Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hard Week

The last few days have been hard ones. We have had several days this week that have been fight after fight and tantrum after tantrum. I'm not really sure what causes these hard days to cluster yet. There's not really anything that normally causes these things to start, happening at the moment. But it is, and it's hard, but it's life.

It's caused a lot of hiding and eating chocolate and a serious lack of fun things to take pictures of because the girls can't do fun things if they aren't going to be nice in the first place. And lots of mom guilt. Lots of it.

Yesterday I finally said enough is enough, we needed to get out of the house whether the girls were being naughty or not.  We went to my parents house for a swim. This time V got to get in for his first real swim. (We've put his feet in before but he hasn't ever gotten all the way in).

That lasted a whole five minutes before he was done. He hated it. The water was a little bit cooler than normal, so that's probably why. We will have to try again with him before swimming season ends. 

It's been a really hard week not to be able to run. I still have a small bump on my shin, and at this point I'm not really sure if it's still from injury or something completely different. So instead of running, I did a mile on the elliptical and then a Booty Boot Camp workout with Grokker. It didn't give me the same calm feeling that running gives me, but it was something. New shoes coming soon, and then I'll hopefully be back to running! 

I've hit this point already with this running break. It's driving me nuts! I have this problem even when I'm not on a running break sometimes, but it gets worse when I am on one. So, running needs to start happening soon I think. 

What is your go-to emergency stash candy?

Anyone else get jealous that someone else is running?

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