Monday, July 11, 2016

Our Weekend Update a Little Late

Our weekend started out with side walk chalk and sprinklers again.  Lately the girls have been asking to play outside, which is completely fine with me. When V is asleep and I can take my book out to read while they play, we stay out as long as possible. 

We also have had a lot of potty training going on and J is getting a little jealous of all M's potty rewards.  So I decided that I'd give her a sticker chart for reading.  She's getting ready for kindergarten and I want her to maintain as much as her preschool knowledge as possible. I'm really surprised with how many words she actually knows. Our activity when ever V is eating is to sit and read books until he's done.  

My parents came home from a camping trip this weekend and the girls were pretty excited to take a ride in "the Commander" with Grandpa when we went up to visit. 

Saturday morning I got a run in before we got going for the day. I've been having a little bit of a hard time with one of the muscles behind my knee (I'm not a dr so I don't know what muscle it is to be honest). It's just a little nagging pain right now and my good friend, who is a physical therapist, said it would probably be taken care of with new shoes. Mine are a year old and had some marathon training on them, so I'm pretty sure that's a good part of the problem. So until the new shoes happen, I'll take my running really easy and do some icing and stretching (we know I'm bad at the stretching).

This year we got a ton of apricots on our tree. We aren't huge apricot fans, if it were up to me it would be a peach tree, but we were excited that our tree gave us more than one apricot this year (that's literally all we got last year).  They have been starting to ripen this last week. 

So we had Trev get up and pick the top branches.  We forgot to borrow my parent's ladder though, so he had to climb up on the pergola to do it. I'm just glad that the pergola didn't collapse on him. 

Surprisingly enough, we got two full bags full of apricots and now I'm trying to think of something to do with all of them. They are pretty tastey ones but I don't think we will make it through all of them before they go bad...anyone have a good apricot recipe??

Sunday night we decided to try taking J's training wheels off. I'll keep you updated on that a little later. 

Then we ended the weekend eating ice cream.  One of the best evening summer treats! 

What kind of fruit tree would you have if you could choose?

Favorite summer treat?


  1. Just found your blog- excited to read it!
    My mom used to cut the apricots in half and dry them. Then we'd eat them like fruit leather but without the added sugar.
    Or she'd puree them and we'd add sprite to it for a little treat (still one of my favorites).

    1. Oh, that sounds yummy! I bet my girls would love that Sprite drink. Thanks for reading!