Monday, August 8, 2016

Our Eventful Weekend

Last week was a very busy week, and the weekend was the busiest of all. But we are sure glad that it all happened, because it was a really great weekend.  We started Friday off with a picnic with cousins at one of our favorite parks.  We love this park because no one is ever there, and it has a small playground that feels like a big playground and the kids love to play there.

M's feet were caked in dirt and you could see her shoe print on them and you could see every detail. Just a little more proof with how hard she played at the park. 

V is getting real good at tummy time. And at taking selfies with me. I'm real glad he's a really happy baby. 

Friday night we had a family wedding to go to. The girls were just a little excited about seeing the whole thing. They both got pretty dresses for it and V wore a basically brand new button up shirt for it.  He wasn't so sure about being held up for a picture though. 

Saturday morning started like this. M had a bad dream the night before about an octopus in her room. J came into our room with her Saturday morning explaining that her lamby doesn't like octopuses either and will yell at them to get out of the room when you have a bad dream about them.  It made me really glad that, although they fight a lot, I'm really glad my girls are friends and look out for each other. 

The girls went with Trevon to get a car wash, while V and I organized his clothes. Somehow he is already in 3-6 month clothes, although he still gets put in some 0-3 month clothes because I'm just not ready to give that up all together. Also, my sister in law brought over these hand-me-down clothes and I'm pretty sure they are the nicest hand-me-downs I've ever seen. We went through them, sent some old, warn out clothes to DI, put the clothes that fit into his drawers and the rest in a box for later on. 

After an afternoon of swimming and playing at Grandma's house, we had to hurry home to get ready for the reception.  I wish I had pictures of how much the girls danced, but I don't. I left my phone at home (which was also nice to have a break from).  After about 7 potty breaks, decorating a car, eating wedding food, and dancing for at least 2 hours (seriously, the girls would not stop), it was late and time to go home to bed. Sunday was another big day and it started early so we needed sleep.

Sunday was V's blessing day. In our church we give babies a name and a blessing, usually in their first two months of birth. Trevon gave him a beautiful blessing, and then we had more food.  We invited everyone for brunch at my parents house. My dad took some pictures of our family and some of just us and V. 

When we got home, we were all pretty exhausted. We spent the rest of the day being lazy and relaxing. I went to lay down with V and it didn't last long though, J came up and spent some time making V coo and smile. She loves her siblings, I hope that she remembers how much she loves them when they start annoying her. 

 We are ready to start another week, I think.  This one is quite a lot less eventful but we do have a few plans.

Was your weekend eventful or boring?

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