didn't go running because I was sure it would all come back up.  So this morning I got up and did a speed workout on the treadmill. 2.6 miles total to start off my day. Then the rest of the morning was spent trying to get chores done and playing on the floor. This boy gave me a run for my money today. Every time I tried to clean something up, he got two more things out. I finally had to lock myself in the bathroom, while he and M played with their piano and guitar, in order to clean the bathroom without little hands "helping"

We did a lot of book reading too. I can't say we read books because we only read one book over and over. This is one of V's favorite books and we read it a lot.  This gave M some alone time with out V bugging her because he was in full tormenting mode this morning. And, even if I get tired of reading the same book for an hour straight, it's good mommy-V time and I can feel good that reading a book to this boy is helping him learn and something I know he loves to do.

Anytime we need to go somewhere it takes us probably 15 minutes to find everyone's shoes. Mostly V's shoes because the girls are old enough to find their own shoes. This kid will not keep them on. If I put one shoe on while I look for the other, that shoe is off when I go to put the other shoe on. Yesterday I just gave up and took him to the store without shoes so we could be back in time for a nap. I later found the shoe under a pile of his toys when we were getting ready to go to dinner. 

M has been having a real hard time with J gone all day. It was a big reason I did not want summer to be over! She asks about once every hour (or more) if J is coming home yet. I love that they are good friends. I just wish there was another little friend around all the time for her to play with because I love this girl with all my heart, but I don't love the constant whining that she wants J home. Some one get this girl in school! One more week.


So, have you ever gotten the feeling, while doing something you've been doing for years, that you're still new at it? I have been getting this feeling a lot lately with running. I'm not a marathon runner, I don't even have a super fast 5k (something I'm working on) and even though I've been doing this for 2/3 of my life, I still feel like a beginner at it. Usually, this thought or feeling makes me a little self-conscious or inadequate in (especially as I blog about running and other things that I still feel like a beginner at--motherhood).  But I've been noticing a lot of other blogs that talk about just this thing. 

Having a beginner mindset means that you're willing to accept the mistakes you make and learn from them instead of blaming it on something that you don't have control over. Like the weather or the time of day or the location etc. Making mistakes is a part of the journey and if we didn't make them, we would never grow. When you're new at running (or at anything else) you have the tendency to say "I had a bad race. Next time I'm going to prepare differently... Next time I'll learn from this and come back better."

Being a beginner means you are willing to take someone else's word for it once in a while. Sometimes you get stuck in a routine that may not really be working for you but you don't know what else to do. Or you can't figure out why you're not improving or what you could be doing better. When we have the mindset that we know everything because we've been doing something for so long, we close the door to improvement for ourselves because we aren't willing to take someone else's advice.  When you're new at something, you're usually looking for a way to learn more and to improve in your new hobby.  

While I'm not a new runner, I try to keep my mindset as a newer runner because it helps keep you humble and it helps you be more flexible in your running abilities. Being a beginner may not last forever, but sometimes the feeling of being a beginner--the mindset of a beginner, is better than someone who feels like they have learned everything there is to know about something. It's that humbling moment of a hard run, a slow (for you) race, someone who has a faster time running with you, those things that keep us grounded and help us remember that there's always room for learning and improvement. 

What is something you've been doing a while but still feel like a beginner at?

What makes you feel like a newbie again?

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