Tuesday, August 2, 2016

J's Birthday and Slowing Your Pace

Yesterday J got to go birthday shopping with Grandma. She was so excited she could hardly sleep the night before. She kept saying she didn't know what she would pick out at the store. Last year she came home with a kiddie ironing board, so I wasn't sure what she was going to bring home either. This year, out of all the toys in the toy store, she came home with this umbrella.

If that's what makes her happy, thats just fine. While she was shopping, M and V came to the store with me.  At first M wasn't very happy about that, but after being there for a while, she was ok.  After lunch we had some free time, V was asleep so M had one on one time with me. She chose to spend it watching pixar shorts on the computer. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with cousins and then after dinner, I went to my parents house to use the elliptical for my workout. Some how that elliptical seems way harder than any run I've been on lately.  After the elliptical I did some core workouts before heading home to put the girls to bed and feed V. 


Now, the part of the post that you're really looking for.  I've been trying to take running really slow and easy lately, so the other day I went on a really easy paced 3 miler.  Sometimes it's really hard for me to keep things slow and easy, I have a tendency to want to push my self really hard on every run, but we would burn out so quickly if we did that. Our bodies need these little easy runs to help us recover from harder workouts and enjoy our surroundings and our run.  So I thought I'd share with you all, some of the ways I help myself keep a slower pace for these runs.

First I pick slower music or run with out music at all. Music tends to help me pace myself and keep my mind on something other than how much longer I have left.  So on the slower paced runs, I'll let my music go on shuffle in my main library, instead of in my running (or racing) playlists. That way I run to what ever comes on. If it's a faster song, I'll let myself run a little faster for that song and then slow it down again.  Sometimes I even skip the faster songs so that I'm running to all slower tempo songs.

Another thing that helps me run my slower paces is reminding myself over and over that this is supposed to be a slow pace run.  I even let myself walk every once in a while on these runs. It's ok to take it that easy on these runs.

Going with someone else who is looking for an easy run helps you pace each other and keep that easier pace.  If you can talk to the person while you're running, then you're going an easy pace.

If you're doing a slow run and don't have anyone to talk to, try to keep your breathing slow enough that you can breath through your nose.

Don't worry about what other runners or people passing by are thinking. Maybe it's just me, but I seem to always feel like people are judging about how slow I'm going. This is silly, I know. And I have to remind myself that people probably don't even really notice me running anyway. Especially when I'm running in an area with lots of people I know (which is the majority of the time) I have to remind myself that they aren't judging, and if they even notice me, they are probably thinking about other things.

What do you do to help you keep a slower pace for your easy runs?

Do you have more than one running playlist?

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