Wednesday, August 24, 2016

End of Summer Things

I'm not sure how, but summer is almost over. I love fall and all, but I'm sad to see this heat and fun go. So we are trying to pack as much summer in as possible before school starts on Thursday. We finished watching the olympics as a family on Sunday. I'm always a little sad to see them end, but before we know it they will be back on again.

We swam with all the cousins yesterday at Grandma's house. This jumping picture didn't work out quite how we hoped, but it captured our fun anyway.

J has gone from swimming with water wings, and never wanting to get her face in the water, to jumping in the pool and swimming across with out water wings or any help all in one summer. She's getting so good and so brave. Part of me wishes she just stayed in the floaters, since her swimming requires a little more work on my part, but I'm still proud of her. 

The last few days we have worked pretty hard in the mornings to get the house back to clean. Trying to fit in all the summer fun at the end of it leaves our house a little messy and cluttered. Luckily, M still thinks its fun to help clean. 

One of my favorite summer treats is a fresh peach in milk. Trevon thinks this is weird, but it's delicious and I'll be eating all the peaches I can in the next little while. Smoothies, with milk, on cereal, peach milkshakes, basically anyway you can do peaches. 

Last night the girls wanted to try out their new running shoes. So when I went out for a run, I let them tag along for the warm up. I was super impressed that M ran the whole half mile without stopping (except to take this picture) and she kept up really well. Then I dropped the girls off at home and finished my run. I only went about a mile after that, but it was something. So far so good with my new shoes! Now to just get back to the three miles I was at before. 

After running, I saw this and thought it was really funny. Out of all the Michael Phelps memes with this picture I've seen, I think this has been my favorite use of it so far. 

How are you finishing up summer?

When do your kids start school?

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