Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Picture Update

Here are a few pictures from the last few days, to catch up.

We've been working on reading with J lately. She's doing surprisingly well. Sometimes I can tell she's just memorized the book, but other times I can tell she's remembering or recognizing the words.

Our reading has been accompanied with lots of little snacks.  The M&M's on my plate were gone pretty quick, and not by me. 

This little man is getting big too fast! I found this little shirt the other day. I'd forgotten I had it, but I loved it! So I made him squeeze into one last newborn outfit. 

Just when I needed my "emergency" stash of chocolate, I found that little hands had found it first.  

Yesterday, I decided to give jam making a try. We had hundreds of apricots that needed to be used. So I tried making apricot-raspberry jam. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. Especially since I'm not the biggest apricot jam fan. If I had the freezer space, I'd make several more batches. 

Then we went for a swim at my parent's pool. V hung out in this little pack and play in the shade while we were swimming. I'm not sure why all his pictures are upside down lately, but they are. 

We got our first two tomatoes last night! We've been waiting all summer for these babies to ripen. I'm thinking we will be having some yummy BLT sandwiches or something with them soon. 

Then, once the girls were in bed, I went on a run. I did what I'm calling 8 minute repeats.  I started with a 5 minute warm up, going about a 60% for me, then I sped up to a 70% for 2 minutes, then a 80% for a minute. Then I did that over again two more times. Each time a little faster than the last. It was a really great workout. After the run I did some core workouts and called it good for the night. 

That's all for today. We have dentist appointments (with my dad) and a few other things to get done today. 

What's your plans?

What is your favorite summer produce?

Have you ever made jam?

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