Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Update

Friday morning started like this. He is such a good little guy and loves his sisters. It's a good thing, too because he gets a lot of extra attention from them. 

We got a little swimming in in the afternoon. I didn't swim because I am still waiting on the O.K. from the doctor. But I did get to soak up a little sun while the girls swam. 

But it didn't last long. V decided to eat and be held instead of nap. 

Then on Friday night we hung out with some good friends. We went to dinner and then spent some time trying out their trampoline and having snow cones. The girls love when we get to go out with friends and it's pretty great for us to be able to spend time with our friends too.  

Saturday morning M woke up with a stomach bug.  So she had to camp out all day on the couch. We felt bad because we had planned some fun things to do but she was clearly not up to it. (Sorry for the crappy picture.) 

So J and I went out on our fun day while Trev and V stayed home to watch M.  J has been working on reading a little bit, and she was a little jealous of M's potty training sticker chart, so we made her a sticker chart for reading. She got to put a sticker on the chart every time she helped read a book.  That means she had to read some of the words.  She filled out one whole row so she earned a trip to the library. She was pretty excited about it, and even got her own card! Looks like we will be doing that more often. 

Next stop on her mommy daughter date was to get ice cream cones at Maceys. Luckily we needed to get some stuff there anyway.  We split an ice cream and got to have some fun conversation.  It's really nice to have some one on one time with my kids. It seems to help me be more patient and caring toward each of them separately and not just think of them as a group. 

By dinner time M was feeling a lot better. So we all ran one more errand to get her a helmet for her bike. We got this one, but then once we got it home and tried it on again we noticed it was too small. So we will be going back soon.

Then we decided to pick the next round of apricots on our tree. The girls were helping to earn some money, until a big beetle came and landed on J's foot. There was a giant freak out and melt down. Poor girl, it scared her to death. And that scared M to death. So we sent them inside and got them in bed. We will try again next time. But we did get a huge bag of apricots again and even after dividing them up for family and neighbors, we have a full grocery bag of them. 

Keep the apricot recipes and ideas coming! 

How old were you when you got your first bike?

How old were you when you got a library card?

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