Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Our Labor Day Weekend

Our long weekend started Thursday night.  We went to dinner for my birthday, with Trevon's dad (We went to my favorite Mexican place, Joe Veras). While we were waiting, M was the entertainment. She danced and sang and jumped off this bench the whole wait.

We stopped for a few groceries on our way home from dinner.  When I was picking out some peaches in the produce, I turned around to see this. 

He's already over 13 lbs. And he's only 3 months old. That's big for one of my babies. 

For Labor day, we went on a little visit to Idaho to see some family.  It's been a year since we've been able to go up, and it was long past due.  So we loaded the car up on Friday morning, and took the 4 hour drive up.  We've gotten pretty good at the long car ride thing with kids, we borrow my parent's DVD player, and load a basket up with snacks to entertain the girls. V slept most of the way, so that made the car ride super easy.

We got up there and unloaded our stuff. While we got settled, V was sitting in the bouncer. When I went to check on him, I found him like this.

The girls had put a diaper on the outside of his clothes and around the buckle.  He's so patient, he didn't get upset at all. One of these days, though, the girls are going to be surprised when he can start teasing back. 

We went to Mesa Falls on Saturday. It was a little chilly by the waterfall, but we still had a fun little walk. We stopped in the little lodge visitor center first, and got to check out some real animal furs and bones. 

The girls liked pointing out all the different flowers.  It reminded me of walks with my grandma when we would go camping. One of her favorite things to do when we would go camping is to take her camera on walks and take pictures of us and talk about the plants we were seeing. 

Mesa Falls is pretty, and you can go right up by the falls on the trail.  It's a really easy hike (walk?) so it's a good one to take kids on. There is a trail with stairs or stroller ramps and lots of places to stop and take pictures. 

The leaves are already starting to change colors. I like fall, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be that cold yet. I wish summer lasted forever! We were in jackets every time we went outside Saturday and Sunday. It felt like winter to me. 

 When we got done walking, we were all ready for dinner. So we went back to the house and then went out to one of the 3 restaurants they have, (I'm actually pretty sure they have more than 3 in Ashton, I just have only been to the three of them) Big Juds.  They have some really good burgers and when we got done we were all in the mood for ice cream too. I got cookie dough.

After church on Sunday, we spent the day inside, because it was freezing.  We got to visit with family and then had a big family dinner with roast and potatoes and some really good rolls.  We visited all day long and watched some fun videos. Several were of this hilarious guy. His name is Ryan Hamilton, and he's from Ashton. So it was kind of fun because some of Trevon's family remember him from high school and stuff.  

We went to bed early Sunday night because we were driving home Monday morning and it would have been bad if we stayed up all night for a third night before leaving. We got up and packed the car, and visited a little more.  I made some sandwiches to eat in the car so we wouldn't have to stop on the way home too much, and we didn't have any plastic bags. We did have this press and seal wrap, I know this has been out for a while, I'm just a little far behind. But I did discover that this stuff makes it really easy to eat in the car. So next time you're on a road trip and need to have some lunch, but don't want to make a huge mess, try wrapping your sandwich is this. It will catch the crumbs and then you just roll it up and throw it in your garbage bag when you're done. 

What did you do for labor day?

Any traveling tips?

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  1. That's a great action shot of M and I've never thought to weigh my babies on the produce scales but it TOTALLY makes sense.