Saturday, July 1, 2017

Weekly Round Up

My morning started with a short, easy run.  Here's a little tip, if you want people to think you worked harder than you did, run through a block worth of sprinklers a couple of times. It makes it look like you were sweating when you actually weren't. I didn't do this, I just thought about it. This morning's 56 degrees made think it was a little too cool to run through the sprinklers. I'm a warm weather person and for the last few years haven't even tried to run in anything under 60 degrees because it stirs up my asthma a little bit. 

I ended up doing a mile and a half, just close by my home.  And I was really glad to find that the cold didn't bother my lungs too much, maybe I'm adjusting better to the cooler runs than I expected. 

V decided that he really needed me to wear his hat. Sadly, my head really is that small. (This hat is still big for him) But really, my head is pretty small and it means I can't wear hats because normal size hats don't fit me and baby hats look like I'm wearing a baby hat. 

Here are the last week's posts in case you missed any of them:

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Who has a run planned? How long?

Anyone with an abnormally small head, where do you buy hats?

Who has big weekend plans?

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