Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Running Helps Me Regroup

We've had a crazy couple of days. Mostly crazy just with the girls attitudes towards everything. It started out with M not wanting to wear shoes and throwing a fit making us late dropping J off at school. Then throwing a fit the whole way to the school because she actually did want shoes and ended up going barefoot. Then she was sad that J got to go to school and she didn't. I assured her that this wouldn't always be something to cry over. I'm sure soon enough she'll be upset because she would rather play instead of going to school...maybe not though, I don't know. There was a fit over having to go home from school and about not being able to swim right this second (she had to wait for everyone to get ready). There was a big spit up by V that made us need to change the sheets and clothes of everyone involved. Then things started to settle down a little, just in time for us to get ready for bed.

As you can tell, last night's run was very much needed. It's been a crazy week or so, with a lot of schedule and life changes happening for us right now. Even though they are good changes, it causes a lot of stress for us. Running hasn't happened much for the month of August, between working to get back in running shape, and taking care of injuries, I just haven't gotten to do it a whole lot. And boy have I missed it.

It always amazes me what a run can do for me. I've said before, that it's kind of a shame that I can't run in the morning at this point in life, or in the afternoon. I always come back from my run feeling so much calmer and happier than before. I'm pretty sure my kids would have a much nicer mommy all day long if I were able to do that before bed time. In time, I'll get to that point. Right now I am super glad that I get to run at all.

When coming back from a running break, I'm always having to remind myself of all the reasons I like to run. Because running when you haven't been for a while is tough. Mentally and physically, you're asking yourself a lot why you're doing it.  For me, at least, it's not until I hit a comfortable 3 miles that I start enjoying it again. People ask a lot why I run, or when running becomes fun. I think the answers for this are different for everyone, but for me there are a few reasons.

First, I run because of the feeling afterwords. I don't care a whole lot for the actual running part, most of the time. I love the way it makes me feel after. That depleted, deep breathing, empty feeling feels really great to me. Not depleted or empty in a depressed way, of course, more in a I-ran-every-stress-away kind of empty.

I think much more clearly after a run, when my mind is clear than I do before running. My mind is not nearly as jumbled after a run than before it. A lot of times I won't be able to make a really good decision on something until I get a run in. Not always, but often.

Another reason I really like running is because I really like being able to see my progress. Sometimes, as a stay at home mom, I don't feel like I'm progressing a lot in my life. I'm raising 3 beautiful kids, and I'm teaching them important things, they are growing, learning, progressing. But sometimes I don't feel that for myself. And when I can run, and make progress in my milage, or PR, or get back into shape after a break, I feel that progress and it makes me happy.

Running isn't for everyone, and that is totally ok. People have their ways of challenging themselves and getting those endorphins. Running is my way of doing that. I can't feel as good as I feel after a run, by doing anything else. I might come back sweaty and gross, but I feel so light and clean and happy after I have a really good run.

This is literally the only picture I took yesterday. Post run, calmed down and getting V ready for bed (yes in Christmas jammies, this kid grows like a weed). The calmest, happiest part of my day for the day.  Sometimes you just need to run your feelings off to restart your day. 

What is your outlet? What helps you regroup?

Is back to school always this crazy, or is it just us?

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