Monday, August 29, 2016

Birthday Weekend

 This was a perfect way to start my weekend. Thursday night called for a nice evening run. I'm back to 3 miles and the view was really great. It's getting cooler out and darker earlier, so I'll be soaking up as much of this summer stuff as I can.

J got home from school on Friday and we did a little cuddle time on the couch.  She sure loves her little brother. I'm always a little worried that she's going to smother him with cuddles, but he seems to love her back just as much. 

This week we decided to go out with my mom to look for a bouncer. Some how we have survived 2 kids and never had one. We found THIS great bouncer for my mom to keep at her house for all the grandbabies that come. V is so far loving it. 

My birthday was on Saturday, we celebrated by cleaning the house and then having my brother (He's a D.O.) do a little surgery on my parents kitchen table. Trevon had a cyst on his head that we wanted out. I'll spare you the details for those who are a little squeamish. 

After that little procedure, we took the kids to the beam museum. I really just wanted a relaxing day where everyone was happy and entertained.  I remember my mom saying thats all she wanted for her birthday and thinking that was so boring. now I completely understand, does that mean I'm a real mom now?  

Then we met everyone for dinner at Texas Road House. It's been a long time since all of my siblings have been together, we missed my brother's wife and kids, but hopefully soon we will be able to see them all a lot more often. 

On Sunday we had a bbq at my parent's house after church.  We like to celebrate as much as possible. So we had a birthday/yay-we-get-to-see-my-brother party before he had to get ready to go in the next day or two. We had hamburgers with my grandpa's famous onion rings. We are really glad that we were taught how to make these because now we can make them even though he is gone. Every time I eat them, it reminds me of him. 

Any family recipes in your family?

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