Friday, August 26, 2016

5 on Friday

Here are five things that have been happening lately, for our 5 on Friday post!

1. Have you ever had a Rita's Italian Ice? Did you know that they give you one for free on your birthday (or half birthday if your birthday is in a colder month) if you sign up for the birthday club? It's totally worth it!

The girls and I went to get my birthday treat to share this week. We got the strawberry mango, and I totally suggest that flavor, it was delicious. 

2. V is getting pretty good at holding his bottle on his own. Part of me loves this, and part of me thinks it's a little sad that he's getting so big. 

3. J started kindergarten this week. I'm not a mom who cries when I drop my kids off, I was pretty happy about the few hours with one less kid (not that I don't love her, I just like to be productive and sometimes getting kids in school helps with that)  

4. While J was at school, M played and entertained herself, and V. When J got home, M threw a fit for a while. I think she enjoyed having a little extra attention, but I hope that she doesn't throw a fit every time J comes home.

5. When I went to pick J up, the teacher brought the whole class out to meet their parents or get on the bus. J was the last one out of the classroom and got a little nervous so she hid behind the wall. One of the teachers had to bring her out separately. I asked her after why she was nervous and she said one of the other little girls wanted her to get on the school bus instead of go with me. I told her I was so glad she didn't get on the bus and that the little girl probably just wanted to be friends. 

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Do you remember your first day of Kindergarten?


  1. Oh I'm so jealous that you have a Rita's. The one around here closed years ago and I so miss it. Happy Friday.

    1. We just got our Rita's pretty recently, I'm really glad it's here now.