Friday, July 22, 2016

Tabata Workout and Pictures From Our Day

Some pictures from yesterday for you:

One of the girls' favorite things to do is watch little nursery rhyme shows on youtube. I don't hate it, because they learn a lot of counting and things, but I do get a little sick of hearing the songs over and over.  I love that they are good friends though. They get along most of the time.

Lately J has been really into getting all the hair things out and putting them on her stuffed animals. She is clearly has her own sense of style. 

 My mom kept several of our old toys from when we were growing up. My brother's and my light brights are some of those toys. We are super glad that she kept them because the grandkids all love them. 

While the kids were swimming yesterday we decided to put V's feet in to see how he liked it. He didn't squirm much so he must have liked it at least a little. He needs a swimming suit.  

Last night we had a party to go to. The girls love going to the park for anything. Sometimes it can be hard to go to the park when there are a lot of other little kids around though, M got bullied out of her swing a couple of times by a couple of older kids who I had to talk to about sharing.  Eventually she got it back. 

While J was waiting for her turn, she wanted to take a picture with me. I hope she always thinks it's cool to spend time with her mom. She's a pretty cute little thing. 

And now I'll share a little workout I've done recently. Tabata workouts are great because you can do them at home on your own time and you can do them fast. They usually only take around 15 minutes. Tabata workouts are HIIT workouts, you do an exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10.  Then you repeat each circuit 4 times.  It burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time and it's really easy to modify where you need to. 

Tababta workouts are also really great because it's pretty easy to track your improvement. Just keep track and write down how many of each set you were able to do. Try to do more than that the next time you do the workout.  It's always super motivating to see your improvement. 

I also like that you can split a Tabata workout up. You can do one circuit at different times through out the day, or you can add it to a different workout to give you a little bit more cardio. Tabata is just so versatile and anyone can make it work for their needs. 

So here is a tabata workout I've been doing after a run or on days that I need a quick workout in the mornings. 

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